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Ser Manuel

Ser Manual is an NPC in the Underbreach who will introduce the player to the basic mechanics of the Gungeon. He will also serve as your first boss in Exit the Gungeon.

Boss Fight[ | ]

At the end of the tutorial, Ser Manuel will fight the player as a final test, similar to the tutorial's end in Enter the Gungeon.

Behavior[ | ]

Ser Manuel's attacks are very basic and easy to avoid, but still a bit challenging.

  • Fires a ring of 16 bullets outwards.
  • Moves to another floor of the room.
  • Slowly moves towards the player dealing damage upon contact.

Related Unlocks[ | ]

In the tutorial you can unlock three hats:

  • The Trier by playing through the Tutorial.
  • The Rookie by finishing the Tutorial.
  • The Villain by disobeying Ser Manuel in the Tutorial.

Dialogue[ | ]

Initial Meeting[ | ]

  • Oh. Hello again. Shouldn't you be... gone? This place is unstable, you know. See. Unstable.
  • She sent you over here didn't she? *siiiggh*
  • You need a refresher on how to master the Gungeon? From I... SER MANUEL?
    • <Yes>
    • <No (Skip Tutorial)>

Accepting Tutorial[ | ]

  • Oh boy. Here we go. Let's do this thing.
  • Let's adjourn to the Halls of Knowledge!

Tutorial[ | ]

  • Wayward soul! Approach me and press (interact button) to Speak!
  • Very good! Excellent interacting. Welcome to the Halls of Knowledge! (After interacting with Ser Manuel for the first time in the tutorial).
  • Here, don the Hat of the Pupil. Let's begin! (Equips the player with The Trier hat)
  • Lights!
  • Due to the carelessness of regretful souls wantonly firing a weapon that rips through time and space... the Gungeon is crumbling.
  • To reach the exit in time, you must ascend via the Tinker's network of makeshift elevators.
  • I've instructed my assistant to set-dress the Halls of Knowledge to approximate what your environment will be as you race to the top.
  • The first and most important thing to master is the Dodge Roll.
  • Observe my assistant. (The Cultist dressed as a bullet kin will demonstrate the Dodge Roll)
  • To Dodge Roll, press the (dodge button), while moving Left or Right. Try it now.
    • Can't figure it out? That's ok, I'll remind you. (Interacting with Ser Manuel before performing a dodge roll. Is followed by a re-explanation of the technique.)
    • Perfect Dodge Rolling! Now, do it a few more times! (Upon completing a dodge roll)
      • Good.
      • Great.
      • Nice.
      • That's enough.
  • Ready to move on?
    • <Yeah, let's continue>
    • <Actually, let me try one more time> (Allows the player a chance to do a few more dodge rolls but does not unlock unique dialogue)
  • Because your Dodge Rolling skills are so excellent...
  • There is one other thing I would like you to try.
  • Legends tell of an ancient Gungeoneer who ascended when he Dodge Rolled.
  • It is referred to as the... Ascending Dodge Roll.
  • The scriptures say that to perform this fabled technique you must... Press (Dodge Up Button).
    • No, that's a normal Dodge Roll. (Performing a regular Dodge at this point)
  • Yes! (Performing your first Ascending Dodge Roll)
  • Dear Kaliber, the height! (Performing your second Ascending Dodge and standing on the upper platform)
  • You've mounted that precipice!
  • You can also Dodge Roll while you are in the air by pressing (Dodge Button) or (Dodge Up Button) again before you land.
  • You should try it when you get the chance.
  • But how will you get down?
  • Hmm...
  • Try... Dodge Rolling!
    • No, that didn't work... hmm... (Upon performing another roll as instructed)
  • Try... another Ascending Dodge Roll! Perhaps if you go high enough you'll eventually... wrap around and reach me again.
    • Now you're even higher! (Upon performing another ascending roll as instructed)
  • What you really need is some kind of... Descending Dodge Roll.
  • I have an idea! Hold (Down button) and press (Dodge Up Button).
    • Oh, you're still going... (Performing another ascending roll)
    • You should come down now. (Performing yet another ascending roll)
    • Hey, since you went all the way up there. Can you grab that FLYING DISC? (Using ascending rolls to reach the top of the room)
    • Welcome back! (Using Descending Rolls to return from the upper area of the room)
  • Surely I must be the first to have discovered this powerful technique...
  • Excellent! (Returning to Ser Manuel)
  • Now that you are well versed in all three types of Dodge Rolls, we can put them to use.
  • When you Dodge Roll, you are invulnerable until you hit the ground.
  • This means you can Dodge Roll through Bullets. And, in the Gungeon, Bullets will be flying everywhere.
  • On my command, the walls will begin to fire Bullets.
  • To survive, you must time your Dodge Roll so that the Bullets pass you while you are in the air.
  • As long as you are in the air, you are invulnerable.
  • The easiest way to time it is to roll towards the Bullets, not away from them.
  • It can be counterintuitive, I know. I assure you however that this is a battle tested technique.
  • Ready... Go!
    • Oh, you've been hit! Don't worry, the Bullets in the Halls of Knowledge are non-lethal. In the Gungeon however, you can only take a few hits before you're dead. Try again! (Taking damage)
    • Oh boy, you've been hit X times now. (Taking damage)
    • X hits... that's not great. (Taking damage)
    • X Hits. (Taking damage)
    • That's X hits... in the Gungeon, you would now be dead. (Taking your sixth hit or more.)
    • That was a little late. (Taking damage from walking into the bullets.)
    • To early! (Taking damage from rolling into the bullets)
    • Remember, Dodge Roll just before the Bullets would hit you. (Interacting with Ser Manuel)
    • Excellent! (Successful dodge)
    • Do it again! (Successful dodge)
    • One more time! (Successful dodge)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Ser Manuel's name, along with his in-game function, is likely a pun on "User Manual", or an instruction booklet.