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Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: B Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 12 (pistol)
20 (beam)
Max Ammo: 300
Reload Time: 1.25s
DPS: 33.1 (Pistol, manual)
24.0 (Pistol, automatic)
13.3 (Beam)
18.4 (both modes)
Damage: 8 (Pistol)
5 (Beam)
Fire Rate: 0.15 (Pistol, manual)
0.25 (Pistol, automatic)
0.25 (Beam, 0.50s charge time)
Shot Speed: 25
Range: 30
Force: 22
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money.png
Unlock Method: Reward from hunting quests.
Ammonomicon Entry
Circle Of Death
The pinnacle of Nuign's investigations into necromantic guns. Forged from a dying Shelleton, this gun reconstitutes itself when reloaded.

Revolvations 22:12
As with all things, the Gun must eventually end; the final Bullet will leave the chamber, and all will be reloaded.

Shellegun is a gun that increases curse by 1. Alternates between a pistol and a continuous beam upon reloading.


  • Synergy.png Dawn of the Gundead - If the player also has Zombie Bullets, the chance for Shellegun ammo to be refunded upon missing is doubled. This does not apply to Shellegun's beam form.
  • Synergy.png Birthright - If the player also has Baby Good Shelleton, whenever this gun is held, the companion alternates between its laser and a wide-angle shot similar to the Shelleton enemy.
  • When in beam mode, the gun has a strong knockback.
  • The gun's sound effects are identical to the Shelleton's sounds.


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