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Sixth Chamber
Sixth Chamber
Type: Passive
Quality: A Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money
Unlock Method: Defeat a Jammed Boss.
Ammonomicon Entry
Blessing Of The God,Kaliber
Feeds upon curse.

One of three artifacts that led to the creation of the Jammed. As their curses grow louder, Kaliber smiles upon the bearer of this portentous omen.

Not to be confused with Bullet Hell, the secret 6th chamber.

Sixth Chamber is a passive item.

Effects[ | ]

  • Coolness increases as curse increases.
    • Coolness decreases the cooldown of active items and increases the chance of items dropping upon clearing a room.*
    • 2 points of coolness are granted per point of curse.
  • Prevents the usual curse penalty towards getting a room clearing reward.
  • Increases curse by 2.
    • Due to the nature of the item, effectively gives 4 coolness.

* See "Bugs".

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Hellhole - If the player has Singularity, Singularity spawns a hell portal that sucks enemies in and deals high damage.
  • Synergy Just Like The Real Thing - If the player also has Shotgrub, Shotgrub's bullets will behave like those of the Shotgrub enemy, splitting into wavy bullets upon hitting a wall or enemy.
  • Synergy Pitch Perfect - If the player has Pitchfork, the Pitchfork fires green fireballs that set enemies permanently aflame.
  • It is sufficient to kill just one jammed Trigger Twin in order to unlock the item. Killing minibosses, such as Fuselier, while they're jammed, will also unlock the item.
  • Outside of room clear rewards, this item does not negate the other effects of curse. Jammed enemies will spawn at the rate of your current curse, mimic chances will be increased, and so forth.

Bugs[ | ]

  • The coolness that Sixth Chamber provides does not work as intended: it affects the cooldown of active items and chances of getting a room clear reward, and provides none of the other benefits that it usually does.
    • Despite this, the code that governs the room chest drop rate has an exception for if the player has Sixth Chamber equipped, and if they do, the new formula for room drop rates becomes (1+[coolness]+ 2x[curse])%, which causes drop rates to increase with curse similarly to how they should if the coolness functioned correctly.

Trivia[ | ]

  • UnusedSynergy Unused: Blastin’ Heck - If the player has Heck Blaster, it causes an unknown effect.
  • The appearance of the item is a reference to the number 666, identified as "the number of the beast" in the Book of Revelations of the Christian Bible and widely associated with evil and the devil.
  • The item is also a reference to the sixth chamber within the game, Bullet Hell.
  • Defeating the Paradox Lich from the Gunslinger's past counts as a Jammed boss for the purpose of unlocking this item.
  • If you defeat the Advanced Dragun that isn't jammed but the first stage of the Dragun is jammed, you will not unlock this item.
  • This item has a chance to be sold by Cursula, as buying her stuff increases curse.

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