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On the D20 shrine, I received the "Unsteady" buff/debuff. I have not noticed a change in my accuracy, however I did notice a change in my reload speed. At least on my marine sidearm I can reload my weapon within one dodge roll with a few milliseconds to spare. Before it takes a little over one dodge roll to reload.

I don't know if it's relevant, but I was holding the marine sidearm when I rolled the bones with the shrine.

Hope this helps. Maybe other players can determine the Unsteady buff/debuff on this same discussion?

I got a screenshot of the Dice shrine exploding. Enjoy.


Challenge Shrine[]

It seems that if you fight enemies in a room with a Challenge shrine, an unlocked chest can spawn when the room is cleared. Used Lament Configurum in the shrine room, after clearing the waves from the shrine, and a second green chest spawned. When I did it a second time, Lament Configurum dropped an item, and no chest spawned.