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Type: Automatic
Quality: B Quality Item
Magazine Size: 30
Max Ammo: 250
Reload Time: 1.5s
DPS: 27.3 (not counting bullet links)
Damage: 4
Fire Rate: 0.10
Shot Speed: 18
Range: Infinity
Force: 6
Spread: 5
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Ammonomicon Entry
Nervous Yet?
An abomination. This dark weapon was assembled from a fallen adventurer's spinal column and an AK-47 frame.

When Nuign was first exiled from his homeland, he was heartbroken. In his pain, he turned to the Gungeon.

VertebraeK-47 is a gun that fires homing, piercing bullets. Bullets close to each other will link together, hurting enemies that touch the link.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Dawn of the Gundead - If the player also has Zombie Bullets, the chance for VertebraeK-47 ammo to be refunded upon missing is doubled.
  • Synergy Jolly Roger - If the player also has Skull Spitter, VertebraeK-47 can freeze enemies. Skull Spitter fires three skulls per shot, and skulls are linked like VertebraeK-47 shots.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The weapon's name is a portmanteau of 'vertebrae' and 'AK-47'. Vertebrae are bones which a spine consists of, and the AK-47 is an assault rifle.
  • Possibly a reference to the film Existenz, where a character forms a weapon out of several bones.
  • The description of the gun is a reference to the Jake Clover game, Nuign Spectre.
  • The freezing aspect of the Synergy Jolly Roger synergy may be a reference to One Piece's skeleton musician Brook, who tends to freeze his opponents.

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