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Shortcuts allow the player to start a run on a later floor.

After talking to him in the Breach, Tailor the Tinker will begin to appear in elevator shafts. In order to talk to the Tinker, the player has to step away from the elevator (first room of any floor) until it disappears and then drop down the hole.

After completing a series of quests for Tailor, the elevator room in The Breach will grant direct access to the corresponding floor. Talking to Tailor in The Breach after completing a new shortcut will unlock a new gun or item.

List of Shortcuts[ | ]

All materials except Hegemony Credit can be given to Tailor before he asks for them, and the materials can be given over multiple runs. The corresponding item and gun unlocks are obtained by speaking to Tailor in the elevator room of The Breach after completing the shortcut.

Completing all Shortcut Quests unlocks the Boss Rush elevator, which is accessed through the same mechanism as the Shortcuts, but provides access to a unique challenge zone.

Elevator Floor Floor Materials Unlock
Elevatorfloor 2
Gungeon Proper Gunboots
Elevatorfloor 3
Black Powder Mine R2G2
Elevatorfloor 4
Hollow Gungine
Elevatorfloor 5
Forge AKEY-47
Boss Rush
Elevatorfloor bossrush
Boss Rush Unlocked by completing all elevator quests. N/A

Rat Merchant[ | ]

Resourceful Rat Shopkeeper

If a shortcut is taken, a unique NPC will appear in the elevator entrance room of the floor the player took the shortcut to. The Resourceful Rat appears, wearing a poorly made mask resembling Bello, the main shopkeeper NPC. He will present the player with a selection of three free guns, and allow the player to take a number of them to compensate for the loot skipped by taking a shortcut.

All guns will be of the same quality, and the quantity which are allowed to be taken depends on the floor.

Floor Quality Quantity
Gungeon Proper D Quality Item The player may choose 1 gun.
Black Powder Mine C Quality Item The player may choose 1 gun.
Hollow B Quality Item The player may choose 2 guns.
Forge B Quality Item The player may take all 3 guns.

Notes[ | ]

  • The Rat will offer the same selection of items until a boss on the floor skipped to is defeated.

Notes[ | ]

  • When using The Robot, if the player has exactly 6 armor pieces and offers them to The Tinker in the Black Powder Mine, The Tinker will only take 5, leaving the player with 1 armor piece.
  • Going for shortcuts on a Rainbow Run can make the process easier since keys are never used to open chests, and the only things to spend money on are low cost consumables.
  • In Co-Op, The Cultist can't be used to fulfill the "6 filled heart container" requirement in the Forge as the Tinker will refuse to talk to them.
  • It is possible to repair multiple elevators in the same run.
  • Lies and Ser Junkan do not count towards the 4 junk needed to repair the fourth elevator.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Tailor's name is not revealed in Enter the Gungeon, but has been a long-running community name for the character, and was officially made canon with the release of Exit the Gungeon.
  • Tailor is referred to internally as 'Elevator Sherpa'.

Cut Content[ | ]

Previous Ingredient Requirements[ | ]

The first delivery quest for unlocking each floor elevator at some point in development required the player to bring Tailor a specific item or one of a list of specific items.

  • Unlocking the Hollow elevator originally required the player to bring Tailor the Escape Rope.
  • Unlocking the Forge elevator originally required the player to bring Tailor the Wax Wings or the Jetpack.

Dialogue for those two requirements still exists. In addition, Tailor's NPC code has two additional requirements programmed which are never used.

  • SOMETHING_EXPLOSIVE which required the player to bring Tailor any Gun which fired explosive projectiles, or any active item which dropped an explosive such as the Bomb.
    • The way SOMETHING_EXPLOSIVE is programmed would not have caused Tailor to accept Explosive Rounds.
  • SOMETHING_GOOPY which required the player to bring Tailor any gun whose projectiles created goop, any active item which spawned goop (such as the Poison Vial), or any passive item which created goop around the player (such as the Bug Boots).

Super Boss Rush[ | ]

At some point in the game's development, defeating the Oubliette, Abbey of the True Gun, The Resourceful Rat, Bullet Hell, regular Boss Rush, and the unused Shopkeeper Boss would unlock an additional bossrush-like elevator in Tailor's rotation called Super Boss Rush. Super Boss Rush would take the player through all secret floors and bosses in addition to the regular bossrush path, but it remained unfinished.

Gallery[ | ]