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Date released: May 14, 2019
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v2.1.7 ◄ ► v2.1.9


  • Updated our Unity version to fix the Citrix Workspace issue and several Unity-related crashes

Gameplay Changes/Improvements[]

  • Chain lightning effects no longer damage friendly companions.
  • Added better crash recovery for Paradox progress and The Gunslinger’s past.
  • The new characters now show up in the breach even if you can’t afford runs with them.
  • Now accepts mouse clicks for advancing dialogue in boss intros.(like other NPC conversations).
  • Added milliseconds to the speedrun timer by default and improved timer performance.
  • Removed an invisible collider in the Breach.
  • The Breach now has a visual indication of whether or not the alternate starting guns are active.
  • Improved the interaction between beam weaponry and Orbital Bullets (the circle portion no longer collides with walls).
  • Several QoL improvements to Duct Tape, particularly with large clip guns.
  • Improved the interaction of the Triple Gun with ammo capacity upgrades.
  • Improved the interaction of the Chamber Gun with ammo capacity upgrades.
  • Improved the interaction of the Bloodbulon with being frozen.
  • Reverted the control change to the Bloodied Scarf introduced in FTA (this caused several issues and cursor jumping on mouse controls).
  • The Big Shotgun can now consume the new shotgun kin types.
  • Made 360 No Scope synergy more consistent on controller.
  • Added a fallback to the Chest Teleporter; if a chest fails to spawn, it will spawn on the next floor.

Bug fixes[]

  • (Consoles) Fixed a number of crashes, including ones related to:
    • Throwing a gun in the coop past
    • Finishing the coop past
    • Reflecting the DraGun’s knives
    • Paradox and certain animation combinations
    • Dying in coop while firing certain shotguns
    • Some Blooper synergies
    • Several issues related to quick restarting
    • Entering some rooms in the rat maze after reviving with the Gun Soul
    • Several issues related to reload aura synergies
    • Several issues which could occur during loading/generation screens (particularly the one which occurred frequently while loading Bullet Hell)
    • Feeding the rat to the baby dragun while he’s speaking
    • Running to the edges of the payday drill room with some followers
    • Player followers being transmogrified by projectiles returned by Gunjurers
    • Flipping a table in a room that never contained enemies with some table tech items
    • Flipping a table with Table Tech Rocket and items which increase projectile size
    • Projectiles growing larger than intended due to stacking effects like Snowballets
    • Some hovering weapon synergies
    • Rare issue while encountering the Lost Adventurer for the first time
    • Rare issue during a wall mimic transformation
    • Rare issue with some screen shake values
  • Fixed a softlock caused by shooting Patches and Mendy in coop while one player is interacting with them
  • Fixed a softlock/freeze that could occur on the Blobulord, Fuselier, Resourceful Rat and new secret boss fights (hopefully, we couldn’t reproduce this directly)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented entering the new secret floor if the player teleported away immediately after opening the entrance
  • Being cloned while being on fire will no longer result in the clone being on fire
  • Fixed an issue where some unlocks for the DraGun didn’t trigger on the Advanced DraGun
  • Seven-Leaf Clover now works correctly when loading midgame saves
  • Fixed issues with several starting items in Paradox runs
  • Fixed several issues where the Unfinished Gun would show up even after the Finished Gun was unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where the new secret floor wasn’t always accessible (after loading a midgame save)
  • Fixed an issue which could cause infinite generation screens, particularly in Bullet Hell (hopefully, we couldn’t reproduce this one directly)
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent revives in coop when Paradox started with an item that grants Armor
  • Fixed an issue where some Tubo Mode effects were increased in coop
  • The railgun should no longer appear to have “chunky” aim while using a controller
  • Fixed an issue where Junkan’s projectiles could grow indefinitely with Snowballets
  • The Number 2 item should no longer be occasionally invisible
  • Fixed an issue where Meat Bun’s effect could remain permanently after loading a midgame save
  • Fixed an issue where Paradox could start with double blasphemy
  • Fixed an issue with goop in the Aimless Void
  • Katana Bullets now work with beam weaponry
  • Companions should no longer be worse in Turbo Mode
  • Fixed some text issues with accented characters on the run complete screen
  • Fixed an audio issue with the Payday Drill
  • Fixed an issue where the Ammonomicon could display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the pet animation if started while dodgerolling
  • Fixed an issue with the Chamber Gun in the fourth secret floor
  • Fixed an issue with the Trigger Twins synergy
  • Fixed an issue where a save button wouldn’t appear on the second floor when loading a midgame save
  • Tweaked volume levels for the new secret boss
  • Fixed a bug caused by the Sprun triggering on level load
  • Fixed some volume issues in coop
  • Fixed an issue where Winchester’s arcade gun could lose ammo unintentionally
  • Fixed a bug where the Gun Soul would sometimes not properly function in coop
  • Fixed an issue which could cause door and pedestal sprites to show glitched textures (hopefully, we couldn’t reproduce this one directly)
  • Fixed some visual issues with Tiny UI in conversations
  • Fixed audio issues with some weapons and synergies (including the Lower Case R and Sprun)
  • Fixed an issue where some synergy auras could become permanent
  • Fixed a typo Chance Bullets' description
  • Fixed an issue where coop players in a Rainbow Run could sometimes pick up two items simultaneously
  • Paradox’s random items should now work correctly with shortcuts
  • Fixed several issues with the mimic gun (including entering a past or finishing this weapon during a Gun Queue challenge room)
  • The Gunsling King will no longer issue gun challenges if you have a locked weapon (e.g. gun mimic)
  • Fixed a bad interaction between cooperative play, resurrection chests, and the Clone item
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could become stuck inside NPCs but not directly shot
  • Fixed an issue where the Antichamber synergy would not function
  • Fixed an issue where the in-game timer would not start on chest interaction in Rainbow Runs
  • Fixed an issue where chest spawning noises were too loud in Rainbow Runs
  • Fixed a display issue where certain boss names would be missing accented characters in certain languages
  • Fixed an issue where transformed guns were not properly maintaining ammo across midgame saves
  • Reward pedestals should not appear on the minimap in Rainbow Runs
  • Fixed an issue where quick restarting with an alternate costume resulted in mismatched hands
  • Fixed an issue where secret rooms could interpenetrate with normal rooms
  • Fixed an issue where the Crown of Guns (and related weapons) could appear over the elevator
  • Fixed auto-aim in the Pilot’s past
  • Handle companion mirror vollies correctly for challenge modifiers
  • Fixed a visual issue caused by teleporting away from a room while sign text is displayed

Super Hot Watch.png Version History

A Farewell to Arms Update v2.1.0, v2.1.1, v2.1.2, v2.1.3, v2.1.4, v2.1.5, v2.1.6, v2.1.7, v2.1.8, v2.1.9
Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update v2.0.0, v2.0.1, v2.0.2, v2.0.3, v2.0.4, v2.0.5, v2.0.6, v2.0.7, v2.0.8, v2.0.9, v2.0.10, v2.0.11, v2.0.12, v2.0.13
Supply Drop Update v1.1.0, v1.1.2, v1.1.3, v1.1.4, v1.1.5
Release v1.0.0, v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3, v1.0.4, v1.0.5, v1.0.6, v1.0.7, v1.0.8, v1.0.9, v1.0.10, v1.0.11