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Spiked Boots
Type: Passive
Unlock Method: Deliver the Gungear Pocket to the Old Man
Ammonomicon Entry
Bonk Power Activate
Grants legendary bonk power to the wearer.

Ancient Gunymede warriors were granted these impossibly powerful boots as a reward for great feats of courage. The few that remain in existence are jealously guarded and passed down generation to generation. Each pair was crafted by a master artisan to perfectly fit the intended wearer's feet, but you can probably wriggle into them.

Spiked Boots is an item in Exit the Gungeon.

Effects[ | ]

  • Falling onto an enemy will cause the player to bounce off, taking no contact damage and dealing a small amount of damage to the enemy.

Notes[ | ]

  • Spiked Boots is one of the few items in Exit the Gungeon that does not exist in the game's predecessor, Enter the Gungeon.