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The Ninja is an incomplete Gungeoneer in the game Enter the Gungeon. The Ninja begins with the AK-47, Magnum, and 38 Special. They start with Synergy.png Detective Magnum.


The Ninja was never given a complete story. However, in the item description for the Bloodied Scarf, it is mentioned that a "skilled assassin" was "Betrayed by his brothers and assumed dead...". If this is referring to the Ninja, the Ninja could have survived this encounter and entered the Gungeon to seek revenge on their "brothers".

Past Kill[]

If the Bullet That Can Kill The Past is used on The Ninja, it will send the character to the credits instead of a unique past.


The Ninja has a variance in playstyle when compared to other Gungeoneers. None of their starting weapons have infinite ammo, and since the Magnum and 38 Special are duel-wielded due to the Synergy.png Detective Magnum synergy, ammo preservation for the Ninja is important. Increasing Curse or Coolness to increase the chance of ammo pickups dropped upon the room being cleared is a useful strategy. Other items that have the same general effect, like Ancient Hero's Bandana, should be acquired if given the chance. If there are pits nearby, rolling into them to avoid damage is a viable option for The Ninja.


  • The Ninja does not have a bosscard, but rather uses one that appears to be a grey variation of the Cultist similar to the Gun Cultist.
    • Interesting to note, the Grey Cultist is fumbling with a pistol and bullet in their bosscard, rather than the normal Dart Gun and dart.
  • The Ninja's roll functions as a normal dodge roll would, despite it appearing as a blink. However, if the Ninja blinks into a pit, they will take no damage. They will take damage if they walk into a pit normally.
  • The Ninja is the only Gungeoneer to start with a Synergy.
  • The Ninja was discovered in the original Enter the Gungeon release, implying that they and The Cosmonaut were likely cut or scrapped during development.
  • The game's win and death screens call the Ninja The Cultist.
  • The Ninja's map icon is The Pilot's.
  • NPCs refer to the Ninja as "Plateface".
  • Despite The Ninja having a custom facecard, it uses The Cosmonaut's in-game.


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