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Resourceful Sack
Resourceful Sack
Type: Active
Quality: A Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money
Recharge: 3 seconds
Unlock Method: Pick it up after finding it in one of the Resourceful Rat's chests.
Introduced in: AGD Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
Pack Rat's Rat Pack
Allows the theft of enemy projectiles out of the air. Use to fire stolen bullets.

An otherwise normal sack, used by the Right People for acts of thievery. It has thirteen patches of various materials.

Resourceful Sack is an active item that can be found in one of the four chests after defeating the Resourceful Rat.

Effects[ | ]

  • Rolling through bullets collects them in the sack.
    • This effect works even if the Resourceful Sack is not the currently selected item.
    • The sack holds a maximum of 30 shots. Additional bullets rolled through will disappear without adding to the total.
    • This does not work on bullets fired from turret traps.
  • Using the sack empties the sack and fires a piece of explosive cheese for every bullet collected. The pieces of cheese encheese enemies, encasing them in cheese and freezing them. Enemies that die while encheesed spawn a large cheese pool, which encheeses any enemies that step in it.
  • Grants 3 extra active item slots.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Resourceful Indeed - If the player also has Partially-Eaten Cheese, Elimentaler, and Rat Boots, the player becomes the Resourceful Rat, preventing items from being stolen when they're left behind in rooms.
  • The bullets dissipated from the Bloodied Scarf's teleportation ability will not be collected into the sack, nullifying the sack's ability to ever collect bullets while having the scarf equipped.
  • The sack nullifies Rolling Eye and Daruma as it collects the bullets before the player rolls through them.
  • Enemies can be encheesed while in invulnerable states (such as Shelletons while turning into a skull), forcing the player to wait until the effect wears off.
  • This item is very useful in Winchester's Game, as the generated bullets can destroy the targets

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