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Super Hot Watch
Super Hot Watch.png
Type: Passive
Quality: 1S Quality Item.png
Sell Creep Price: 54 Money.png
Unlock Method: Collect five Master Rounds in one run.
Ammonomicon Entry
Time moves as you do.

This watch is extremely hot to the touch.

Super Hot Watch is a passive item.


  • Slows down time to 1/60 as long as the player is not moving. Essentially, 1 second normally becomes 1 minute when not moving.


  • While stationary, player actions will also be slowed down.
  • As with other time slowing effects, this allows the player to fire far more quickly relative to the speed enemies act at.
  • Dodging counts as moving and thus moves time forward. If you need to take cover from enemy fire, you can dodge into the cover so that time progresses forward.
  • The five Master Rounds don't need to be different to unlock the Super Hot Watch. If a run is restarted using Clone, the redundant Master Rounds will count towards unlocking the item.
  • Giving a Master Round to the Tinker will still count that round towards unlocking the item.
    • The same will apply if a Master Round is given to the Sell Creep.
  • The Super Hot Watch can be more easily unlocked in Boss Rush, as there are 3 chances to acquire each Master Round (excluding the 5th).
  • If the player is sitting in a minecart, time will pass normally regardless of the player's movements, unless the player opens their map.
  • Speedrun Mode's timer isn't affected by the item's effects.
  • If the player enters gun switching mode, time moves slightly faster than it would if they were not moving.
  • If you shoot Big Shotgun while immobile and use CTRL to rapidly switch between it and another weapon, you can fire Big Shotgun without expending ammo.
  • The Shield of the Maiden is very ineffective with this accessory as you are immobile whilst using the Shield.
  • The effect of the Super Hot Watch stacks with itself, meaning 2 watches will slow time down to 1/3600, or 1 hour for 1 second.


  • UnusedSynergy.png Unused: - If the player has The Fat Line, it causes an unknown effect.
  • This item is a reference to the game SUPERHOT, which constructs its entire gameplay around the same ability.
    • The flavor text "Suuuuuuper" is a reference to SUPERHOT, where whenever a level is beaten a voice chants "Suuuuuuper Hot" on loop.


  • Slowing time while using the Laser Rifle will cause the projectiles to disappear after crossing much less distance than normal, often even before reaching the intended target.

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