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The Resourceful Rat is an antagonist and occasional ally encountered throughout the Gungeon. He is a bipedal rat characterised primarily around his kleptomania and tendency to annoy and bring misfortune to Gungeoneers, though it is implied that he shares the same distaste towards the Gungeon.

NPC[ | ]

In his most frequent encounter, the Resourceful Rat is an NPC who will steal armor, ammo, items, and guns left on the floor if the player leaves the room without picking them up. Health, blanks, keys, Hegemony credits, and Glass Guon Stones will never be stolen by the Rat. After stealing an item, he will leave a note on the ground thanking the player for the loot before calling them a random insult.

If the player leaves a room containing an item the Resourceful Rat can steal and then quickly returns before the item is stolen, the Resourceful Rat will appear, but the item will not be stolen if the player is in the room, and he will disappear. This allows the player to visit any rooms directly connected without risk of items being stolen. Rooms connected by hallways are also considered to be directly connected and can be safely visited without any risk of the item being stolen. This mechanic can be especially useful with ammo, as it allows players that do not immediately need ammo to clear out the surrounding rooms before picking up the ammo, letting them refill a gun with less rounds in it. If the player shoots at the Resourceful Rat while he is stealing an item, he will call the player a "Jerk!" and disappear, only to come back later and steal it again. This feature does not have any function and does not change whether the player can go to adjoining rooms without items being stolen.

If the player takes a shortcut to the second chamber onwards, the Resourceful Rat will be in the elevator room wearing a mask resembling Bello and offer the player a varying selection of three free guns. These guns will not change unless the player completes a floor after taking an elevator.

  • In the Gungeon Proper, the guns are D Quality Item, and one of the three guns can be taken.
  • In the Black Powder Mine, the guns are C Quality Item, and one of the three guns can be taken.
  • In the Hollow, the guns are B Quality Item, and two of the three guns can be taken.
  • In the Forge, the guns are B Quality Item, and all three guns can be taken.

Boss[ | ]

Resourceful Rat
Boss Resourceful Rat
Health: 1480 (Phase 1)
3515 (Phase 2)
Location: Resourceful Rat's Lair
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Resourceful Rat

Master Thief

Say cheese and die!

This mysterious Gungeon menace styles himself "The Resourceful Rat," and is surely the biggest annoyance the Gungeon has ever seen.

Living for the spite of Gungeoneers, and thriving by stealing their loot, this rat has accumulated a hoard of Gungeon artifacts.

Having made a home for himself below the Oubliette, the Resourceful Rat utilized the Gungeon's ever changing layout to construct a maze to frustrate Gungeoneers seeking vengeance.

Resourceful Rat is a boss added in the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update, found at the end of the maze in the Resourceful Rat's Lair. Not only is he truly skilled with guns, knives, and somehow, cheese, but he has a lot of physical strength to the point of questioning it, and has created a mech out of all of the items and guns he has stolen.

Behavior[ | ]

The Resourceful Rat has three phases.

Phase 1[ | ]

  • Throws stationary mousetraps around the arena which will damage the player if they step on them. A blank can be used to destroy the traps.
  • Rapidly fires 2 rings of cheese outwards in a clockwise spiral, starting from the bottom of the room.
  • Stands in the center of the room and summons three waves of cheese slices that travel from the edges of the room towards him, then sends another burst of cheese outwards. This is always his first attack used.
  • Fires several waves of extremely fast-moving kunai towards the player with small gaps in between.
  • Summons a long whip of bullets spanning the entire room and spins it several times.
  • Occasionally, poison will leak from one of the grates near the corners.

After the first phase is defeated, a hole will appear in the center of the arena in which the Resourceful Rat will retreat to. The player must fall down the hole after him to reach the second phase.

Phase 2[ | ]

In this phase, the Resourceful Rat pilots a stationary mech and has a new set of attacks. The two weapon systems on the mech's shoulders can be damaged and destroyed, exchanging some of its attacks for different, easier ones.

