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The Emperor
The Emperor.png
Type: Burst
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 30
Max Ammo: 300
Reload Time: 1.25s
DPS: 37.5 (not counting linking electricity)
Damage: 7
Fire Rate: 0.15
Shot Speed: 20
Range: 50
Force: 10
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Electric Terror
Fires linked projectiles.

This gun fires powerful electron bursts that imitate ancient spells of chained lightning.

The Emperor is a gun that fires a burst of four big green bullets connected by electricity.


  • Synergy.png Starburst Fire - If the player also has Laser Rifle, firing either The Emperor or Laser Rifle once will cause it to rapidly fire its entire magazine. Increases damage by 20% and doubles fire rate.
    • You can cancel the effect by reloading or dodge-rolling while firing.


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