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Items and guns in the Gungeon belong to five different qualities, which determines their relative rarities.

Certain items have multiple qualities, and can appear in several different types of chests.

Quality Frequency[ | ]

Each floor has a unique distribution of qualities for both chests and bosses, with chances for higher quality items increasing on later floors. There are two different loot tables within the game, the Original loot table (which was the loot table before the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update) and the Gungeons and Draguns loot table. These can be switched between in The Breach or title screen in the Gameplay menu of the Options menu. These loot tables only affect chest quality chances; boss drop chances are no different between loot tables.

Chests[ | ]

Gungeons and Draguns[ | ]

Floor D Quality Item C Quality Item B Quality Item A Quality Item 1S Quality Item
1 35% 32% 20% 9% 4%
2/Oub 10% 37% 40% 9% 4%
3/Abbey 2% 26% 54% 12.5% 5.5%
4 2% 20% 50% 20% 8%
5 0% 10% 42.5% 35% 12.5%

Classic[ | ]

Floor D Quality Item C Quality Item B Quality Item A Quality Item 1S Quality Item
1 42.5% 35% 15% 5% 2.5%
2/Oub 20% 32.5% 35% 9% 3.5%
3/Abbey 10% 22% 50% 12.5% 5.5%
4 2% 20% 50% 20% 8%
5 0% 10% 42.5% 35% 12.5%

Bosses[ | ]

Floor D Quality Item C Quality Item B Quality Item A Quality Item 1S Quality Item
1 10% 50% 35% 4% 1%
2/Oub 0% 40% 44% 11% 8%
3/Abbey 0% 20% 40% 30% 10%
4 0% 10% 50% 30% 10%

Magnificence[ | ]

Magnificence is a hidden stat that prevents too many A Quality Item or 1S Quality Item tier items from being acquired in a single run.

Mechanics[ | ]

Two factors contribute to magnificence:

  • Picking up any item or gun of A Quality Item or 1S Quality Item quality increases magnificence by 1.
    • It will only happen the first time that particular instance of the item is picked up, so it can be dropped and picked up without further increasing magnificence.
    • The increase is permanent and cannot be removed by dropping, selling, or destroying the item. This magnificence counter will carry over to the next floor.
  • Each red or black chest created during floor generation increases "chest magnificence" by 1.
    • Opening or destroying one of these chests (and only these chests, not any other red or black chests that may have spawned on the floor) decreases chest magnificence by 1.
    • Magnificence from unopened chests does not carry over across floors.

Whenever the game wants to generate a floor reward item (be it a floor generation chest, a room clear reward chest, a boss reward item, or a shop item) and the result turns out to be an A Quality Item or 1S Quality Item tier reward, the quality has a chance to be downgraded. Magnificence and chest magnificence are added together, and if the resulting number is 0, the reward will not be affected. If the number is above 0, the chance that the reward quality is downgraded rises logarithmically.

The exact formula for the downgrade chance is: (1 - (0.006260342 + 0.9935921 * e^(-1.626339 * [total magnificence]))) * 100%

The first few values for the formula are:

Total Magnificence Downgrade Chance
0 0%
1 79.84%
2 95.53%
3 98.62%
4 99.23%
5 99.34%

If the reward is downgraded, the quality of the item or chest is rerolled with the same chance distribution as before, but without the chances of it being A Quality Item or 1S Quality Item quality, resulting in a chest or item of D Quality Item, C Quality Item, or B Quality Item quality.

Notes[ | ]

  • If there's still an unopened rare chest on the level, the boss reward, room clear reward chests, and shop selection (generated on entry) suffer from the increased downgrade penalty. Most of the time it doesn't matter, since opening a rare chest and picking up the item increases magnificence anyway, but it may be relevant for A Quality Item and 1S Quality Item tier active items which may not be beneficial to take.
  • Basic heart container items, such as Heart Holster and Heart Purse do not increase magnificence, even if found in a red chest.
  • Heart of Ice does not increase magnificence even if found in a red chest.
  • Lament Configurum increases magnificence even though it is a B Quality Item tier item.
  • The Seven-Leaf Clover overrides magnificence's effect on chests found in chest rooms.
  • Saving and exiting between floors overrides magnificence's effects on chests, which can be a useful tool if the player finds A Quality Item or 1S Quality Item tier items early on in their run, or if they seek to collect higher amounts of A Quality Item or 1S Quality Item tier items across the entire run.

