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Super Hot Watch
Super Hot Watch
Type: Passive
Quality: 1S Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 54 Money
Unlock Method: Collect five Master Rounds in one run.
Ammonomicon Entry
Time moves as you do.

This watch is extremely hot to the touch.

Super Hot Watch is a passive item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Slows down time to 1/60 as long as the player is not moving. Essentially, 1 second normally becomes 1 minute when not moving.

Notes[ | ]

  • While stationary, player actions will also be slowed down.
  • As with other time slowing effects, this allows the player to fire far more quickly relative to the speed enemies act at.
  • Dodging counts as moving and thus moves time forward. If you need to take cover from enemy fire, you can dodge into the cover so that time progresses forward.
  • The five Master Rounds don't need to be different to unlock the Super Hot Watch. If a run is restarted using Clone, the redundant Master Rounds will count towards unlocking the item.
  • Giving a Master Round to the Tinker will still count that round towards unlocking the item.
    • The same will apply if a Master Round is given to the Sell Creep.
  • The Super Hot Watch can be more easily unlocked in Boss Rush, as there are 3 chances to acquire each Master Round (excluding the 5th).
  • If the player is sitting in a minecart, time will pass normally regardless of the player's movements, unless the player opens their map.
  • Speedrun Mode's timer isn't affected by the item's effects.
  • If the player enters gun switching mode, time moves slightly faster than it would if they were not moving.
  • If you shoot Big Shotgun while immobile and use CTRL to rapidly switch between it and another weapon, you can fire Big Shotgun without expending ammo.
  • The Shield of the Maiden is very ineffective with this accessory as you are immobile whilst using the Shield.
  • The Tear Jerker has extreme negative synergy with this item, as standing still is often the only safe way to control your shots. Moving back and forth in short distances can help alleviate this, though this may be dispreferred or not plausible without taking damage in scenarios with many bullets on screen.
  • The effect of the Super Hot Watch stacks with itself, meaning 2 watches will slow time down to 1/3600, or 1 hour for 1 second.
  • This item synergizes extremely well with Remote Bullets, allowing the user to perfectly curve their shots given enough skill, which also has the upside of being extremely fun.

Trivia[ | ]

  • UnusedSynergy Unused: - If the player has The Fat Line, it causes an unknown effect.
  • This item is a reference to the game SUPERHOT, which constructs its entire gameplay around the same ability.
    • The flavor text "Suuuuuuper" is a reference to SUPERHOT, where whenever a level is beaten a voice chants "Suuuuuuper Hot" on loop.

Bugs[ | ]

  • Slowing time while using the Laser Rifle will cause the projectiles to disappear after crossing much less distance than normal, often even before reaching the intended target.
  • Selling multiple items to the Sell Creep while time is slowed will only properly sell the first item dropped, with any other items simply staying on the ground and being unable to be picked up again. This can be avoided by unslowing time between each sell.

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