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v1.1.0 (Supply Drop Update)
Date released: January 26, 2017
Links: Reddit Post
Steam Announcement

v1.0.11 ◄ ► v1.1.1

This update was the first version of the Supply Drop Update.



  • New content! (guns, items, room, synergies, NPCs, etc)
  • New boss in the mines: Mine Flayer
  • New pasts and alt costumes for both secret characters
  • Added three new Achievements
  • Added an option to save and exit at the end of each floor, resuming the run at a later time

Improvements/Balance Changes[]

  • Added a Tiny UI option
  • Added "Allow Unknown Controllers" and XInput toggles to the gameplay options (formerly required launch options to change)
  • The High Priest will no longer spawn "wall bullets" inside the room; these spawn offscreen and float into view
  • The Gunsling King will no longer ask players to clear a room without dodgerolling if the room can't be traversed without rolling over pits
  • Made Limited less harsh
  • Blasphemy can no longer reveal secret doors
  • Damage to Shelletons after they've regenerated twice no longer recharges cooldowns
  • Moved Muscle Relaxant's damage bonus to synergies, also removed some of them
  • Buffed Gamma Ray, Charmed Bow, Gold Ammolet, Lodestone Ammulet, Bullet Idol, Cat Claw, Luxin Cannon, Demon Head, Honeycomb, Plunger, Yari, and Zilla Shotgun
  • Increased ammo for Ice Breaker and Polaris
  • Iron Coin now also gives you a discount at the shop
  • Slightly nerfed Bloody 9mm, Cursed Bullets and Gunbow
  • Gave the Betrayer's Shield more health
  • Raised tier of Cog of Battle and Medal of Valor
  • Lowered tier of Heck Blaster, Brick of Cash, Honeycomb, Iron Coin, and Smoke Bomb
  • Added some new synergies
  • Increased the odds of the Lost Adventurer appearing on a floor if it's the last floor needed for the achievement

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug where the Evil Muncher's dialogue didn't match its actions
  • Fixed an issue where getting hit with only half a heart in the Gunsling King's "no hit" challenge caused a soft lock
  • Fixed a tinting issue with some Bosses's VFX
  • Fixed a text issue with the Hero's Bandana in French
  • Fixed an issue where Aged Gunsingers didn't have an animation for falling into pits
  • Fixed a bug where the Bullet Bore could leave hanging bullets when killing the Revolvenant
  • Fixed an issue where Lore Gunjurer's bullets weren't immediately destroyed by Blasphemy
  • Removed the hallway cheese spot in the High Priest fight
  • Fixed an issue where the Lord of the Jammed could kill you during the DraGun's death animation
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to pass through some locked doors
  • Fixed collider issues on the Heroine projectiles that made them likely to hit walls when fired with Stout or Heavy Bullets
  • Fixed a soft lock caused by grabbing an item off the ground at the same time as the Resourceful Rat
  • Fixed an issue where hitting a chest with a Black Hole would result in the sound looping forever
  • Fixed a bug that could cause no reload bar to appear when the player reloaded quickly after triggering an active reload with the Cog of Battle
  • Fixed a UI issue caused by dropping the Backpack
  • Triggering a targetted item (e.g. Big Boy) then taking an elevator no longer breaks the item
  • Dropping the Old Knight's Flask no longer clears its charges
  • Chests spawned from clearing the challenge shrine now show up correctly on the minimap
  • Fixed a bug with some duct tape combinations that could result in a special final round (e.g. the Mailbox's package) being fired every shot
  • Fixed a rare bug where falling into a pit could result in the character being stuck behind the floor
  • Reflecting the stationary projectiles in the Kill Pillar fight no longer results in them remaining in place permanently
  • Fixed a number of exceptions (silent issues that can cause odd gameplay behavior)


Hotfix 1[]

v1.1.0 h1
Date released: January 26, 2017
Links: Reddit Post
Steam Announcement

v1.1.0 ◄ ► v1.1.0 h2
  • Fixed an issue causing a soft lock in the Bullet's past

Hotfix 2[]

v1.1.0 h2
Date released: January 27, 2017
Links: Reddit Post
Steam Announcement

v1.1.0 h1 ◄ ► v1.1.1
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Bullet's past if they had a flying item before entering the past
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in a pillar in one of the Shadow Magician rooms
  • Added more safety checks for the Prototype Teleporter to prevent players from getting stuck
  • Co-op: Fixed an issue caused by player ghosts falling down the maintenance elevator shaft
  • Fixed a freeze caused by using the Ammo Synthesizer with an infinite ammo weapon
  • The "continue" button on the title screen is now correctly localized
  • Fixed a STRING_NOT_FOUND error in a line of dialogue in the Robot's past
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Blasphemy unlock notification to appear a second time
  • Fixed a tiny entryway on the west side of a new room in the Mines
  • Fixed a visual issue with one of the new shrines

Super Hot Watch.png Version History

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