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Companion drop rng[]

This is pure speculation, but I had two runs now in which after picking up the Battle Standard, I got several companions shortly after. This might have just been lucky RNG on my side, but I'd speculate that the Standard increases drop chance of companions, just like having Sir Junken increases the drop rate for Junk. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Today I also came across the same coincidence. I bought the Battle Standard on first floor shop, and here is my results after getting the clone on the 3rd floor, dying, now in the 2nd run oubliette. KHvmzb3.jpg

With blank companion ring[]

Sharing my results. Just tested with blank companion ring and scouter equipped. Shows blank damage is normal at 10 damage. With battle standard added it still shows 10 damage.


--Niyok (talk) 02:04, 20 June 2020 (UTC)