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Year Title Description
Pre Ark Arrival
2201 The Expedition Hundreds of years before the first arks completion, various corporate organizations launch a new colonization initiative in secret against the United Mankind Federation's (UMF) efforts in the last ditch attempt to leave behind earth failures thinking the Ark project was doomed to fail and earth would be destroyed by the SKiD event detected en route to earth in 2027.
2253 Secret advancement For 152 years two major corporations work towards an alternative initiative one being majority lead by the Emporium faction and the other by the Alphas. Both corporations had managed to innovate a new space engine based off prototype designs from the UMF Arkship program among other technologies. All, of course, missing the optimizations and upgrades that were later adopted. Both powers secretly ferry personnel and materials out of earth system using their corporate contacts and insiders in the UMF to get through undetected and avoid a major political and social meltdown worldwide should they be discovered.
2266 Arrival at Tau Ceti Helix Systems and the Corporate Council of Triton arrive at Tau Ceti almost 12 years after departing from Sol System at light speed, Reasoning for having chosen the location was under the assumption should the UMF ARK Program fail the UMF would divert attention to Alpha Centauri or may already have assets in place which could cause potential issues for them both.
Helix Systems Incorporated A Major Alpha corporation that held all power like that of a dictatorship. No one questions Helix rule, they mainly deal in arms manufacturing and security work. Their ability to produce comes from a harsh world with a vast mineral wealth surrounded by an asteroid belt. The huge profits have led to Helix Prime Having a large population of workers and private contractors all fiercely loyal to the company. In the past, If there was a war a Helix rifle was on that battlefield.
The Corporate Council of Triton The Emporium Corporate council was formed from a coalition of Small corporations in pursuit of great profits at minimal risk they hold the main trade route in and out of the system and enjoy most of the wealth taxing many of the goods and using a private military to provide security to their trade convoys and enforce their corporate rule.
2272 Harsh Reality After many years having established their own colonies outside the influence of Sol and the UMF both corporations run into their own separate issues attempting to build their own corporate nation-states. Having all the industrial might to out manufacture any nation is one thing but trying to grow food and survive on barren worlds in pressure sealed modular pods and cities has its own challenge. The Dust clouds of Tau Ceti produce frequent orbital impacts over the years that cause many setbacks and casualties on both colonized worlds. One being Tau Ceti E which was promptly claimed and renamed by the Emporium Triton Corporation to "Triton". The second world was Tau Ceti F a super-earth like planet which Helix of course named Helix Prime after that of their Corporation as well.
2297 Interstellar Empires Both Corporate nations grow and expand to the point where they see themselves are Corporate Empires who have sovereign claims over the resource-rich asteroid belt and surrounding planets. Helix because they arrived first and Triton as they were the ones to discover and plot a safe route to Tau Ceti on top of their role in acquiring the tech from the UMF over a hundred years prior. Safe to say inter system relations are tense.
2299 The Trade Wars Begin After disagreements over the proper tariff to be placed on Helix Exports the Corporate Council of Triton begins a trade war with Helix systems
2306 Helix Solutions The Council trade war hits Helix hard causing them to explore other possible routes just as profitable as the Triton Route
2310 The Dark Star Trade Route The Dark Star Trade route is discovered that passes near Tau Ceti H named "Malastar" Helix system dispatches colonists using this new route and planet to free themselves from The Councils grip.
2327 The Ultimatum The Council Having lost their Main source of income and only security against Helix aggression demands that Malastar be handed over to them otherwise they would Cut off aid to Helix and use Armed force to take the Route and Planet by force. Helix responded with one word "No."
2327 The Great War Begins The Council Opened with a massive assault bombarding the planet resulting in the occupation of most of the planet by the winter months. This would be reversed to a stalemate after Helix reinforcements and ships arrived bringing fresh troops and equipment for the beleaguered defenders.
2334 The War Expands The whole system is consumed by war nowhere is safe save the hub worlds Helix and Triton. Daily cullings occur for soldiers to go and fight in the unending war on Malastar. Trade has stopped, Profits are no longer the main motive for either side as whichever side loses knows that it would mean not only the end of their corporation but also existence.
2351 The Great Purge No one is exactly sure what happened or how it happened but the previously untouched worlds of Helix Prime and Triton were rocked with Nuclear blasts near their planetary Headquarters. Before any investigations could be made to determine the cause of said blasts both sides began to retaliate unleashing hellfire upon their foes reducing each world to a fiery uninhabitable wastelands with no surivors left on the surface, those living in orbit head for Malastar
2352 Ragnarok Neither side realized what had happened for almost a year continuing to do their best to continue the war losing more and more men and ships eating away at what they did not realize were limited supplies. It would not be until the survivors of the purge arrived that they realized what had happened resulting in mass desertions and suicides on both sides as the leaders attempted to stabilize their forces and restructure themselves in order to survive the influx of new mouths to feed on top of their current forces.
2353 The Rebirth Three factions would emerge from the chaos that engulfed the remannets on Malastar The Helix Preservation Front, The Triton Socialist Movement and The Dark Star Coalition.
The Helix Preservation Front Formed from the Remanents of the Helix Security forces and the refugees of Helix Prime The Helix Preservation front would adhere to its original command structure its ruler now named the "Chairman" seeks to Eliminate or enslave all traces of the Triton Scourge and claim the planet in the name of the Helix Corporation and restore order and profits to the sector by any means necessary.
The Triton Socialist Movement Formed from the Remanents of the Triton forces after a mutiny of the lower ranks They now follow a council made up of elected officials from the people of their territory their goal is to learn from the past and focus more on the good of all Tritons, not just a few wealthy as their ancestors did. Part of this new utopia involves eliminating all dissidents and outcasts of their society They see the Helix as nothing more than savages clinging to the past who are the last obstacle in their way before they can begin the long road to truly rebuilding.
The Dark Star Coalition The Dark Star Coalition first started as a ceasefire between a Triton brigade and a Helix Legion expanding down the front claiming 1/3 of the total military forces on the world many have joined since after acknowledging the brutal efficiency of their soldiers and the peace and security they provided to their citizens. The command was made up of two legates elected into power for life or abdication. Military service is considered a point of pride here being a military culture where discipline guides every citizen through life. Their goal to cease the infighting by force if they have too and secure humanity's future.