  • Fires four erratically moving non-damaging lasers that leave trails of fire. Bullets spawn periodically from the trails.
  • Fires a damaging laser that quickly sweeps across the room and leaves a trail of fire.
  • Spawns many rat-shaped Spent.
  • Fills the room with rings of bullets that continually move in circles. The ring that the player stands in will frequently close in on the player. The gunjurer used to summon this attack will be kicked out afterwards, disappearing when it hits the floor.
  • Jumps to spawn three waves of bullets that travel outwards.
  • Fires a barrage of missiles that curve towards the player and burst into bullets upon hitting a wall. This attack can't be used if the mech's drum clip is destroyed.
  • Fires a group of bullets in a cross hair formation that follows the player. After a while, it stops moving, and a large bullet drops onto the crosshair and bursts into a large ring of bullets that travels outwards. This can't happen if the mech's cannon is destroyed.
  • Sweeps its foot across the floor in front of it. The resulting scar in the ground will spawn several spreads of bullets outwards. This attack only occurs if either of the mech's weapon systems are destroyed.
  • If the player attempts to flank the mech, it will stomp, filling that side of the screen with bullets.

Phase 3[ | ]

In this phase, the player faces the Resourceful Rat in a game of Punch-Out!!. The Resourceful Rat will drop various pickups, items, and guns whenever successfully hit, which can be picked up after the fight.

In this phase, the Resourceful Rat has three health bars of increasing difficulty that must be depleted in order to defeat him. Bold attacks can be interrupted when the rat flashes yellow in order to charge the player's super attack. If the Rat at any point lands an attack on the player, the player's super attack charge is reset.

In this phase, if the player runs out of health or the timer runs out, the player will lose. The player will not die; the Rat will simply run away and leave a note. Any pickups the Resourceful Rat has dropped can be collected, including Rat keys.

It is advised not to continuously punch the rat while he is blocking, as this will tire the player over time, leaving them temporarily unable to dodge.

It is strongly advised to alternate left and right punches whenever possible, as this maximizes how many times the player can hit the Rat before he starts blocking again. Without alternating, the player can only get 3 hits in; with alternating, this increases to 6 (or 10 if performed after he gets dizzy from his 4-hit tailspin attack in the third phase.)

If the rat is knocked down with a super punch, he'll swing with Casey before the next round begins, this attack must be blocked or dodged.

If the player beats all three rounds, the Rat will give a speech detailing his backstory before dying. His dead body can then be kicked around.

Phase 3A[ | ]
  • A straight punch.
    • Requires either ducking, blocking or dodging to the side of the readying fist. Counter to earn a star.
  • A taunt.
    • A star can be obtained by punching when he flashes yellow. Otherwise, vulnerable to any kind of attack.
  • An uppercut.
    • Dodged similar to the straight punch but instead of dodging towards the fist the player has to dodge to the opposite side. Can be blocked and ducked.
    • Counter attacking is still possible if the player gets hit.
Phase 3B[ | ]
  • Three straights then an uppercut.
    • One of the easier attacks as it provides 3 opportunities to get a star.
  • A spin attack.
    • This attack hits players while ducking. Must be blocked.
    • Punching the Rat as he's about to swing his tail will make him dizzy, but won't grant a star.
    • If super punch is used when he is still in the air after the spin attack, it knocks him out independently of his health. However, that might make getting all the keys impossible.
  • Slinging off the back of the mech.
    • A star can be obtained by punching as soon as he slings off the mech.
    • Requires ducking to dodge.
  • Healing with cheese.
    • If the player attempts to interrupt this attack, the rat can counter if the player mistimes it. Unlike most attacks, this will not reset the player's super attack charge.
    • The player can hit the cheese away if they punch right at the moment he goes for a bite, granting a star.
Phase 3C[ | ]

All attacks from 3B but faster, plus:

  • A spin attack that hits four times.
    • A star can be obtained from punching during the attack's start-up. Otherwise, must be blocked.
    • Successfully blocking all the attacks will make the Rat dizzy.
  • Throwing an ammo box.
    • The box can be ducked under, dodged to the side the rat throws it from, or punched back.
    • Successfully countering the box has a chance of dropping a heart.
  • A brass knuckles wind up punch.
    • A star can be obtained on the 3rd Wind-Up cycle of the punch, but this cannot be blocked, or ducked.
Rat Keys[ | ]

During this section of the fight the Resourceful Rat can drop special Rat Keys, which unlock various rewards in his Lair. Up to six Rat Keys can be acquired during the battle. In order to get all six, the player must KO the Rat with a 3-Star Super punch three times.

