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Date released: August 17, 2018
Links: Reddit Post
Steam Announcement

v2.0.11 ◄ ► v2.1.0


  • The Empty Bottle can now be directly used on the heart dispenser
  • Removed torch colliders in Winchester's room
  • Improved performance for long-lived scaled projectiles
  • Updated our input library to fix some control issues on Mac & Linux
  • Custom keybinds can now use the mouse wheel
  • Added more data to save files to prevent the new secret path from changing when computer configuration changes slightly (i.e. some Windows Updates)
  • Fixed an issue with the minecart leading to the new secret floor
  • Fixed some issues that could make the entrance to the new secret floor harder to reveal while flying
  • Fixed some issues with Winchester’s game and some of the new items (specifically, Bumbullets and a new gun)
  • Fixed a dungeon generation issue that could cause hallways to connect to rooms in odd locations
  • Fixed an issue where chests in the same room could drop the same item
  • Fixed an issue where the chancellor could become invulnerable after killing the Bullet King with Casey
  • Fixed an issue where the player could teleport while still in a conversation
  • Fixed some ammo count issues caused by transforming guns
  • Fixed issues with the Gun Queue challenge modifier and some synergies
  • Fixed an issue where replacing the Rat Sack could cause some items to drop and become impossible to pick back up
  • Fixed the interaction between the Crisis Stone and Blasphemy
  • Fixed the interaction between active reload and gun formes
  • Fixed render layer issues with the map on some floors with some graphics settings
  • Fixed a case where a new NPC could appear twice on the same floor
  • Fixed visual artifacts in Challenge Mode on some graphics settings
  • Fixed an issue where monitors with a near-square aspect ratios wouldn't render correctly
  • Fixed some issues with how Turbo Mode is handled in the player's save file
  • Fixed some errors in the French localization
  • Fixed a number of exceptions, silent issues that can cause crashes and unusual behavior


Hotfix 1[]

v2.0.12 h1
Date released: August 17, 2018
Links: Reddit Post

v2.0.12 ◄ ► None
  • Fixed an issue where two unfinished guns were showing up in the Ammonomicon (the Fat Line and Triple Gun)

Super Hot Watch.png Version History

A Farewell to Arms Update v2.1.0, v2.1.1, v2.1.2, v2.1.3, v2.1.4, v2.1.5, v2.1.6, v2.1.7, v2.1.8, v2.1.9
Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update v2.0.0, v2.0.1, v2.0.2, v2.0.3, v2.0.4, v2.0.5, v2.0.6, v2.0.7, v2.0.8, v2.0.9, v2.0.10, v2.0.11, v2.0.12, v2.0.13
Supply Drop Update v1.1.0, v1.1.2, v1.1.3, v1.1.4, v1.1.5
Release v1.0.0, v1.0.1, v1.0.2, v1.0.3, v1.0.4, v1.0.5, v1.0.6, v1.0.7, v1.0.8, v1.0.9, v1.0.10, v1.0.11