2355 The Betrayal Legate Primarch is Betrayed by one of his lieutenants Leading to a fracture within the coalition.
2356 The War of Shadows The Coalition divides and dives into a brief civil war where many are killed.
2357 The Reformation Its power diminished the Dark Star coalition was reforged, initially to be a state run by two Emperors Firestorm declined the offer publicly to focus his efforts on rebuilding the nation anew and the Imperium with Emperor Primarch at its head was born with Firestorm as its hand.
2359 The Exodus & Great Crusade Thousands of new refugees apply for citizenship within the borders of the new nation. Emperor Primarch and the new Imperium Council raise the call to arms to unite the world under the rule of one singular united government.The Empire launches a full-scale invasion on both rivaling factions to submit and acclimate to society and save humanity or perish. They refuse!
2360 A Common Foe Helix and Triton are eventually pushed back now becoming the minority they align in an attempt to fight off Dark star forces in a desperate attempt to survive
2364 The Siege of Purity Final Battle on Malastar ends with the Banner of the blacken sun being hung from the top of the last alliance citadel by DSI marines.
2371 The Great Leap Forward The DSI now begins to regain its power once more preparing to establish its sovereign dominion over the stars. New shipyards and industrial and agricultural infrastructure are built. Also, flash cloning and memory transfer technology are developed effectively creating immortality.
2375 The Blistering Phage The fallout and devastation of Malastar unleash a sickness nicknamed as the Blistering Phage, It is rumored to have been the result of a containment breach during a bombing on a Helix bioweapons research facility during the war. It is discovered the damage to the planet and this Phage is irreversible, tens of thousands die as a result over time as it spreads over the planet.
2383 Drastic Measures With no remaining habitable planets and no hope for rebuilding a society on Malastar, the Imperium begins a new initiative to refocus all efforts on relocating its citizens near encroaching blister zones inward towards the capital cities. Meanwhile, new efforts are underway to halt the spread of the Phage, Those infected are turned away or are shot dead if they refuse, bodies burned as a precaution. A lot of mystery surrounds the Phage as government forces keep a tight grip on available information.
2387 Mutation First images by an anonymous source are leaked to a free press advocacy group showing a still from a helmet feed of troops engaged in hand to hand combat with seems like a Phage Survivor of some kind.
2387 Panic People begin to ask questions as there have been many military service casualties mounting that had been covered as deaths due to exposure to the phage. the government ensures those troops lost their lives while assisting in relocation and sweeping efforts in Phage contaminated zones to avoid further panic.
2388 The Dome The state-sponsored Industrial juggernaught Tau Industrial Incorporated (TII) Proposes a new dome defense initiative to help protect from hazardous orbital debris as well as seal the city off from outside bioagents before they reach the capital. It garners major support from the population, The state itself isn't quite content with wasting resources on a dome. They believe TII is to optimistic and that its just a waste of resources.
2389 Insurgency A government opposed civilian activist group known as the Trinary Brotherhood puts into action its first act of terrorism against the state and detonates an EMP at the Southern capital defense net command center. A firefight follows and they breach the control center unfortunately for them over the next few hours of gunfights in the surrounding areas the couple dozen surviving rebels trying to flee the area are all KIA.
2389 Aftermath In the wake of the EMP detonation and the clamor of gunbattles in the streets panic once again gave rise. Fearing the capital was not safe and with the defense system in the south still offline, dozens of families flee the safety of the city walls while the majority of the capital guard was busily engaged in urban house to house sweeps mopping up rebel cells.
2390 New Effort The Dark Star Imperium redoubles its efforts at the Black Sun Shipyards in orbit to build a new exodus fleet.
2395 Revelation By this time the contamination is now just miles outside the Capitals borders and its too hazardous for anyone to enter the wasteland without the proper protective EVA or power suit. Government security forces maintain a strict curfew of the capital and ensure nobody attempts to wander outside the safety of the city walls.
2398 The Reveal On may 4th 2398 the DSI Naval admiralty announced the completion of the first flagship of the Imperium. And the imperial regent unveiled the Emperors new plan called "The Return"
2398 The Return "Plan" Over the span of the next year and a half, the Imperium pushed all its resources into outfitting and crewing its entire new fleet of ships. The plan was the nation would uproot itself and leave Malastar spending the next decade traveling back to Sol in this highly advanced stealth armada with the intent of infiltrating back into the UMF society. Unannounced to the major public the Imperium had already sent waves of operatives over the decades back to earth.
2399 The Rebellion Many knew the inevitable fate of the Sol system and that of Earth and refused. Riots broke out as people demanded they be let to choose themselves. Many opting that they would rather die on Malastar in the agonizing embrace of the wasteland. Others blamed the government for not allowing them the option to try the dome and forcing them to choose between two impossibly inevitable outcomes. Full uprising followed.
2400 EXODUS January 2nd, 2400. In the months that followed the Imperial government finished their preparations to abandon Malastar and the Tau Ceti System. departing with the might of the DSI military and those willing or loyal trusting the emperor's judgment. Many citing whilst he was a harsh ruler he still put the survival of the human race and that of the Imperium first.
2412 Arrival & Integration The fleet arrives at various points throughout the system at different times over the span of months. The crews had planned for years on how to infiltrate and integrate back into society on Earth. Learning the customs languages and dialects of the various cultures and organizations.
The Mission To infiltrate and work up the various governments, learn to grow and exceed. All DSI operatives and everyone in Imperium society were taught from a young age that anything short of excellence was unacceptable. Helping advance the efforts of the UMF Arkship program was priority one. Because of this many of its citizens managed to secure prominent positions and drastically increase scientific development in the ark ship programs and accompanying technology.
2450 Arkship Manufacturing Arkship Technology is perfected and Manufacturing begins.
2500 Arkship Selection Riots break out all around the world over the selection process that dictates who gets to board the Arkships. Massive euthanasia programs were organized for those who had to stay. The majority of the Imperial leadership and its brightest minds are chosen amongst others for the "Novark" whose destination is plotted for the Scutum-Centaurus arm.
2500 -


