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The Underbreach is a place located at the bottom of the Gungeon.

It serves as the hub of Exit the Gungeon, where the gungeoneers can buy things, wear hats, talk to the NPCs, or play the tutorial with Ser Manuel.


Appearance Name Description
Ser Manuel Runs the tutorial.
Doug Occasionally shows up as a travelling merchant, selling items to be used in the gungeon.
Cadence & Ox Runs the Gungeon Acquisitions Department, selling items to be used in future runs.
Drunkard Sits near the gungeoneers, before starting a bar and hosting a jukebox.
Hattori Sells the player various hats.
Tailor the Tinker Discusses routes with the player, eventually creating the route switcher.
Route Switcher Allows the player to chose various routes for their next run.
Snails Sells the player skins for the gungeoneers.
Gunknights Bars entry to the Gungeon until the player completes the tutorial. Also gives different hats for completing the various levels of Beastmode.