  • One key for starting the fight
  • One key for finishing a round with a super attack (3 keys for 3 rounds)
  • One key for winning the fight
  • One bonus key for finishing all 3 rounds with a 3-Star super punch

Notes[ | ]

NPC[ | ]

  • Unlocking certain weapons (by buying them or meeting their unlock requirements) can change one or more weapons, but not always.
  • The Resourceful Rat will not steal Master Rounds.
  • The Resourceful Rat cannot steal Armor or Ammo when it's held behind a pad lock or lying on the floor inside a secret room (even after being opened).
  • If the player collects the Resourceful SackPartially Eaten Cheese, Rat Boots, and Elimentaler, they become the Resourceful Rat, and he will no longer steal from them.
  • Killing the Resourceful Rat also prevents items from being stolen when they're left behind in rooms (see Boss section below).
  • The weapons that the Rat provides on shortcut will not change until any boss from a shortcutted chamber is defeated after using an elevator.
    • Starting a new run from Chamber 1 and defeating a boss in Chamber 2 will not change the selection of starting guns.
    • Starting a run from a shortcutted chamber and defeating a boss in any of those chambers will change the selection for all shortcutted chambers.
    • The player can steal from the Resourceful Rat. Doing so will still give the player curse, and will count towards unlocking the Shelleton Key. The player will not be able to get any more weapons if there are any remaining.
      • This is ill-advised unless the player wants curse or wants to work toward the Shelleton key, as the Rat provides the weapons for free.
  • The Rat can offer Blasphemy, even to The Bullet. In this case, picking it up will not add a second one to the player's inventory.
  • The Rat ignores being shot with beam weapons.

Boss[ | ]

  • When the Rat summons cheese to him during the first phase, it can all be destroyed once it combines in the middle by using Blasphemy.
  • During phase 2, when the mechanical RAT is firing missiles, the missiles can be destroyed with Blasphemy.
  • The Mechanical RAT's crosshair attack can be negated by using Blasphemy to destroy the giant bullet.
  • The Rat's mousetraps can be destroyed if sliced with Blasphemy before they land. They also can be blocked by any Guon Stone or similar.
  • The combined cheese can also be sent out of the fight entirely with Casey.
  • During phase 3, if in co-op, only the main player will fight the rat, with the Cultist appearing on screen tied up.
  • If the player beats all three rounds, the Rat's corpse can be kicked into the hole and subsequently fed to the serpent.
    • Use of the Super Hot Watch can allow massive amounts of momentum to be build up on the corpse, at which point it ricochets around the room repeatedly.
  • During phase 3A, when the rat starts the transition to phase 3B, using a super punch will skip phase 3B entirely.[citation needed]
  • Successfully defeating the rat in all 3 phases will make the rat unable to steal from the player for the rest of the run, even without the Resourceful Indeed synergy.
  • It is highly recommended to fight the Resourceful Rat during Rainbow Mode, as Bowler will not take any weapons or items won from the Punch-Out phase. However, he will prevent the player from getting items from the rat chests.
  • During phase 2 and 3, there is a glitch that can trigger if the player dies to the rat's counter punch for trying to punch him too soon while he prepared to eat cheese. This causes the player's life to restore to full and the game to go into slow motion rendering the rest of the fight significantly easier.

Quotes[ | ]

NPC Dialogue[ | ]

On first meeting:

  • “So, you like takin' shortcuts, huh? Well just for you, I've opened up a new franchise. Ya know, for bein' such a good... customer.”

Shop explanation:

  • “Got some "special offers" lined up for you. Just in case you came down here... a little unprepared. Can't have my favorite customer poorly equipped.”

Speaking to him before taking a gun:

  • “Go on, take one.”