Sacrifice Those not chosen knew their duty would be to help defend the Arkships and help prevent the hostile masses not chosen from causing harm to humanities efforts for survival and those vital to its success. Many enlisted in the UMF Navy. Should they conclude their purpose before the destruction of Sol they were given the location and access to all the Imperium ships hidden throughout the system. They are known by the Imperium as the Bloodfallen for their sacrifice.
2538 Destruction of Sol System The neutron star passes through Sol System destroying everything.
Post Ark Arrival
12477 00-AA New Beginnings The Novark arrives at the planet Alioth. Many thousands of survivors are awakened by the Novark AI Aphelia.
12478 01-AA Clamour and Confusion During the thousands of years in cryosleep, many are left with fragments of memories left, past lives that seem like nothing more than just a distant dream. many struggling to understand who they are or were.
12478 01-AA Reformation Noveans start forming various, communities, corporations and nations of their own. Some new as they make a new life for themselves and others old as their memories slowly come back to them.
12482 05-AA Rebirth The Emperor and the Regent of the Imperium in happen chance meet whilst strolling the markets of District 10. They both are stuck with a sudden rush of memories of their past lives. Shortly after they begin the process and formally announce the formation of the Dark star Imperium publicly. Many citizens of the Imperium swarm to them in waves every so often more fellow sleepers awaken withe their memories and return to their emperor ready to forge a new beginning amongst the stars.
File:Dark Star Imperium Homeworld - Infernus .png

The Dark Star Imperium homeworld of Infernus, "Circa 51-AA"


The Imperial Homeworld of DSI is something of a mystery, many suspect their planet is some sort of volcanic world rich in vast raw materials others however suspect this is a play on words and is exactly the opposite. As what is more unforgiving than an arctic wasteland.

Branches of Service

There are five general branches of the Imperium

Void Corps
Imperial Naval Forces
Imperial Marine Corps
The Forge
The Assasinorium

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