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The Last Human
The Last Human
Health: 1200
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon The Last Human

Transistor Resistor
Name: Human #7,868,929

Age: Human Sol Year, 39

Priority: 1

Note: Investigate robot-compatible headbands.

The last human hero, hope of all mankind. If she were to live, humanity might one day stand a chance against their robotic oppressors.

The Last Human is the boss of The Robot's past.

Behaviour[ | ]

The Last Human has multiple attacks.

  • Fires several spirals of bullets outwards.
  • Fills a large portion of the Arena with poison.
  • Summons two humans with shotguns.
    • These humans shoot 2 shotgun blasts that alternate between Red Shotgun Kin bullet spreads and a V shaped blast that predicts the player's movements similar to Veteran Shotgun Kin.
  • Fires a large amount of bullets randomly.
  • Shoots five grenades in the general area of the player.

Between each attack, she either attempts to run out of the way of the player's bullets or she teleports.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Last Human is a reference to Sarah Connor from the Terminator series.
    • The boss card images in the game files are named “Sarcon”, a portmanteau of "Sarah" and "Conner".
    • The humans summoned by The Last Human are similar in appearance to the Terminator from the same series. They turn into critters upon death, which is a reference to the Sonic franchise.
    • The summoned humans are equipped with Winchester in Supply Drop Indicator and with Thunderclap after AGD Indicator. The sound effect did not change after the update.
    • This reference is also affirmed by the alt-skin unlocked by defeating her, which shares visual similarity with the T-800's internal frame; this includes two distinct, glowing-red eyes.
    • In addition, the middle of the arena is littered with skulls, reminiscent of the beginning of Terminator 2.
  • The phrase "Transistor Resistor" is a pun on electrical components (transistors and resistors) and how she fights against, or resists, robots.
  • The walls of the arena are decorated with graffiti which reference fictional dystopias and robots:
    • The "Claw" Combine symbol from Half-Life 2
    • The logo of Mother Russia Bleeds, a beat 'em up game published by Devolver Digital
    • Mettaton, the robot game show host from Undertale.
    • An E-Tank decal and a schematic reminiscent of the select screen in various Mega Man games.
    • A crude drawing of Atlas and P-Body from the Portal 2 cooperative campaign.
    • Jailbot, from the animated series, Superjail
    • Crow and Tom Servo from the series, Mystery Science Theatre 3000
    • A Magnemite from the Pokémon game series
  • It's vaguely hinted in Exit the Gungeon that The Convict may have some connection to The Last Human.
    • When interacting with The Robot at the end of the game, it will display different emotions depending on the player's Gungeoneer; when using The Convict, it appears angry.
    • The Convict has an unlockable costume which gives them the appearance of The Last Human.
    • It's unlikely that they are the same person, as the Robot's past takes place 117 years prior to the events of Enter the Gungeon.

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