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Save Button is an NPC that gives the player the option to save and exit at the end of each floor, resuming the run at a later time. It was added in the Supply Drop Update.

  • The Save Button appears at every possible exit of a floor like the elevators, the trapdoor to Oubliette, the hidden passage to the Abbey of the True Gun, and the distortion exit to Bullet Hell, although he only appears next to secret exits once they have been used once.
    • The Save Button does not appear at the hatch to the Resourceful Rat's Lair or the R&G Dept.
    • The Save Button does not appear at the Bullet hell entrance while playing as The Paradox
  • After talking to the button and accepting to take a break, the exit will get frozen.
  • When leaving through a frozen exit, the player's current state will be saved (items, guns, pickups, shells, health, armor) and they will be sent to the main menu.
    • Magnificence is not saved between runs however, allowing for potential exploitation should the player come across A or S tier weapons in the early game.
    • Sprun triggers may also change. This can allow for players to reroll their Sprun trigger for a better one.
  • When a run has been saved, the main menu will have a 'continue' option, which places the player at the start of the next floor.


  • After agreeing to save and exit, the player can talk to the button again to make the exit normal again.
  • It is not possible to save the current floor as the player has to use an exit in order to save the game.
  • The Save Button is not available during Boss Rush.



  • "Hey! You're looking pretty beat up. Want to take a break and come back later?"

Answering "Not this time, talking button.":

  • "Good luck down below!"

Answering "Sure. <Save and Quit>":

  • "Alright then, quitter. Head on down to save!"

After hitting the Button:

  • "Ouch!"

Talking to him again after the exit is frozen:

  • "Changed your mind?"

Answering "I don't want to rest.":

  • "You just wanted to punch me, didn't you?"

Answering "No, just wanted to chat.":

  • "Well this is a waste of everyone's time."