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For the gun, see Bullet.

The Bullet is a secret unlockable Gungeoneer. The Bullet begins with Blasphemy and Live Ammo.

Killing the High Dragun with the Bullet character will unlock their sword Blasphemy.

How to Unlock[ | ]

Enter the Gungeon[ | ]

Red-Caped Bullet Kin will rarely appear in random rooms after at least one Past has been defeated (not including the Cultist). They may be found by any of the Gungeoneers regardless of if their past has been completed. These special Bullet Kin wander aimlessly and do not attack - they have guns, but do not use them. If attacked they will not fight back, and doing so, so long as they are not killed, does not affect their collection. They will only spawn on the first wave and If the player stays in a room alone with the Red-Caped Bullet Kin it will despawn after waiting for 10–30 seconds if it is still alive. After 5 Red-Caped Bullet Kin are allowed to despawn the Bullet will be unlocked and found in The Breach.

Multiple Red-Caped Bullet Kin can be found in a single run, and they are more likely to appear in later chambers. They will also spawn on special runs such as the Sorceress' blessing. When leaving a room they have a chance to leave a full heart behind.

Exit the Gungeon[ | ]

In Exit the Gungeon, the Bullet is unlocked upon completing the game once with any character.

Story[ | ]

Past Kill[ | ]

If the Bullet That Can Kill The Past is used on The Bullet, they will be brought back to the Gungeon Proper in an unspecified time in the past. The Bullet retrieves Blasphemy from a dying elder bullet. The Bullet travels forward in the Gungeon and faces two Chain Gunners, followed by Agunim and finally Cannon. After successfully defeating the two and thrusting the wooden Blasphemy into Cannon's head, the true Blasphemy is created in a burst of fire and light. Following this is a final scene where the Bullet is seen resting on a wood stump in some meadow-like area while various Gungeon enemies are seen cheerfully playing about.

Defeating the Bullet's past will unlock the Chicken Flute.

Exit the Gungeon[ | ]

Alongside the other gungeoneers, the Bullet must fight to escape the now collapsing Gungeon. At the end of the game, instead of embarking onto the Sword and fleeing with the other Gungeoneers, the Bullet chooses to stay, and watches the other Gungeoneers escape, as well as watching the Gungeon continuing to collapse.

Strategy[ | ]

The Bullet is unique in the sense that they turn the Gungeon's rules upside down; their starter "gun", Blasphemy, completely locks them in melee combat and cleaves bullets with every slice, while their passive item Live Ammo grants the user complete immunity to contact damage while making dodge rolls an alternative attack. The Bullet is fully capable of going through the Gungeon with just their starting weapon, playing the game as a "hack-and slash" and getting close to enemies to slash them with impunity due to its upsides; many challenging bosses can become rather trivial because of this. Coupled with Live Ammo, the Bullet is one of the characters who have the easiest times earning a Master Round regardless of the run's chest contents or drops, making them an excellent choice for shortcut quests or unlocking the Super Hot Watch.

The Bullet's drawbacks are as notable as their perks: although Blasphemy clears bullets with every swing, it will only fire a piercing sword projectile when the Bullet has full health. Once the Bullet loses even one heart piece, they lose their only ranged attack and becomes limited to point-blank combat. Although clearing rooms in this manner is still possible due to Blasphemy's bullet-clearing effect, its damage is cut in half while its range becomes pitiful. Swinging the sword will also cause the Bullet to lunge forward slightly, so it isn't wise to carelessly swing around pits as you may accidentally lunge into one, chopping off some health. As a result, players will have to top off the Bullet's health as often as possible, or simply hoard armor to take advantage of Blasphemy's significant upsides. Additionally, Blasphemy's damage output drops the more floors the player completes (due to enemies and bosses gaining increased health), making the weapon more time-consuming and less effective as the run progresses.

While Blasphemy is an impressive weapon, the Bullet's passive upsides do not offer much in comparison to the other Gungeoneers; they do not gain any form of universal gun improvement or ways to increase their ability to gain loot. However, Live Ammo makes contact-focused enemies completely harmless throughout a run, with Spent, cube enemies like the Mountain Cube, and most versions of Blobulon essentially becoming Rubber Kin. This also allows shotgun-type weapons to be used at close range without careless contact damage.

Overall, the Bullet offers a non-traditional way to play through the Gungeon. Mastery of Blasphemy can easily allow the player to snowball through a run by collecting armor and keeping health maxed, and beat bullet-spam bosses more easily compared to other Gungeoneers. However, their upsides are largely based around their starter gun, making them less suited for players that focus on the Gungeon's wide array of firearms.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Nicknames that NPCs refer to the Bullet as include:
    • Slug
    • Ammo
    • Round
    • Shell
    • Little guy
    • Betrayer
  • The Bullet's past and alternate costume are references to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
    • The alternate costume is a reference to how Link turns into a rabbit if he goes into the Dark World without the Moon Pearl. The fact that a mirror is used to switch to this costume may also reference that Rabbit Link can only use one item in the Dark World, that being the Mirror.
  • The Bullet's past is the only past which has more than one boss.
  • The Bullet cannot access the Hall of Knowledge because it is boarded off.
  • When the Bullet dodge-rolls, the movement is similar to when a real bullet "tumbles".
  • The Bullet is the only character story-wise that doesn't have a need to kill their past. Since they already have the true Blasphemy at the start of the game, it can be inferred that they have originally killed Cannon in the past, unless it was awakened by some other means.
    • Interestingly, the physical Ammonomicon features a doodle of Cannon and the Lich dueling, possibly implying the Bullet failed to defeat him and the Lich had to step in to stop Cannon himself.
  • The Bullet is immune to Blobulons, Spents, Tazies, and other contact damage-utilizing enemies due to Live Ammo.
  • The Bullet deals 1 less damage with the Flame Hand than other characters, implying they have a lower intelligence modifier, and therefore lower intelligence.
  • The Cultist will also get a wooden Blasphemy in The Bullet's past.
  • In the final scene, a Coaler is holding the Really Special Lute (a gun added in A Farewell To Arms), despite The Bullet's past being added in Supply Drop.
  • The Bullet appears as an alternate skin for the playable Bullet Kin in the 2D platform brawler game Indie Pogo.
  • The Bullet's alternate costume causes them to hop instead of their normal walk animation.
  • The Bullet is the only character with more than one alternate skin.
  • The Shotgun Kin alternate skin was present in the files since the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update but was only implemented when the physical edition was released.
  • During character selection, selecting a character will cause their portrait to rotate, showing a bullet icon on the other side. The Bullet instead has a generic human silhouette on the other side of their portrait.
  • If The Bullet's past is completed with their Shotgun Kin Alternate Skin, they will unlock both their Alternate Rabbit Skin and their Alternate Weapon Skin.
  • While in flight using items, such as Wax Wings or Jetpack, their cape changes shape to reflect this.
  • Spinning your cursor around The Bullet quickly while moving will make The Bullet appear to be levitating, due to turning resetting the moving animation, which begins with The Bullet off the ground.
  • If you beat the high dragun with remaining armor, it will transfer to the past battle, making it potentially the easiest of all the characters.

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