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The Lost Adventurer

The Lost Adventurer occasionally appears in the Gungeon and asks for the player to help him map out the floor. Once the player explores every room on the floor (except for the boss room and secret rooms), the Lost Adventurer will reward the player with a gun or an item.

After the player helps the Lost Adventurer map out all five floors, he will move up to The Breach where he will give the player Excaliber and hints on how to access certain secrets. He can still be found in the Gungeon as usual.

Notes[ | ]

  • If the player shoots at the Lost Adventurer, he will not be able to be spoken to. Shooting at him again until he speaks can fix this, however.
  • If the floor is already revealed from getting items (Ie, the Gungeon Blueprint, Map or the Cartographer's Ring,) it will count as having the map completed.
  • If the floor has a Black Market, the map will not count as completed until the black market is explored, even when the entrance to the Black Market is in a secret room.

Quotes[ | ]

After being rescued[ | ]

  • Thanks for rescuing me! I thought I was going to be stuck here forever. Maybe I'll see you around?

After leaving the cell[ | ]

  • Now.... back to my quest.

Entering his Room[ | ]

  • ...maybe it was the other way? ...I think I've seen that before... ...no, but that door was on the other side last time. ...am I holding this upside-down?
  • Oh! Hello, there!
  • Oh! It's you again!

Talking to him[ | ]

  • I seem to have gotten turned around. This map doesn't seem to be accurate... at least not any more!
  • I'm sure you've noticed, but the walls keep shifting. It's not like the other dungeons I've explored at all!
  • Do you think you could help me map this place out again?
  • Do you think you could help me map this place out again? I'll give you something I found in a chest earlier as a reward!

Agreeing to help him[ | ]

  • Wonderful! You go that way, and I'll keep mapping this room. We can meet up here!
  • Change your mind?

Disagreeing to help him[ | ]

  • Oh, I understand. Mapping isn't for everyone! I'll be here in case you change your mind. (Note: this will still confer the quest to the player.)

Disagreeing to share your map[ | ]

  • You jerk!
  • What!? Why?

Talking to him during his quest[ | ]

  • Oh, wow! You've already got a map of this floor!
  • How's the mapping coming along?
  • Oh, looks like there's still a bit more to explore.

Completing his quest[ | ]

  • Thank you! You should take this. A strange old man gave it to me!

Completing all his quests[ | ]

  • Hey listen, I want to thank you for all your help. Speak with me in the Breach. I've got something for you. For now, though, you should take this.
  • You've really gotten me out of some tight spots, huh? Let's meet up in the Breach soon. I think I have something you'll like! For now, though, you should take this.

For the first time at The Breach[ | ]

  • Hey pal! I've got something for you! I want you to have my favorite weapon. It's seen me through a lot of dungeons over the years. I donated it to the Acquisitions Department for you. Now that I'm a bit more experienced, I don't think it'll be too dangerous on my own. Good luck!

Meeting him in the Gungeon after completing all his quests[ | ]

  • Welcome back! We've been wandering some pretty rough spots, lately. I found something down there, but I think you'll put it to better use than me.
  • See you next time, friend.

Talking to him while having any item that shows a map of the floor, or after completing the map of the floor by yourself[ | ]

  • Hey! I see you already have a complete map of this floor! Can I have it?

Talking to him after being given a reward[ | ]

  • Thanks again.
  • How can I help?
  • Everything alright?
  • So, how's your run going?
  • Is this... "the run"?

Location specific[ | ]

  • Keep of the Lead Lord: Usually I have to go through several other dungeons before I get to a Castle.
  • Gungeon Proper: I dropped a small key down a grate and came down here to get it.
  • Black Powder Mine: I came down here looking for some rocks to blow up. There's usually grottoes!
  • Hollow: I got into a race with a gravedigger and ended up here. If only I had some heavy boots, I wouldn't slip on this ice!
  • Forge: This place reminds me of someone I used to know. Big fella.
  • Bullet Hell: What did I do to end up here? I've taken a very, very wrong turn.
  • Oubliette: Ugh, why would anyone bother coming down here. I found a crest, but it looked too fragile to carry.
  • Abbey of the True Gun: Thanks for opening the door to get down here. Now do you know how to get out?
  • Generic: Not all those who wander are lost, my friend. I, however, am very lost.

Leaving him after completing his quest[ | ]

  • I can definitely find my way, now. No doubt about it at all!

Shooting him[ | ]

  • Nope.
  • That doesn't work on me.
  • That isn't very heroic.

Trying to steal his gear[ | ]

  • Hey, those are mine!
  • Hands off, Gungeoneer Nickname !
  • Hey, Listen! ...stop that.

On breaking pots in the room[ | ]

  • Budget Dungeon, nothing in the pots. Why even have them?
  • There's nothing in those pots. I already checked.

At The Breach[ | ]

  • Thankfully, the Breach doesn't shift around like the rest of the Gungeon.
  • I'm studying the maps to see if I can figure out some kind of pattern.
  • Occasionally, I'll find scraps of maps made by other people.
  • I think I found something interesting. Some notes scribbled on the margins of an old adventurer's journal.
  • It looks like there may be a fireplace, with a switch behind the fire.
  • Maybe the switch does something important.
  • I think I found the fireplace in Chamber 1. I couldn't put the fire out though.
  • Huh.
  • Have you seen the tomb in Chamber 2? There's that altar...
  • I wonder if that altar does something.
  • The old maps I find are never accurate, though.
  • Hmm...
  • I have to think about this. Let's talk later.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Lost Adventurer and many of his dialogue lines are direct references to various games from the Legend of Zelda series.
  • His dialogue line “There’s nothing in those pots. I already checked” is actually false - Gun Fairies and casings can both be found in pots.
  • His dialogue line "I'm studying the maps to see if I can figure out some kind of pattern." may possibly be referring to the novel "The Maze Runner," where the characters escape a labyrinth by studying the maze's patterns and figuring out a code.
  • After helping the Lost Adventurer map the first five floors, (not including secret floors) the player will unlock the Cartographers Assistant achievement.
  • Many of The Lost Adventurer's dialogue in the breach gives hints on how to unlock the Oubliette and Abbey of the True Gun.