List of items by quality[ | ]

S[ | ]

1S Quality Item ­class items and guns are the rarest, and can be found in black chests and rainbow chests.

Guns[ | ]

  • There are 21 1S Quality Item quality guns.
Icon Name Quote Type Notes
Elimentaler Elimentaler Full of Holes Semiautomatic Encases enemies in cheese, freezing them. Enemies that die while cheesed spawn a large cheese pool, which cheeses any enemies that step in it.
AU Gun AU Gun Some Assembly Required Semiautomatic Fires a single powerful bullet.
Composite Gun Composite Gun Undetectable Charged Charged shot consumes two ammo, pierces enemies and does a blank effect when hitting a wall.
Gilded Hydra Gilded Hydra Heads Up! Semiautomatic Fires a large burst of piercing, bouncing bullets. Clip size is increased by 1 for each half heart the player is missing, and healing decreases clip size.
Strafe Gun Strafe Gun Bleeding Edge Gameplay Automatic Fires nails that explode and cause a bleed effect.
AKEY-47 AKEY-47 Unlocked and Loaded! Automatic Shooting a locked chest or door unlocks it.
Patriot Patriot Gun Eater Automatic Fires piercing bullets.

Fire rate increases rapidly as the trigger is held. 

Vulcan Cannon Vulcan Cannon Boundless Slaughter Automatic Has a very high rate of fire
Gungine Gungine 12 Cylinder Automatic Greatly increases movement speed while held. Reloading clears nearby goop and refills the gun's ammo.
Railgun Railgun Calibrating Charged Fires a fast-moving piercing bullet that bounces many times.
Mourning Star Mourning Star Satellite Rain Beam Calls down an orbital laser cannon onto the targeted enemy.
Fightsabre Fightsabre Heresy Automatic Reloading swings the gun around, reflecting nearby bullets. Increases Curse while carried.
Dark Marker Dark Marker Big Bang Semiautomatic Charge shot consumes the entire clip to create a room-wide explosion and blank effect.
Particulator Particulator Strange Matter Semiautomatic Fires bullets in a small spread, which will then automatically seek out enemies.
Yari Launcher Yari Launcher Hell. Yes. Automatic Rapidly fires homing rockets.
Gunther Gunther Jealous Weapon Semiautomatic Cannot be used to reveal hidden walls. Grows stronger with each room cleared.
Disintegrator Disintegrator Return To Dust Beam Fires a large laser after a long charge-up.
BSG BSG Big Shooty Gun Charged Slowly charges up to fire a large high-damage projectile.
Makeshift Cannon Makeshift Cannon You Only Get One Shot Charged Fires a blast that deals a large amount of damage.
Finished Gun Finished Gun Thanks For Playing Semiautomatic Shoots bouncing bullets, the last shot deals more damage and reflects bullets back at the enemies. Increases Curse by 5 when held.

Items[ | ]

