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Secret room

One of the many possible secret room layouts.

Secret rooms are rooms that are normally hidden. There is typically one secret room in each chamber, though it is possible for a chamber to have no secret room, or multiple secret rooms. Entrances to secret rooms can be opened with blanks, most things that trigger blank effects (such as armor), and certain explosives including the Bomb, Lil' Bomber and the explosion of a fused chest.

Upon shooting a secret room wall using a weapon that does not have infinite ammo, the wall will visibly crack. Entrances to secret rooms are also revealed by the Brick of Cash, the Map, Gungeon Blueprint, and the Synergy Insight synergy. Hearts can be pushed into unopened secret rooms when at full health (this may or may not work with other items).

Contents[ | ]

Secret rooms can contain:

Messages[ | ]

Secret Rooms often contain notes along with chests or pickups:

Blobulonian Army Notes[ | ]

  • First Note
Lord Blobulolus,
The recruits you requested should arrive within the fortnight.
I hope their training is up to your rigorous standards.
To victory,
Fifth Regiment Quartermaster Blorp
  • Second Note
Quartermaster Blorp,
This is most excellent news. Our Lord is most pleased.
Please consider this official notice of your promotion to Sr. Quartermaster of the Second Division.
Adjutant Osgoo
  • Third Note
Dearest Plorp,
My heart subdivides to think of how long it has been since I laid eyes upon you.
I have been promoted, and they're moving me to the front. Know that I love you.
Yours, forever,
  • Fourth Note
Blorp has become a nuisance. When his transfer papers come in, do your best to lose them, eh?

Other Notes[ | ]

  • First Note
My past caught up with me, in the form of bullet wounds.
All that I have I leave to you, Stranger.
Goodbye, cruel Gungeon.
  • Second Note
Well, I'm stuck. This time, I'm dead for sure.
But maybe... I've got a plan. And it's just crazy enough to work!
  • Third Note
This could be a mimic. Anything could be a mimic...
The fear is crippling, the only way not to get mimic'd is to stand with my back in a corner, vigilant.
  • Fourth Note
To whoever is perceptive enough to find this place:
I have left something here for you. Good hunting, adventurer.
  • Fifth Note
The Gundead are closing in. I don't think I'm going to make it.
I don't want to die again. Waking up in the Breach... it's the worst feeling.
  • Sixth Note
I can't do this any more. I'm just going to lay down my arms, here... and die.
  • Seventh Note
    • This note is likely written by Frifle.
Well, I got stuck in another one of these damnable secret rooms.
Just gotta wait for Mauser to get back. Don't know what I'd do in this situation without him around.
  • Eighth Note
    • This note was likely written by Alistair the Thunderbolt, mentioned in most lightning-themed items' Ammonomicon descriptions.
These walls don't stand a chance against me! Blanks? Who needs 'em?
  • Ninth Note
I thought I killed the past, but I'm still stuck in this place.
Wrong gun, I guess. I'll leave it here.
  • Tenth Note
Too much to carry. Making a note of this spot on my map, so I can come back later.
  • Eleventh Note
If I stay here long enough, the walls should shift...
Eventually, it'll put me right in the exit! Genius!
  • Twelfth Note
I don't like the way the Gundead look at me, with those soulless eyes... so low on their head.
I think I'll just stay here for a bit.

Notes[ | ]

  • You can spot a secret room entrance without wasting ammo by walking into the wall you suspect it to be on in a straight line, if the character does their walking animation then there is a secret passage there (this can only work if used on the door to the secret room, so you might have to check multiple spots on a long wall, this can also spot the door leading to the shortcut to the oubliette, but you cannot open it with a blank, you still need to put out the bonfire).
  • The Resourceful Rat will not attempt to steal any pickups in the secret rooms.
    • He will, however, still take items dropped by the player inside the room.
  • Secret rooms are often connected to chest rooms, shops, elevator exits, and in dead-end rooms.
  • Secret rooms can be revealed by Brick of Cash or by the Synergy Insight synergy between Huntsman and Trick Gun.
  • Enemy bullets can reveal walls that lead to secret rooms.
  • The number of shots fired before a secret room wall begins to crack depends on the damage of the gun used. Lower damage guns will require a few more shots before cracks begin to appear.
  • The Abbey of the True Gun may spawn another secret room in addition to the secret room containing Brother Albern.
  • The Old Man may appear on any floor, causing that floor to have an extra secret room.
  • Secret Room entrances tend to not be behind Objects.
  • Secret room entrances will never spawn inside the room containing the Old Crest or the room leading to the Abbey of the True Gun.
  • Despite the eighth note's boast, nothing in the Thunderbolt's implied loadout (Shock Rounds, Void Core Assault Rifle, Void Core Cannon and Void Shotgun) can breach Secret Rooms without using a Blank.
  • Walls that hide secret rooms have slightly different color compared to surrounding walls. This is most noticeable in treasure rooms, allowing for slightly easier identification.

Trivia[ | ]