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Snails is an NPC in Exit the Gungeon. He is a large sapient yellow snail with two red shells who appears in the Underbreach after being freed from a cell in the Gungeon using a Rat Key. In the Underbreach, he operates a shop-keep machine from which he allows the player to buy different alt skins for the different Gungeoneers in exchange for Hegemony Credit.

Snails came to the Gungeon alongside Tonic the Sledge-Dog. However, thanks to Snails' slow speed, by the time he reached the bottom of the Gungeon Tonic was already long gone in response to the Gungeon beginning to collapse.

If the following conditions are met, then Snails will turn into a hat the next time the Underbreach is entered;

  • Snails has been freed and is in the Underbreach
  • The Underbreach has been loaded at least 15 times since Snails arrived
  • Snails has been spoken to at least 3 times
  • At least 1 Skin has been purchased from Snails
  • At least 5 hats have been obtained from Hattori

It is implied that Snails has been turned into a living hat (or 'Wear-Hat') by Hattori, as part of Hattori's plans to take over the Gungeon by converting each of its denizens into wear-hats like himself. After this transformation, Snails' demeanor changes to be much more hat-focused, with hats appearing in much of his dialogue thereon out.

Shop[ | ]

For a list of all Skins and their prices in Hegemony Credit, see; Skins

Dialogue[ | ]

Snails' dialogue moves scrolls much slower than that of any other NPC in Exit the Gungeon, mimicking his slow speed.

In the Underbreach
Speaking for a second time (Snails is Hat):
  • Hat?

Outfit Comments[ | ]

Snails will comment on the Gungeoneer's various skins and outfits when spoken to, with a line of unique dialogue for every single outfit in the game. In addition, he has various lines of more general dialogue commenting on whether the current skin is default, whether it's one of the original alt skins from Enter the Gungeon, or if it's one of the new alt skins added in Exit the Gungeon.

Outfit Comment

Default Skin

  • That outfit looks like you've been wearing it for at least five years.
  • Classic look. I can dig it.
  • Your style is... wack, Cop a new look.

Original Alt Skin

  • Goin' old school!
  • Love that old timey look.
  • The classic choice for an Accomplished Gungeoneer. Solid.

New Alt Skin

  • Fresh! Exciting!
  • So hot right now.
  • Oh, that's new style. Lookin' fresh!
Pilot Classic vest.
Rogue Dude! Sick holo-shades!
Wingman Yo Z! Nice to see you again.
Marine If I could see color I'd say blue rules.
Knight This is such a classic look for you.
Void Core I see you've been promoted to Void Core. Congratulations!
Hunter I love your cape!
Beastmaster Quite the hunter aren't you?
Old Blood Dressed to transcend the hunt are we?
Convict Orange you glad I like your outfit?
Jailbird Mad to the max girl.
Last Human It's lonely at the top isn't it?
Bullet I like how your cape makes it easy to tell that you aren't an enemy.
Rabbit Oh you're from the other universe right?
Adventurer Green suits you!
Robot Do you get good reception on that thing?
Termbot I've given you my clothes and my boots, but I don't have a motorcycle!
Steambot You're really steaming in that new suit!
Cultist What's under that purple robe?
Apple You've been working on your core I see.
Cooltist ...whoa. Toughened up finally?

Trivia[ | ]

  • Just like how Tonic the Sledge-Dog is a reference to Sonic the Hedgehog, Snails the Two-Shelled Snail is a reference to Tails the Two-Tailed Fox from the Sonic Franchise.
    • Snails serves a similar role to Tonic as Tails does to Sonic; Sidekick.
  • Snails is one of the few NPCs in Exit the Gungeon that was not present in the game's predecessor Enter the Gungeon.