  • There are 17 1S Quality Item quality items.
Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Relodestone Relodestone Active Magunetic North Halves reload times. While active, attracts enemy bullets and restores ammo.
Blank Bullets Blank Bullets Passive The Best Defense... Projectile impacts can trigger a short range blank. Increases curse by 1.5.
Platinum Bullets Platinum Bullets Passive Over One Million Served Increases damage and fire rate with every bullet landed.
Lich's Eye Bullets Lich's Eye Bullets Passive Iron Sights Makes all guns act as if they have all their synergies, excluding some logical anomalies such as dual-wield synergies and synergies that don't directly affect the gun in question.
Gundromeda Strain Gundromeda Strain Passive All Enemies Weaker! Decreases health of all enemies encountered by 25%.
Gungeon Blueprint Gungeon Blueprint Passive Procedurally Updates Reveals all floor-maps for the rest of the run.
Super Hot Watch Super Hot Watch Passive Suuuuuuper Slows down time immensely while standing still. Moving speeds up time back to normal.
Seven-Leaf Clover Seven-Leaf Clover Passive Lucky! Increases the quality of chests to either 1S Quality Item -rank, A Quality Item ­-rank, or into synergy chests.
Ancient Hero's Bandana Ancient Hero's Bandana Passive Limitless Quadruples maximum ammo.
Clone Clone Passive The Real Me Upon death, the player is revived in the starting room of the first floor, retaining all items and guns.
Shelleton Key Shelleton Key Passive Locks Are Dead To You Allows any chest or lock to be opened without using a key. Increases curse while held.
Owl Owl Passive Hoots And More Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies and occasionally using short-ranged blanks.
R2G2 R2G2 Passive Gunmech Robot Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies.
Baby Good Shelleton Baby Good Shelleton Passive Grave Lad Follows the player and attacks enemies with a green laser.
Riddle of Lead Riddle of Lead Passive This You Can Trust Grants a heart container, fully heals the player, increases dodge roll speed, increases movement speed, and adds a chance to negate damage when at low health.
Bracket Key Bracket Key Active `debugkill Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies in a room and prevents further enemy waves from spawning. Increases Curse.
Yellow Chamber Yellow Chamber Passive "the jammed thing" Grants 2 heart containers. Upon entering a room, there is a chance that an enemy will be charmed for the duration of the room. Increases fire rate by 15%. Increase curse by 2.

A[ | ]

A Quality Item ­class items and guns can be found in red chests and rainbow chests.

Guns[ | ]

