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Shops are rooms with Non Playable Characters who sell items, and come in a variety of forms. Some shops can be indicated before entering due to the presence of a purple lantern by the door.

Bello[ | ]


Bello runs the main shop, which appears on every floor except the Forge (where the Blacksmith runs a different shop), Resourceful Rat's Lair, R&G Dept., and Bullet Hell. Every shop has 3 random pickups for sale, usually along with several items, guns, or additional pickups. The shop may also have a table selling blanks, Glass Guon Stones, or a Map. The chances of getting each item are:

Glass Guon Stone
Glass Guon Stone
40.82% 8.16% 2.04% 48.98%

Notes[ | ]

  • Shops have a chance to spawn another vendor NPC, Muncher, Vampire, or the Sell Creep.
  • Shops sell guns and items of all qualities.
  • Shops will always sell at least one key per floor.
  • If the Prime Primer has not been delivered to the Blacksmith in the Forge yet, the shop in the Gungeon Proper will always have a separate display case that sells it for 110 casings.
    • If the player has eaten Spice, additional Spice may spawn in the shop in its own display case.
  • Repeatedly firing any weapon within his shop will cause Bello to first give the player a warning, then double prices, and finally become enraged and fire at the player. Afterwards, all of his shops will no longer have anything for sale.
    • If the player is killed by Bello, the death screen will say the player was killed by justice. If the player survives, they will be teleported to another room.
    • If the player manages to exit the floor before Bello closes his shop, on the next floor and so on the shop will be still open and Bello will behave like nothing happened. This is probably due to the fact that the game considers Bello becoming enraged and him closing the shop two distinct actions, and changing floor causes the sequence to interrupt and reset. He will become enraged again if the player repeatedly fires in the shop after the fact.
      • This counts for the items too, as their prices will be reset to normal.
    • Several items and guns, including Gunboots and Cat Bullet King Throne, do not anger Bello.
  • The Payday 2 items (Clown Mask, Drill, and Loot Bag) have special shop spawning conditions if they have not been unlocked.
    • Before they are unlocked, they have a 5% chance to replace an item in the shop, or a 100% chance if the Biggest Wallet achievement has been unlocked. They will appear to cost 9999 Money.
    • They can be obtained by either stealing them or forcing Bello to close his shop. Obtaining them will unlock them, which will make them spawn like regular items.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Bello's cat's name is Ocelot. Bello states that Ocelot followed him into the Gungeon because she has her own demons to battle.
  • Bello states he hasn't been able to figure out how to read a map, and that's why he runs the shop.

Prices[ | ]

Shop prices depend on the quality of the item:

  • 1S Quality Item items cost 120 Money
  • A Quality Item items cost 90 Money
  • B Quality Item items cost 65 Money
  • C Quality Item items cost 45 Money
  • D Quality Item items cost 35 Money
  • Ammo and Heart cost 30 Money
  • Armor and Key cost 25 Money
  • Blank and Half Heart cost 20 Money
  • Glass Guon Stones cost 10 Money

The exception to this is Table Tech Money, which costs 50 Money.

The Clown Mask, Drill, and Loot Bag will cost 9999 Money until they are unlocked either by stealing them or shooting in the shop until it's closed. This will unlock them for a normal price on future runs.

Shop prices increase as the player progresses further into the Gungeon, and each floor has a price multiplier:

There are three vendors with price discounts:

Additionally, vendors found in Black Markets will have a x0.5 discount.

Certain items and guns also provide shop discounts:

Blacksmith[ | ]


The Blacksmith runs the shop in the Forge. Her shop always has three pickups and three items or guns for sale.

In order to assemble the Bullet That Can Kill The Past, four items must be given to the Blacksmith:

These four items do not need to all be turned in at the same time, and can be turned in over multiple runs. Once all four items have been turned in, she will give the player the bullet. On all future runs, she will give the player the bullet when talked to.

The Cultist cannot turn in items to the Blacksmith.

The Blacksmith will talk to The Paradox, but she will not give them The Bullet That Can Kill The Past.

Taking the Busted Television to the Blacksmith unlocks The Robot. Similarly, bringing her the Ruby Bracelet will result in it being permanently upgraded.

The Blacksmith may have a replacement arm for Ox, located to the left of her after defeating the High Dragun once. The Arm is needed for the Re-Armed Achievement and unlocks the Clone passive item. To get the replacement arm back up to Ox, you must find his arm and a balloon attached to an enemy on each floor starting from the Forge up until after the Keep of the Lead Lord. Afterwards, the arm will be placed outside of Ox and Cadence's shop door.

