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The Last Dragun
The Last Dragun
Diginomicon Entry

Diginomicon The Last Dragun

The lingering interdimensional magic of the Gungeon and its Master have brought life once more to the skeletal remains of the High Dragun.

Having fallen so close to the Curtain, where all dimensions intersect, an extra one popped out and attached itself to the bones of this ancient and venerable Chamber Master.

The Last Dragun is the final boss in Exit the Gungeon, encountered in the skies above the collapsing Gungeon just after the player passes through the Keep of the Lead Lord. It is the animated skeletal remains of the High Dragun from Enter the Gungeon.

Behaviour[ | ]

The Last Dragun's attacks rely mostly on weaponry.

  • Sniper Attack: The Last Dragun flies into the background and uses a sniper rifle to attack. The first shot is aimed directly at the player, and upon reaching the target (whether the player is hit or not), it will explode into two rings of bullets, one moving slightly faster than the other. The other two shots will fire Sniper Shells into the ground who attempt to take potshots at the player.
  • SMG Attack: The Last Dragun uses two SMGs to spray rings of bullets.
  • Rocket Attack: The Last Dragun flies into the background and uses a rocket launcher to attack. The rocket explodes once it reaches the foreground, creating a large ring of bullets and some homing rockets.
  • Grenade Launcher Attack: The Last Dragun flies into the background and uses a grenade launcher to attack. It fires five grenades that explode into crosshair shapes of bullets and spawn "Grenade Kin" that attack using AK-47s. These will also explode into bullets on death.
  • AK-47 attack: The Last Dragun will take out an AK-47, and start spraying bullets everywhere.
  • 1 pistol attack: The Last Dragun will grab a pistol, and shoot rings of bullets and skull-shaped bullets. However, these skull-shaped bullets act just as normal bullets.
  • 2 pistol attack: The Last Dragun will grab 2 pistols, and shoot half-rings of bullets from the top of the screens, with some being normal bullets, and others being longer bullets, that will be shot out into the direction of the player.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Both the mastery Achievement for the Last Dragun and the Spanish version of Exit the Gungeon refer to The Last Dragun as 'The Lich Dragun': this is a reference to the term Dracolich, which describes a dragon that has been reanimated and empowered through dark magic.
  • The Last Dragun is the only boss with no 'quote' section to its Diginomicon entry.
  • The green, heart-like structure within the Last Dragun's ribcage resembles a grenade.
  • The Last Dragun's description states a new dimension attached itself to the Dragun's skeleton. This references and possibly explains how it is the only boss to be fully 3D.
    • It also appears to incorporate mocap into its animations as well.
  • The phrase "ancient and venerable" in The Last Dragun's Diginomicon entry reflects the earlier use of the same phrase in the High Dragun's Ammonomicon entry.