  • There are 44 A Quality Item quality guns.
Icon Name Quote Type Notes
High Kaliber High Kaliber Soul Reaver Semiautomatic Causes enemy souls to leave their bodies. Touching a soul deals high damage to the enemy.
Knight's Gun Knight's Gun Plowshare Semiautomatic Fires five bullets in an arrow shape. Gains some pickups when reloading an empty clip.
Big Shotgun Big Shotgun A Shotgun That's Big Semiautomatic Fires three exploding shots that burst into bullets. Reloading next to Shotgun Kin sucks them up, killing them and restoring 1 ammo.
Old Goldie Old Goldie For The Discerning Semiautomatic Fire large blast of random spread bullets. Increases coolness while held.
Shotgun Full of Hate Shotgun Full of Hate Hate Is Power! Semiautomatic Shoots a shotgun burst of poison bullets that leave pools of poison goop.
Shotgun Full of Love Shotgun Full of Love Kill With Kindness Semiautomatic Has a chance to Charm enemies.
Zilla Shotgun Zilla Shotgun Quadruple the fun! Charged Can be charged to fire the entire magazine at once, which will cause it to fire piercing, bouncing bullets.
Crescent Crossbow Crescent Crossbow Moon Shot Charged Fires stars that split into smaller bouncing stars.
Gunbow Gunbow Failed Experiment Charged Fires a fast, piercing projectile that ricochets many times.
M16 M16 Underslung! Burst Reloading alternates between bursts of bullets and a grenade launcher.
Zorgun Zorgun Don't Push The Red Button! Automatic Rapidly fires homing bullets. The final bullet in each clip fires a random explosive (grenade, rocket, or drill).
Dragunfire Dragunfire Roar Automatic Rapidly fires bullets with a cosmetic flame effect that is similar to the Dragun's bullets.
A.W.P. A.W.P Noob Cannon Semiautomatic Fires bullets that can pierce through one enemy.
Prototype Railgun Prototype Railgun DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE Charged Fires a large beam that deals a great amount of damage and pierces through enemies.
Deck4rd Deck4rd Unicorn Of Handguns Semiautomatic Fires a single powerful bullet that will explode upon impact.
RUBE-ADYNE MK.II RUBE-ADYNE MK.II Polished Product Semiautomatic Fires bouncing lasers with limited range.
Gunderfury Gunderfury Gun of Guncraft Automatic Gains persist experience and levels up with kills, changing its appearance and stats.
Snakemaker Snakemaker SSSSSSSSSSS Semiautomatic Fires shots that have a chance to transmogrify enemies into snakes.
Laser Lotus Laser Lotus Level 5 Semiautomatic Fires piercing lasers that electrify water.
Thunderclap Thunderclap Lightning In A Bullet Semiautomatic Fires balls of lightning. Produces an electric aura while reloading.
The Emperor The Emperor Electric Terror Burst Fires a burst of four bullets connected by electricity.
The Exotic The Exotic Pack of Wolves Semiautomatic Fires rockets which burst into more homing rockets. While held, grants a ghost companion that follows the player and reveals the contents of nearby chests.
RC Rocket RC Rocket Avoid User Error Semiautomatic Fires rockets guided by the player's cursor.
Grasschopper Grasschopper Noisy Semiautomatic Fires a single powerful blast that has very strong recoil.
Staff of Firepower Staff of Firepower Missing Link Semiautomatic Reloading alternates between a rapid fire pistol and a beam weapon that can set enemies on fire.
Unicorn Horn Unicorn Horn Fires Friendship Beam Fires a rainbow beam that homes in on enemies. Increases Curse while carried.
Cobalt Hammer Cobalt Hammer Break Stuff Charged Fires blue lasers. Charging the weapon makes it fire lasers in four directions.
Bullet Bore Bullet Bore Mind Muncher Semiautomatic Fires drills that home in on enemies, stun them, and explode after a short delay.
Cat Claw Cat Claw Kneadle Your Foes! Automatic Fires darts that home in on enemies and explode after a short delay. The darts deal no damage on contact.
Machine Fist Machine Fist Avalanche Of Bullets Automatic Reloading alternates between firing a gatling gun, and a single shot exploding rocket punch that is guided by the player's reticle. The rocket punch consumes 10 ammo upon firing.
Robot's Left Hand Robot's Left Hand See You Later Automatic Rapidly fires blue lasers.
Super Meat Gun Super Meat Gun Very Fast Semiautomatic Fires piercing, bouncing saw blades and slightly increases movement speed and grants a heart container while held.
Freeze Ray Freeze Ray Ice To Meet You Beam Fires a blue laser that has a chance to freeze enemies.
Raiden Coil Raiden Coil Shoot Em' Up Beam Fires a laser that homes in on all on-screen enemies.
Glacier Glacier Refill Your Trays Automatic Fires bouncing ice cubes that explode and freeze enemies.
Starpew Starpew Reap And Sow Charged Fires water droplets. Can be charged to increase the number of droplets fired.
Trident Trident Under The Sea Semiautomatic Fires a long-range laser that pierces one enemy.
Abyssal Tentacle Abyssal Tentacle Look Away Beam Fires a tentacle that homes in on and grips enemies, damaging them.
Life Orb Life Orb Your Soul Is Mine Beam After killing an enemy, reloading damages all enemies in the room.
Microtransaction Gun Microtransaction Gun Pay To Win Semiautomatic Shoots green gems at the cost of 1 coin per shot
3rd Party Controller 3rd Party Controller Assuming Direct Control Semiautomatic Upon hitting an enemy, they will move in the same direction the player moves, and shoot towards the crosshair if the player shoots.
Black Hole Gun Black Hole Gun Won't You Come Charged Fires black holes that attract enemies and enemy bullets.
Compressed Air Tank Compressed Air Tank You Know My Work Charged Fires sharks that swim around the room, seeking enemies and biting them.
Serious Cannon Serious Cannon Seriously MENTAL Charged Fires large bouncing cannonballs.

