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Date released: April 5, 2019
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Steam Announcement

v2.0.12 ◄ ► v2.1.1

This update is the first version of A Farewell to Arms.

New Features[]

  • New guns, items and synergies
  • Two new playable characters to unlock
  • A new secret floor with unique enemies and a new boss
  • Rainbow mode - A new mode inspired by the community where you start each floor with a rainbow chest, but can only pick up one of the offered guns/items
  • A new Beholster shrine
  • Unlockable alternate art for starting weapons
  • You can pet the dog!

Gameplay Changes/Improvements[]

  • Increased the boss DPS cap slightly (making it more lenient for players)
  • Boss health bars now fade out when drawn over players
  • The Robot can now use shrines that cost health by spending armor instead
  • The empty bottle now works properly with more items
  • Radial traps will give the player more time to react upon entering the room
  • Critical shots should no longer be blindingly bright
  • Increased the dropped rewards for defeating the Old King
  • Pedestal and wall mimics now drop rewards on death
  • Wall mimics will no longer spawn in boss rooms unless you are particularly cursed
  • Increased the chances of spawning some special rooms
  • Red chests that reward health up items will now also drop one key
  • Optimization pass which should improve performance in scenes with many bullets (particularly bosses like the Gorgun)
  • Many balance changes to guns and items, which should make red chests more consistently good

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue which caused more wall mimics to show up on each subsequent run until the game was restarted (woops)
  • Fixed an issue where the speedrun timer counted down during some portions of the loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate resolutions could show up in the Video options menu
  • Fixed some missing or erroneous strings in several languages
  • Fixed an issue where picking up coins could cause slowdown on PS4 in some cases
  • Fixed a crash issue caused by the payday drill
  • Fixed an issue where the chest teleporter could sometimes cause chests to never reappear
  • Fixed an issue where co-op players could get stuck in walls during boss intros in boss rush mode or on the secret rat floor

Super Hot Watch.png Version History

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