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For the Enter the Gungeon enemy, see Rubber Kin.

Rubber Kin
XtG Rubber Kin.png
Location: Forge, Hollow
Ammonomicon Entry

File:Ammonomicon Rubber Kin (Exit the Gungeon).png

Rubber Kin will attempt to knock their targets around, though they have no ability to deal direct damage.

Eager to fight, but ill-equipped for the gunfights that unfold in the Gungeon.

Rubber Kin are enemies in Exit the Gungeon.

While they are unable to deal any direct damage (unless they are jammed), Rubber Kin can cause the player to take damage nonetheless.

Rubber Kin hang in the air, periodically charging up to fire themselves at the player. If they make contact, they do not make contact damage, but they do deal a disorienting amount of knockback, which may send a gungeoneer right into another enemy's bullets, the enemy itself, or right off a ledge.