After taking a gun:

  • “Fine choice.”
  • “Enjoy.”
  • “That one?”

As the player leaves:

  • “Later, (player nickname)!”
  • “Later, (random insult)!”
  • “Fufufufufu!”

Speaking with him:

  • “That's a nice gun. Shame if somethin' happened to it.”
  • “Thievery is just another form of shortcut.”
  • “You'd be surprised at what some people just leave lyin' around.”
  • “Watch out for all the Bullats.”
  • “You sure found some interestin' stuff last time... Adventurers sure are good at findin' treasure. Not too good at keepin' it, though.”
  • “Take care... heh heh heh. Watch your step...”

Shooting at him:

  • “Hey, watch it!”
  • “*****!!”
  • “Jerk!”

Boss Dialogue[ | ]


  • With all the Infuriating Notes:
    • “You have wedged yourself in here, but now you're trapped like a rat! You've been grating my nerves since you got here. But now you'll face me: The Big Cheese!”
  • With five of the Infuriating Notes:
    • “Here you are. I can't blame you for getting impatient... who wouldn't want a slice of this?”
  • With four of the Infuriating Notes:
    • “Here with only 4 notes... how resourceful. But there can only be one! Die, usurper!”
  • With one to three of the Infuriating Notes:
    • “Hmmm. It's statistically unlikely that you got here reading so few notes. I think you might have cheated... but I can't be sure. So I'll just have to kill you!”
    • “Are you brute-forcing your way through my immaculately designed maze? That makes me angry! DIE!”
    • “Go appreciate my poetry! You aren't supposed to be here yet! Grawr!”
  • With none of the Infuriating Notes:
    • “What!? How did you find me? You are either exceedingly lucky or some kind of hacker!”

Second attempt:

  • “You followed the trail of cheese through the maze! Congratulations! Here's your reward! Fufufufufufufu.”

Subsequent attempts:

  • “Back with your tail between your legs, I see. I'll make you full of holes... again! Fufufufufu.”
  • “Your tenacity is remarkable. It will be your end!”
  • “Something stinks... oh, it's you again.”

Fighting him after having defeated him previously:

  • “I was just getting warmed up before, now I'll melt you!”
  • “It seems we were destined to do this over and over again! Die, usurper!”

Notes from losing Phase 3 of the boss:

  • “You made it through two rounds, but you couldn't go the distance. Have a consolation prize, (random insult)! -R.R.”
  • “What a shame, (player nickname)! Maybe you'll get me next time, but you probably won't. -R.R.”
  • “Nothing without your guns, are you, (player nickname)? Try again. -R.R.”

Shooting him before he tells you his life story:

  • "Yield!" (on first shot)
  • "Have mercy!" (on second shot)
  • "Let me tell you my life's story, damnit!" (on third shot)

Life Story:

  • “Pity me, for my story is a tragedy. I was born in the hold of a tradesman's ship, where my mischief made our nest among the refuse. When the tradesman changed routes, the food they previously hauled was replaced with weaponry. I watched my brothers and sisters starve, though I vowed to protect them. So I learned to steal, from the captain's personal stores. It was sadly... not enough. My efforts to feed them only prolonged their suffering. I couldn't steal enough; it became an obsession. I knew that the end was coming. Eventually, driven mad with hunger, my mischief turned on each other. The weakest went first, but soon, the last of my kin were gone, eaten by their brethren. When the trader finally docked, I escaped his ship... and found myself here, trapped in time. I have clawed a home here from nothing. My own kingdom. But here I lie, cut down by a usurper with the pettiest of intent. Revenge? You do not know pain.. I have one last thing to ask... Take off your mask, so that I may see your face with my own eyes. ... Oh. That's... actually your face. Ha! I realize now... It seems... I never knew... True tragedy.”