Items[ | ]

  • There are 49 A Quality Item quality items.
Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Heart Synthesizer Heart Synthesizer Passive Play Well, Get Hearts Increases the chance to find hearts upon completing a room.
Armor Synthesizer Armor Synthesizer Passive Play Well, Get Armor Increases the chance to get armor upon completing a room.
Aged Bell Aged Bell Active Lacuna Briefly stops enemies and enemy bullets. Can be used to steal from shops.
Box Box Active Just A Box If the player enters a room while under the box, enemies will not target the player. Firing a weapon will remove the box. Has no effect if used while enemies are already targeting the player. Can be used to steal items from shops.
Chest Teleporter Chest Teleporter Active Zap Teleports a chest to the starting room or boss entrance room of the next floor, with a chance to upgrade its quality.
Crisis Stone Crisis Stone Passive Reload. Reload. Reload. The player is invulnerable while reloading an empty magazine.
Partially-Eaten Cheese Partially-Eaten Cheese Active Aged Almost 40 Years While active, the player is invincible and instantly kills enemies they come in contact with.
Shock Rounds Shock Rounds Passive Electrified! Creates a beam of electricity between fired bullets.
Vorpal Bullets Vorpal Bullets Passive Through and Through Whenever the player fires, occasionally fires a special high-damage bullet.
Hungry Bullets Hungry Bullets Passive Hungry Hungry Adds a chance for the player's bullets to block enemy projectiles.
Explosive Rounds Explosive Rounds Passive Mega Blast Adds a chance to fire bullets that explode upon hitting an enemy or object.
Alpha Bullets Alpha Bullets Passive First! The first shot of a weapon's magazine will deal 80% more damage.
Omega Bullets Omega Bullets Passive Last! The final shot of each magazine deals double damage.
Frost Bullets Frost Bullets Passive Icy Fire Adds a chance to fire bullets that freeze enemies.
Fat Bullets Fat Bullets Passive Fatter = Stronger Doubles bullet size, increases damage by 30%, and decreases maximum ammo by 10%.
Orbital Bullets Orbital Bullets Passive Deadly Revolution Missed shots orbit the player.
Snowballets Snowballets Passive Powder Power Bullets increase in size and damage as they travel.
Chaos Bullets Chaos Bullets Passive A Little Of Everything Adds random bullet effects to the player's bullets.
Magic Sweet Magic Sweet Passive Free Stats Grants a heart container, increases damage by 15%, increases movement speed by 20%, and increases coolness by 1.
Eyepatch Eyepatch Passive Hit Harder Less Often Increases damage by 35% but decreases accuracy.
Ring of Triggers Ring of Triggers Passive Items == Guns Using an active item fires the currently held weapon in all directions.
Broccoli Broccoli Passive Makes You Strong Increases damage by 10%, adds a chance to negate damage, and increases movement speed.
Spice Spice Active A tantalizing cube of power. Single use. Increases certain stats upon use, depending on how many times it has been used. Each time a spice cube is used, more spice cubes will spawn in place of items or pickups.
Liquid Valkyrie Liquid Valkyrie Passive Maximum Pain Decreases enemy bullet speed by 20%.
Gunknight Helmet Gunknight Helmet Passive Armor Every Floor Grants a piece of armor upon pickup and another piece of armor every floor.
Old Knight's Flask Old Knight's Flask Active Heals Per Floor Heals the player for one heart upon use. Gains 2 charges each floor.
Ticket Ticket Active Do You Have Yours? Summons Gatling Gull as a temporary ally.
Duct Tape Duct Tape Active Friend Of Gunsmiths Single use. Combines 2 guns by granting one gun the projectiles that the other gun fires.
Resourceful Sack Resourceful Sack Active Pack Rat's Rat Pack Rolling through bullets collects them in the sack. Using the sack empties the sack and fires a piece of explosive cheese for every bullet collected. Grants 3 extra active item slots.
Orange Guon Stone Orange Guon Stone Passive Hot Rock Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Shoots at enemies.
Green Guon Stone Green Guon Stone Passive Chance To Heal Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Chance to heal upon taking damage.
Blood Brooch Blood Brooch Passive What Music They Make! Increases Curse while held. Adds a small chance to heal upon damaging an enemy.
Mimic Tooth Necklace Mimic Tooth Necklace Passive Chomp Every chest is guaranteed to be a Mimic.
Number 2 Number 2 Passive Sidekick No More Boosts stats when alone. Only available in co-op, where The Cultist starts with this item.
Chaos Ammolet Chaos Ammolet Passive What Can Will Blanks have a chance to poison, freeze, and ignite enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
Heart Holster Heart Holster Passive On Your Sleeve Grants a heart container.
Heart Lunchbox Heart Lunchbox Passive Healthy Meal Grants a heart container.
Heart Locket Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori Grants a heart container.
Heart Bottle Heart Bottle Passive Liquid Life Grants a heart container.
Heart Purse Heart Purse Passive Form Begets Function Grants a heart container.
Sixth Chamber Sixth Chamber Passive Blessing Of Kaliber Increases Coolness by 2 for each point of Curse the player has. Increases Curse by 2.
Heart of Ice Heart of Ice Passive That's Cold Grants a heart container. Taking damage releases bouncing ice bullets. Increases coolness by 1.
Gun Soul Gun Soul Passive YOU DEFEATED Adds a heart container. Upon death, the player respawns at the start of the current floor with one heart container and only starting items and guns. All enemies previously killed will respawn, and if the player reaches the location where they died, they will return to normal and receive all of their items and guns.
Wingman Wingman Passive Got Your Back Orbits the player, firing rockets at enemies.
Badge Badge Passive By The Book Summons a police officer that follows the player, firing bullets at enemies. Can be talked to. Can die after taking too much damage. Talking to him after he dies increases the player's damage and curse.
Pig Pig Passive Shifty Upon death, instantly revives the player with full health.
Sprun Sprun Passive The Way of Guns Temporarily transforms into Windgunner under special circumstances.
Blank Companion's Ring Blank Companion's Ring Passive He Tries Activates a blank each time an active item is used.
Briefcase of Cash Briefcase of Cash Passive Avarice Grants 250 Money and 3 Hegemony Credit.

