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Type: Active
Quality: A Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money
Floor Dmg
1 400
Oub 533.32
2 520
Abbey 666.64
3 640
4 740
5/6 840
Unlock Method: Defeat Gatling Gull 20 times.
Introduced in: AFTA Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
Do You Have Yours?
Summons Gatling Gull as an ally.

Gatling Gull respects martial prowess in Gungeoneers. Spend this ticket to bring in the big guns.

Ticket is an active item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Upon use, spawns a friendly Gatling Gull that periodically fires spreads of bullets and flies off once the room is cleared. He will also block damage dealt to him, so he can be used as a shield.
    • He will die if he sustains enough damage.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Secret Twin - If the player also has Vulcan Cannon, holding Vulcan Cannon while using Ticket will spawn two friendly Gatling Gulls instead of one.
  • Gatling Gull gains the effects of most bullet modifiers.
  • If the Ticket is used a second time in the same room the first Gatling Gull (or first two with Synergy Secret Twin), if still alive, will disappear.
  • The Ticket can be used to cheese the final phase of the High Dragun fight, as it blocks bullets, letting you stand behind it. Keep in mind he can only sustain 3-4 waves before he will die to the damage.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In previous versions of the game, there were files for an item that spawned Gatling Gull as an ally, but couldn't shoot.
  • The item is likely a reference to the saying "Ticket to the gun show", in which someone shows off their muscles, just like Gatling Gull does.
  • This item is most likely a reference to The Last Action Hero where a young boy uses a golden ticket to transport into a movie where he meets his favorite action hero.
  • Prior to v2.1.3, Baby Good Mimic could turn into Gatling Gull.

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