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For the enemy in Enter the Gungeon, see Sniper Shell.

Sniper Shell
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Ammonomicon Entry

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Take The Shot
The sharp-eyed Sniper Shells are easy to deal with on their own, but can pose quite a threat when providing backup to other Gundead.

Adventurers who have encountered them are divided as to whether Gundead grow to resemble their weapons of choice, or if they are born with an affinity for a certain type of gun.

Sniper Shells are an enemy in Exit the Gungeon. They walk back and forth, training a red laser sight upon the player. Periodically, they will lock their aim and fire a high velocity bullet along their laser sight. The sight flashes white to telegraph that this is about to occur.

Sniper Shells wield Sniper Rifles.


  • The sprite-sheet of the Sniper Shell contains a hidden Easter-egg; text reading 'dave rules'.

XtG Sniper Shell Spritesheet.png

The spritesheet for the Sniper Shell, with the 'dave rules' Easter-egg visible in the bottom middle of the image.

Dragun Spawned Snipers[]

As a part of The Last Dragun's sniper rifle attack, it spawns two special immobilized Snipers on either side of the boss platform. Other than their immobility, and method of spawning, they behave the same as regular Sniper Shells, and share a diginomicon entry.

XtG Sniper Shell Dragun Spawned.png