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The Trigger Twins are a boss found in the Keep of the Lead Lord.

Health: 400
Location: Keep of the Lead Lord
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Smiley

Good Bullet
A little younger and more carefree than his brother, Smiley is in charge of training young Bullet Kin.

Larger and more imposing than a common Gundead, the Trigger Twins guard the first Chamber from novice Gungeoneers.

Health: 400
Location: Keep of the Lead Lord
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Shades

Bad Bullet
Cast in the same mold, Shades and Smiley have always stuck together.

If one of the Trigger Twins falls in battle, the one left standing will redouble his efforts to end the life of the invading Gungeoneer.

Behavior[ | ]

Both twins have some similar attacks:

  • Charges at the player. The charge will be stopped if they take damage during it.
    • The charge will not be stopped by damage over time effects, such as poison or fire.
  • Fires six bullets in quick succession.
  • Hops in place, sending bullets in all directions.
  • Whistles or snaps, summoning two Bullet Kin.

Each twin also has a unique attack:

  • Smiley will rapidly fire a stream of bullets at the player.
  • Shades will fire a triple shot of three bullets at the player.

When one twin dies, the other will fly into a rage, retaining their unique attack and gaining new attack patterns:

  • Hops, firing 2 waves of bullets in all directions.
  • Fires three spreads of bullets, with the last spread being wider and more densely packed.

If the last twin has below 50% health when the other is killed, the twin will automatically heal to 50% health. It is difficult but possible to defeat both of them at the same time to avoid this completely. This can also happen with the Kill Pillars.

Strategy[ | ]

Defeating the Trigger Twins is based on using one of two strategies: attempting to kill both at once to avoid the final phase, or focusing on them one at a time. You can also use the Casey to deflect shots, which can help in some situations.

  • If a twin charges, simply shoot them while moving away from them, and always attempt to maintain distance.
  • When a twin fires six bullets in quick succession, simply strafe around them.
    • If both twins do it at the same time, do the same, but dodge roll if trapped between the twins’ shots.
  • If you've kept your distance, their ‘hop in place’ attack should be easy to avoid.
  • If they summon Bullet Kin, target those first. They can easily force you into a corner in combination with the twins’ attacks.
  • For Shades's unique attack, you should either strafe around or dodge roll through the attacks.
  • For Smiley's unique attack, simply strafe and dodge roll back where you came from if the bullets start to catch up to you.
  • At 7 or higher curse, each Trigger Twin's chance to be jammed is independent of one another, meaning one twin may be cursed while the other isn't.
    • In the event this happens, killing the unjammed twin first is recommended, as the twins' second phase is much less chaotic than the first phase.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The twins' guns (Smiley's Revolver and Shades's Revolver) are obtainable from the Gungeon. They synergize when the player obtains both of them simultaneously, allowing them to be dual-wielded.
  • Each twin will have their namesake removed from them upon defeat.
    • Shades' trademark shades will be knocked off his face.
    • Smiley's teeth will be strewn across the floor upon being defeated, ruining his smile.
  • The Trigger Twins may be a reference to Connor and Murphy MacManus from the movie The Boondock Saints.
  • It is possible to kill both Twins using guns such as Camera, BSG, and Blasphemy's slice without triggering one's rage mode, as they both take the same amount of damage and have the same health, which prevents one from attempting to get revenge.
  • Similar to the player, they both cannot shoot directly beneath themselves. This means that standing at the base of either brother can make the player immune to some of their attacks.
  • The Trigger Twins seems to have connections to the Bullet King in the physical version of the ammonomicon. Specifically, Smiley and Shades are found with a third bullet kin before they find a pair of sunglasses and dentures, respectively, while the third bullet kin finds a throne and becomes the Bullet King.
  • Using items such as Escape Rope or Teleporter Prototype and re-entering the room will cause both twins to be revived, even if one was killed.

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