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Location: Gungeon Proper
Diginomicon Entry

Diginomicon Sepulchergeist

The Shrining
The spirits that once inhabited the Kill Pillars seek vengeance for their destroyed homes.

They now inhabit the shrouded form of the Challenge Shrine, which has reinvigorated their hatred for Gungeoneers.

The Sepulchergeist is a boss in Exit the Gungeon. It is the Challenge Shrine from Enter the Gungeon having been possessed by the mischievous spirits that once haunted the Kill Pillars.

Behaviors[ | ]

  • Moves to the middle of the elevator, and begins to throw bouncing coin-shaped bullets into the air all around itself. These coins bounce off the elevator walls, but go right through the floor.
  • Disappears temporarily and spawns three inert Challenge Shrines at random places on the elevator. These Challenge Shrines can be killed independently, and will deal contact damage if touched.
  • Dashes at the player three times. After each dash, it will pause and summon six bullets around themselves, which will be launched at the player one by one. Once the bullets are all fired, it will continue with its next dash or attack.
  • Levitates in the middle of the elevator, while tetromino shaped bullets descend from above. These tetrominos accelerate rapidly after descending roughly 1/3rd of the way down the screen.
  • Fires out many rapid fire telegraphed bullets around it.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name 'Sepulchergeist' is a portmanteau of the words 'poltergeist' and 'sepulcher'.
    • A 'sepulcher' is a monument made of stone, typically where someone dead is buried.
  • In an early version of the game, the Sepulchergeist was called the 'Killed Pillar'.
  • The quote 'The Shrining' is in reference to the Stanley Kubrick film; "The Shining".