B[ | ]

B Quality Item ­class items and guns can be found in green chests and rainbow chests.

Guns[ | ]

  • There are 70 B Quality Item quality guns.
Icon Name Quote Type Notes
Blasphemy Blasphemy To The Point Semiautomatic Starting weapon of The Bullet. Swinging the sword destroys bullets and damages enemies. When at full health, swinging the sword also sends out a piercing sword projectile.
Shell Shell Fires Shotguns Semiautomatic Fires several shotguns, each of which fires several bullets.
Hyper Light Blaster Hyper Light Blaster Skill Honed Sharp Semiautomatic Has very low ammo, but regenerates 1 ammo if a shot hits an enemy.
Magnum Magnum 5 Shots Or 6? Semiautomatic
SAA SAA Exhilarating Reload Time Semiautomatic Fires bouncing bullets.
Cold 45 Cold 45 Shatterday Night Special Semiautomatic Fires bullets that freeze enemies.
Polaris Polaris Storied Semiautomatic Has 3 levels. Killing enough enemies causes the gun to level up, increasing its damage. Taking damage decreases its level by 1.
Jolter Jolter .95 Caliber Semiautomatic Fires large and rectangular bullets with high knockback.
Grey Mauser (Gun) Grey Mauser Silent And Deadly Semiautomatic Turns the player invisible while reloading an empty clip.
Vorpal Gun Vorpal Gun .50 Criticaliber Semiautomatic Has a small chance to fire a critical shot which deals increased damage.
Shellegun Shellegun Circle Of Death Semiautomatic Reloading alternates between a pistol and a continuous beam.
Big Iron Big Iron Heavy Semiautomatic Fires a random spread of three bullets.
Smiley's Revolver Smiley's Revolver All Smiles Semiautomatic Decreases shop prices while held.

Fire rate increased shortly after rolling.

GuNNER GuNNER Backpack Not Included Semiautomatic Fires golden bullets, which make a red skull effect when hitting an enemy.

Whenever the player takes damage, 40 ammo is drained and a blue skull spawns nearby that disappears after a few seconds. Picking up the skull heals the player.