Unlike Bello, the Blacksmith may sell certain A Quality Item or 1S Quality Item quality guns and items, e.g. Broccoli.

Upon talking to her after upgrading the ruby bracelet, giving her any items you can, or collecting the Bullet That Can Kill The Past, she will talk to you about hers and her sisters' own past with a certain Gun Wizard and how they ended up living in the Gungeon.

Sell Creep[ | ]


The Sell Creep has a chance to appear in any normal shop. If items or guns are dropped on the grate, the Sell Creep will take them and give Money in return. The amount of Money given in exchange is approximately 45% of the base cost of the item.

Active Items can be dropped by holding G or up on the D-pad, and guns by holding F or down on the D-pad. Passive Items like Junk can be dropped using the map interface.

The Sell Creep always appears in a special room in the Hollow if the player has at least 1 Master Round. Giving him a Master Round, along with 2 other guns or items, will open the entrance to the R&G Dept. It should be noted that doing so will stop him from paying you for any further items dropped, so if you still need money, it's best to sell whatever items you plan to sell, followed by the Master Round.

The Sell Creep will scowl if The Bullet approaches, but acts no differently. This is because the Sell Creep is actually Agunim, who was defeated by The Bullet in his past and who can be fought in the R&G Dept.

Sell prices depend on the quality of the item:

Other Merchants[ | ]

Various other NPCs that act as vendors can be met.

Old Red[ | ]

Blank Shopkeeper

Starts appearing after being saved from a cell in the Gungeon Proper.

This merchant will sell blanks and blank-related items, such as ammolets and the Elder Blank.

Cursula[ | ]

Curse Shopkeeper

Starts appearing after being saved from a cell in the Gungeon Proper.

This merchant sells various magic items, charming guns, and heart containers with a 50% discount. However, every purchase from this merchant will increase the player's curse by 2.5. Stealing from this merchant will negate the 2.5 curse, and the player will instead be given 1 curse for stealing.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Attacking her may cause her to exclaim "Give in to your hatred," a reference to Darth Sidious from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Professor Goopton[ | ]

Goop Shopkeeper

Starts appearing after being saved from a cell in the Gungeon Proper.

This merchant sells various goop or fluid-related items, such as potions, with a 20% discount.

Upon spending enough money on this merchant, it will move up to The Breach where it will allow players to unlock new weapons. It will still continue to appear in the Gungeon below.

Being in possession of the Sponge allows the player to understand the Professor's speech.

Flynt[ | ]

Key Shopkeeper

A merchant from the race of the lock-adora.

Starts appearing after being saved from a cell in the Gungeon Proper.

This merchant primarily sells chest and key-related items. Unlike other merchants, he takes keys instead of money. Speaking to him, he may explain that he believes that locks disappear (die) when unlocked. Thus he takes your keys to prevent the death of his kind.

Trorc[ | ]

Truck Shopkeeper

This merchant sells a variety of military-themed items with a 20% discount.

Upon spending enough money on this merchant, he will move up to The Breach where he will allow players to unlock new weapons. He will still continue to appear in the Gungeon below.

Resourceful Rat[ | ]

Resourceful Rat Shopkeeper

If the player takes a shortcut to the second chamber onward, the Resourceful Rat will appear in the elevator room and offer the player up to three free guns. He remains a rather nasty fellow, and will disappear (along with any remaining guns) when you leave.

Stealing[ | ]

Items[ | ]

Several items/guns can be used to steal items from shops, which will increase the player's curse by 1 per item. Stealing using an active item is done by using the item while standing in front of (and sometimes aiming at) the shopkeeper. You will typically have a few seconds to attempt to steal after using the item which allowed you to do so. The items and guns which can be used to steal are:

Chances[ | ]

  • Stealing from any NPC will always work the first time (Excluding the grappling hook, which does have a chance to be caught).
  • For the main shopkeeper, the second theft has a 50% chance to succeed, and any further thefts have a 10% chance to succeed. The main shopkeeper remembers the player's stealing attempts between floors, including after respawning with Clone.
    • If the player is caught stealing by the main shopkeeper, the main shop will be closed for the rest of the run.
  • For other merchants, any theft past the first have a 10% chance to succeed. However, these merchants do not remember the player between floors.
    • In the Black Market, each merchant is tracked separately, despite being in the same room.