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The Sorceress is an NPC that can be rescued from a cell in the Gungeon after the High Dragun has been defeated at least once. After being rescued, she will move up to The Breach, where she will offer the player a blessing for 6 Hegemony Credit.

The blessing lasts for the duration of the player's next run, and causes the player's gun to periodically change to a different random gun after dealing 200 damage, killing 5 enemies, running out of ammo, or spending 20 seconds in combat. Every character's starting gun is also affected. Picking up a new gun causes the gun to switch to a random gun, regardless of what weapon was picked up. Other guns cannot be put into the inventory during the run, leaving the player with only one gun that will be constantly changing. Active and passive items are not affected.

No Hegemony Credit will drop from bosses during a blessed run. No shops will sell guns, they will instead be replaced with a placard with 🚫 on it. Achievements and unlocks can be earned during a blessed run.

Completing a blessed run will unlock the Gun Game achievement and Gunther, as well as a trophy shaped like the Sorceress's hat in the room where she and the other run modifying characters reside in the Breach, located above her.

Notes[ | ]

  • Using Quick Restart to restart a run removes the blessing if the player cannot afford another blessing.
  • If the player enters the Halls of Knowledge with a blessing, they will not have a gun at all.
  • Any gun that is obtained through the held gun changing will not be added to the Ammonomicon. However, a gun that is picked up during a blessed run will be added, even though it immediately changes to something else.
  • During a blessed run, the Dueling Laser does not recharge like an active item. Instead it automatically reloads in around 7 seconds.
  • Shortcuts are blocked off during a blessed run.
  • Munchers and Evil Munchers cannot be fed guns during a blessed run.
  • Guns can be given to the Peace shrine, refreshing your gun and healing you 1 full heart. This can be very powerful, as it allows easy gun refreshing and infinite health for the floor.
  • Guns can be given to the Beholster shrine as in a normal run, the player will immediately be given a new gun.
    • Although it takes a lot of time, guns can be fired until they run out of ammo to change the gun until one of the six guns is acquired, but getting Casey or Gunther will ruin this trick.
  • Having your gun change via the blessing does not cancel the effect of the Metronome.
  • Beam weapons tend to switch to another random gun extremely quickly compared to other guns, sometimes within the span of a few seconds of firing.
    • If a gun deals less than 3 damage in a single hit, it counts as 3 damage towards the 200 necessary to switch; therefore, each tick of a beam weapon counts as 3 damage, requiring only 67 ticks to switch guns.
  • Weapons received from NPCs, such as The Lost Adventurer, will not be randomized. This includes the Prize Pistol.
  • The AKEY-47 will still unlock chests and locks.
  • The effect of the blessing will not carry over into a Gungeoneer's past.
  • Damage dealt by the genie summoned with the Magic Lamp does not count towards the next gun.
  • If the player does not have enough Hegemony Credits to afford the blessing, the Sorceress will wave the player away, and her guards will assume a fighting stance.

Trivia[ | ]

  • In a blessed run, after defeating the final phase of the Lich, as the player prepares to shoot the Lich with the Gun That Can Kill The Past, the gun the player's Gungeoneer holds will occasionally change at random intervals as though it is being used despite the player not actually using their held gun.