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This page refers to the unused Vampire Mantis boss in Enter the Gungeon. For the Exit the Gungeon boss which uses it's likeness, see Low Priest.

Vampire Mantis
Vampire Mantis.png
Health: 950
Location: Unknown. May have appeared in the Abbey of the True Gun
Ammonomicon Entry

File:Ammonomicon Vampire Mantis.png

Psychokinetic Soldier

The Vampire Mantis is an unused boss in Enter the Gungeon.


  • Drifts slowly towards the player, periodically releasing a sparse ring of bullets.
    • This is the default boss behaviour, as demonstrated by the Boss Template, and as such means that the Vampire Mantis's attacks were never started, let alone finished.


  • The sprites of the Vampire Mantis are re-used in Exit the Gungeon for the Low Priest boss. While this canonically makes the image of the Vampire Mantis that of the Low Priest, it is highly unlikely that this was planned from the beginning. Who or what the Vampire Mantis was before it's likeness was recycled into the Low Priest is unknown.
    • A painting on the walls in the Abbey (which now refers to the Low Priest due to it taking the Vampire Mantis' likeness) bore a portrait of the Vampire Mantis for years with no explanation.
  • In Enter the Gungeon, the sprites of the Vampire mantis are named 'Psychoman'.
  • In his Boss Intro card, the Vampire Mantis uses the image of the High Priest, which is the default for most unused bosses.
  • The quote 'Psychokinetic Soldier' appears in the boss intro splash screen above the name 'Vampire Mantis'.


  • The sprite name 'psychoman' coupled with the presence of the word 'mantis' in the bosses actual name hints that this unused foe may have been intended to be a reference to Psycho Mantis from the Metal Gear Franchise.
  • The Vampire Mantis's healthbar reads "Your own slow reflexes" which is the default text when a boss entity has no proper name set.