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Shotgun Full of Love
Shotgun Full of Love.png
Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 8
Max Ammo: 120
Reload Time: 1.2s
DPS: 51.1
Damage: 5x6 (30)
Fire Rate: 0.50
Shot Speed: 23
Range: 60
Force: 30
Spread: 14
Class: CHARM
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Kill With Kindness
Deals damage and potentially charms enemies.

The preferred weapon of Hespera, the Pride of Venus, a beloved Gungeoneer.

Shotgun Full of Love is a gun that fires a spread of 6 projectiles (two pink bullets, an exploding star, a candy, and two teddy bears) which have a chance to charm enemies.


  • Synergy.png Love/Hate - If the player also has Shotgun Full of Hate, the guns are dual-wielded.
  • Synergy.png Unbelievably Charming - If the player has Charming Rounds or Pink Guon Stone, the player is followed by a fairy that blocks bullets and displays the contents of chests when the gun is held.
    • If the player has Charming Rounds, all Shotgun Full of Love shots are guaranteed to charm enemies.
  • Despite firing like a shotgun, the Shotgun Full of Love is not in the SHOTGUN gun class, and as such does not benefit from the Synergy.png Shotgun Affinity synergy.
  • The Shotgun Full of Love being in the CHARM gun class makes it inherently more common than it's counterpart, the Shotgun Full of Hate, which exists in the SHOTGUN class.
    • This is due to the CHARM class being a less common class, meaning fewer guns exist where possessing them will make the Shotgun Full of Love less common.
  • The 2 teddy bears will bounce off a wall once. The other 4 projectiles disappear when hitting anything.

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