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The Sorceress is an NPC that can be rescued from a cell in the Gungeon. After being rescued, she will move up to The Breach, where she will offer the player a blessing for 6 Hegemony Credit.png.

The blessing lasts for the duration of the player's next run, and causes the player's gun to periodically change to a different random gun every time a random enemy is killed. Every character's starting gun is also affected. Picking up a new gun causes the gun to switch to a random gun, regardless of what weapon was picked up. Other guns cannot be put into the inventory during the run, leaving the player with only one gun that will be constantly changing. Active and passive items are not affected.

No Hegemony Credit.png will appear during a blessed run.

Achievements and unlocks can be earned during a blessed run.

Completing a blessed run will unlock the Gun Game achievement and Gunther.