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There are a variety of traps in the game that are designed to damage the player.

List of Traps[ | ]

Name Effect
Chandeliers only appear in the Keep of the Lead Lord. They hang from the ceiling and are connected to a lever somewhere in the room. If the lever is shot or interacted with, the chandelier will fall, damaging and knocking back anything within its radius.
Sawblades roll around a wall, damaging the player upon contact.
If the player steps on a spike trap, spikes will pop up after a short delay, damaging the player.
Rolling Spikes
Rolling Spikes
Rolling spikes will roll back and forth, damaging the player and enemies upon contact. Unlike most traps, the player cannot dodge roll through them.
Fire traps will spew fire at a fixed interval, damaging the player.
Flame Pipe
Found in the Forge, if it is hit by any projectile or beam, it will activate and damage nearby enemies and players with its flame for 10 seconds, before deactivating. Once it has activated once it will not activate again.
Rotating Fire
Rotating Fire
Rotating fire traps appear in the Forge, and consist of bars of fire rotating around a stationary skull.
If the player steps on a trapdoor, it will collapse after a short delay, causing the player to fall in and take damage.
Boulder traps only appear in the Black Powder Mine, and are similar to chandeliers. If a red plunger is shot or interacted with, boulders will fall onto a corresponding spot in the room marked with a red X. Boulder impacts ignite oil as though they were explosions.
Turrets shoot bullets forward at a fixed interval.
Minecart Turret
Minecart Turrets
Minecart turrets only appear in the Black Powder Mine. They travel along a track, continuously shooting bullets at the player. They can be destroyed by explosions, and are deactivated once the room is completed.
If the player steps into a crush trap, the walls will pinch together, damaging the player if they are caught. Also triggers for enemies, dealing 35 damage to them.
Fire ring
Fire Ring
Fire rings are skulls that periodically shoot rings of fire similar to Muzzle Wisps, and continue firing even after the room is cleared. These are only seen in Bullet Hell.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Unlike most traps, if the player is killed by the turret, minecart turrets, or rotating fire, the cause of death will be "your own slow reflexes", as the player died to a bullet with no enemy assigned to it, rather than the normal "a deadly trap".
  • Most traps are exempt from "time stopping" effects such as the Aged Bell. Even if they shoot bullets, their projectiles cannot be stopped. This is most noticeable on the Fire Ring and Minecart Turret trap, which proceeds in regular (if applicable) motion, while still firing normally sped bullets at the expected rate.