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Muzzle Wisp (Exit the Gungeon)

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<small>For the Enter the Gungeon Enemy see [[Muzzle Wisp]].</small>
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| name = Muzzle Wisp
| overridename =
| overrideimage = XtG Muzzle Wisp.png
| size =
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| health =
| quote = Fast Flash
| desc = When the largest of guns are fired, the brilliant muzzle flash calls these Wisps into existence.
The Order's scriptures claim that the star Gunymede orbits is itself one such Wisp, spawned when the great Bullet was fired from the heavens.
Muzzle wisps are fiery [[Cult of the Gundead (Exit the Gungeon)|enemies]] in [[Exit the Gungeon]].
They float in the air, moving via darting quickly back and forth three times, before releasing a ring of bulletbullets around themselves.
=== Notes ===