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The Convict is one of the Gungeoneers in the game Enter the Gungeon. The Convict is equipped with the Budget Revolver, Sawed-Off, Molotov, and Enraging Photo.

Story[ | ]

The Convict, formerly known as Laser Lily, was the head of a criminal organization. After bribing Black Stache into overlooking her crimes, he betrayed her and conducted a sting operation on her headquarters. She was captured by Hegemony forces and chose to face the Gungeon over life imprisonment.

Past Kill[ | ]

If the Bullet That Can Kill The Past is used on The Convict, she will be brought back to her office right before being arrested. Black Stache and 4 Hegemony goons will enter the room soon after. Black Stache explains that his agreement with The Convict is over, orders the Hegemony goons to arrest her, and then leaves the office. One of the Hegemony goons will begin to list the myriad of reasons why The Convict is being taken in and then demands for her to put her arms on the desk in submission. The Player is then given the option to "Teach them a lesson" or "Teach them a lesson, again". Both will result in The Convict flipping the large desk in front of her. The Convict will have her Budget Revolver and a Thompson Sub-Machinegun to defeat the 4 Hegemony goons, after which she will make her way downstairs to the dance floor. Here, a fight will ensue between The Convict and Black Stache. Should the Convict be victorious, she will be able to leave the building and escape on a Hovercar.

When entering the past, the Convict will have Thompson Sub-Machinegun and Budget Revolver as available weapons, along with Enraging Photo and Molotov as items.

Defeating the Convict's past will unlock the Briefcase of Cash and the Enraging Photo for all characters.

Armor will carry over to the convicts past in some instances

Strategy[ | ]

The Convict is a master when it comes to dealing high amounts of damage; however, this comes at the cost of having a lower effective range when compared to the other Gungeoneers. The Convict's main weapon, the Budget Revolver, only has a magazine size of 5 but comes with a fast fire rate. This forces The Convict to take on a more "hit and run" playstyle in the early game, quickly unloading onto an enemy and then pulling back behind cover to reload. The Sawed-Off is an incredibly powerful tool up close, able to deal with most first floor enemies with a shot or two. However, due to the spread of the gun, the damage quickly falls off the farther you are from the target and the range of the bullets themselves is very short. Wait for the enemy you are trying to kill to finish its attack cycle before walking up and firing; otherwise, you risk taking unnecessary damage.

Luckily, whenever you take damage, you have the buff given by the Enraging Photo to work off of. The Enraging Photo not only provides a damage boost upon taking damage, but it also instantly reloads whatever weapon you are currently holding. Despite this buff, taking damage is usually detrimental, and intentionally hurting yourself to get the buff is not advised unless you really know what you're doing. The automatic reload can make guns that have a special final shot (such as the Teapot, Mailbox, and the Judge) worse, as getting damaged means the clip will refill without giving you the final shot. The Convict's passive is not useful to more experienced players who can usually avoid taking damage, though it can be helpful during late game bosses like the Wallmonger, when the player should be constantly dealing damage out of fear of being crushed.

Finally, The Convict's active is the extremely useful Molotov. When thrown, it sets a large area on fire, which can help clear rooms or damage bosses. The Molotov isn't consumed upon use and thus can be used multiple times throughout a run. However, keep note of exactly which enemies you are throwing it at. Flying enemies or those that are naturally immune to fire will not be damaged. The Molotov should normally not be used in small rooms, as there is a risk of you yourself getting caught in the flames, but if an item is found that gives fire resistance, feel free to use it when you see fit.

Overall, the Convict is only very powerful when close to enemies, but has the Budget Revolver to fall back on should she need to attack from range. The Enraging Photo provides a powerful in-combat buff if she gets hit and the Molotov can be a powerful room clearer if used properly. However, given that her passive item and active item quickly fall off after the first or second floor, and that her starting weapons limit her to close range, she is often seen as the weakest of the Gungeoneers.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Nicknames that NPCs refer to The Convict as include:
    • Jumpsuit
    • Jailbird
    • Lawbreaker
  • Unlike the other 5 Gungeoneers, the Convict does not get a "Run Away" option during her past; both options presented will result in a shootout and eventual boss fight against Black Stache.
    • There is an unused option of “Go Quietly”, with the response from the Convict of “No, they have to pay. I ain't going back.”
  • The Convict's past is based on Hotline Miami.
  • The Convict's alternate costume may be a reference to the 1979 movie Mad Max.
  • When speaking with Tonic or bowler as the Convict in the Breach, if the player selects the "just wanted to chat" option, the Convict's old avatar will be displayed for a split second.
  • If playing in co-op, the Hegemony Goon in the starting cutscene will say “We’ll be taking you and your accomplice in.” instead of “We’ll be taking you in.”
  • The music playing in the starting room of the Convict's past is a theme from The Godfather.
  • Based on the sounds made when she is running, the Convict explores the Gungeon barefoot.
  • According to her artwork, the Convict seems to be right-handed.

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