Shotgun Kin (Exit the Gungeon)

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For the Enter the Gungeon enemies, see Shotgun Kin.

Shotgun Kin are early enemies in Exit the Gungeon.

There is currently only one variety of Shotgun Kin in Exit the Gungeon, but there are as of yet unimplimented sprites for an XtG Executioner, implying that it may be added in a future update.

Red Shotgun Kin[edit | edit source]

Red Shotgun Kin
XtG Red Shotgun Kin.png
Location: Forge, Hollow
Ammonomicon Entry


Red, Dead.
Shells of the Red Kin are the beefiest and most durable of the Shotgundead.

In Bullet society, Shotgun Kin often serve as enforcers to their smaller brethren.

Red Shotgun Kin are an enemy that appears quite early in Exit the Gungeon. Stronger than their Bullet Kin cousins, but still no match for a competent gungeoneer. However, under the right circumstances their shotgun blasts can leave an unlucky Gungeoneer with nowhere to run.

Red Shotgun Kin walk back and forth, periodically shooting neat shotgun spreads of bullets at the player.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike their Enter the Gungeon counterparts, Red Shotgun Kin in Exit the Gungeon do not burst into bullets upon death.

Jetpack Variant[edit | edit source]

Red Shotgun Kin have a Jetpack Variant, which is functionally identical in the way it attacks, but has the added ability of flight.

XtG Jetpack Red Shotgun Kin.png

Other Shotgun Kin[edit | edit source]

There are currently unused sprites for an Exit the Gungeon version of the Executioner, that may be added in a future content update.

XtG Executioner.png