Trivia[ | ]

  • The mech piloted by the Resourceful Rat in the second phase of his boss fight is modeled after Metal Gear REX from Metal Gear Solid. In that game, the protagonist Solid Snake battles his twin Liquid Snake while the latter is piloting Metal Gear REX and the two have a fist fight on top of it afterwards, much like the Punch-Out!! duel in the final phase.
    • The mech is actually called Metal Gear RAT in the game files.
    • The Punch-Out!! duel is referred to as Liquid Punch-Out in the game files.
  • The ending sentence where the Resourceful Rat requests that you remove your mask to see your face with his own eyes is likely a reference to the death of Darth Vader from Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.
  • The Rat can be shot at after defeating the third phase, and can be knocked into the pit this way without hearing his speech. The rat will beg for mercy and demand you let him tell you his life story.
  • When in co-op, a player will not be revived if dead after the rat's third phase. If the ghost of this player flies over the pit, both players will teleport to the loot room. All of the rat chests look like revive chests, but dispense the same items as a rat chest and do not revive the ghost player. These chests do not require Rat Keys, therefore making them free to unlock.
    • The chests will disappear once opened, will spawn confetti and play the revive noise as if they revived the ghost.
    • Any other chests found after the rat floor will appear normal but will revive the dead player.
  • The rat Spent that appear in the Rat's lair and boss fight are similar in appearance to Mousers from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.
  • Upon defeating The Resourceful Rat's first phase, his Ammonomicon entry seems to be in his own wording. Upon defeating The Resourceful Rat's second phase, his Ammonomicon entry is updated to how it rightfully should be. The first entry reads as follows:
"This dashing thief is respected and feared throughout the galaxy, as the most accomplished and wealthy adventurer in the universe, and also the true High King of the Gungeon. His moniker refers both to his cunning and his near limitless resources, which he earned through countless successful attempts at conquering the Gungeon, though he has no regrets to slay. So mighty is he that pilgrims travel from across the stars to leave offerings in his glory, increasing the magnificence of his great hoard. Many have tried to best him in combat, and all have failed."
  • Another entry states the following:
"This rat-creature never sought the Gungeon for its treasures, but instead found himself cast here upon the tides of fate. Born in the hold of a trading vessel, he was forced to steal for his family's survival, until a great tragedy befell his mischief. When the next ship docked, he escaped and found himself alone on this planet. Here he wandered, until finally coming upon the Gungeon. Stuck in its time loop, he made a nest and a name for himself while training daily. His martial prowess is undeniable, and in truth he likely possesses the skill to reach the Gun. During his trials, however, he found his calling: being an ass to Gungeoneers. The gun interests him not; in his eyes, he has no regrets, for he is King."
  • This is similar to the speech he gives before he dies, when his third phase is defeated.
  • Dying to The Resourceful Rat will cause the book to have scribbles on it, and yields one of several unique death messages, under the section labeled "Killed By":
    • Your very slow reflexes
    • Your sad lack of skill
    • Your head not being in the game
    • Your lack of commitment
    • Your misplaced ambition
    • Your hubris
    • Your pride
    • The Handsomest King
    • High Lord Gungeon
    • Someone better than you
    • The Richest Rat
  • The "your very slow reflexes" death message references the "your own slow reflexes" death message, which is used as a failsafe if the player is killed by something after it dies (such as a Lead Maiden's bullets) or dies to certain entities (such as the Chancellor).
  • The disguise that he wears when greeting the player upon skipping to a floor resembles Bello the Shopkeeper.
  • After defeating the Resourceful Rat, a pair of golden boxing gloves connected by a chain show up in the Breach, hanging from one of the beds.
  • There is a 1 in 4096 or about a 0.02% chance of finding the way to the rat without any notes.
  • The comment the rat makes about it being statistically insignificant that you would find him starting at missing 3 notes could reference the scientific standard for something being statistically significant of 95%. While at missing only 2 notes you only have a 93.75% chance of missing the rat, meaning it is still considered reasonably possible to reach him, the chance of missing him missing 3 notes is 98.4375%.
  • If the player is on Nintendo Switch, the pattern to get to the Rat appears to remain constant. With the pattern being: Down, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up.
  • The Phrase "Say Cheese And Die!" on the Ammonomicon entry is most likely a reference to the GooseBumps horror novel of the same name.

Gallery[ | ]