Rattler Rattler Snakes On A Gun Semiautomatic Simultaneously fires a shotgun blast and a beam that has a chance to poison enemies.
Void Shotgun Void Shotgun CQC Semiautomatic Fires 5 purple bullets with strong knockback.
Mass Shotgun Mass Shotgun My Favourite Gun Automatic Shoots a large slow projectile that will split up in a barrage of small bullets shortly afterwards.
Ice Breaker Ice Breaker Never Let Go Semiautomatic The first two shots fire a shotgun blast of ice bullets, and the final shot fires a single explosive shot.
Blooper Blooper Close Your Bloop Semiautomatic Fires shotgun blasts of blue bullets with high knockback.
Charmed Bow Charmed Bow <3-----<<< Charged Has a chance to Charm enemies.
Shotbow Shotbow A Teleporter Accident Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of bolts.
AK-47 AK-47 Accept No Substitutes Automatic
Stone Dome Stone Dome Big Head Mode Automatic Sits on the player's head and rapidly fires homing bullets. While held, inflicts fear on nearby enemies. Increases curse.
Combined Rifle Combined Rifle Halve Lives Automatic Reloading alternates between a rapid-fire rifle and a bouncing, piercing energy ball.
The Fat Line The Fat Line Technobabble Automatic Fires purple bullets, which start at the wall the gun is aimed at and travel back towards the gun. Bullets will curve and home in on enemies as they travel.
Mr. Accretion Jr. Mr. Accretion Jr. Music of the Spheres Semiautomatic Fires planets which start orbiting the player if they hit a wall or obstacle.
VertebraeK-47 VertebraeK-47 Nervous Yet? Automatic Bullets close to each other will form links between each other, which hurts enemies on touch.
Triple Gun Triple Gun Bullet the Stampede Varies Changes form based on how much ammo it has left.
Heck Blaster Heck Blaster Whoh, Nelly Automatic Rapidly fires invisible bullets.
AC-15 AC-15 Metalled Gear Automatic Becomes more powerful if the player has armor.
The Predator The Predator High-tech $#!* Semiautomatic Locks onto enemies and fires high speed homing lasers. Invisibility while reloading an empty magazine.
Void Marshal Void Marshal Acquired Under The Table Semiautomatic
The Judge The Judge Hot Shot Semiautomatic The final shot of each clip has a chance to poison, freeze or ignite enemies. (likely more effects possible)
RUBE-ADYNE Prototype RUBE-ADYNE Prototype It Never Quits Semiautomatic Fires lasers which bounce four times.
Mine Cutter Mine Cutter Safety First Semiautomatic Reloading alternates between firing three small, piercing, parallel lasers and single large lasers.
Void Core Assault Rifle Void Core Assault Rifle Rapid fire Burst
H4mmer H4mmer Many Bullets Automatic Fires a barrage of bullets. The last shot in the magazine is a hammer, which deals extra damage and can stun enemies.
Hegemony Rifle Hegemony Rifle So Precise Semiautomatic
Rad Gun Rad Gun Totally Rad Semiautomatic When reloading, if the reload button is hit at the right time, the gun's power is increased.
Charge Shot Charge Shot Hold To Fire Charged Fires a large laser that pierces enemies and bounces off of walls.
RPG RPG Leveled Up Semiautomatic
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Fwomp! Semiautomatic Shoots a grenade that bounces off of surfaces and explodes on impact with enemies.
Stinger Stinger Drone Warfare Semiautomatic Fires an explosive projectile which splits into multiple homing bees.
Com4nd0 Com4nd0 You're Fired Semiautomatic Fires homing rockets.
Void Core Cannon Void Core Cannon Critical Strike Burst Fires bursts of four large energy balls, which home in on enemies and explode upon impact.
Hexagun Hexagun Light Fantastic Semiautomatic Fires piercing bullets that have a chance to transmogrify enemies.
Magic Lamp Magic Lamp One Wish, Three Times Semiautomatic Hitting an enemy three times causes a genie to punch them.
Frost Giant Frost Giant Icy Grasp Semiautomatic Fires big bullets that have a chance to freeze enemies.
Megahand Megahand -P- Charged Has 2 levels of damage depending on how long the gun has been charged.
Demon Head Demon Head Wanged Beam Fires a continuous beam that has a chance to afflict Burn.
Heroine Heroine Charge Beam Active Charged Has 3 levels of damage depending on how long the gun has been charged.
Mutation Mutation Didn't Need Two Anyway Beam Fires a continuous beam and heavily pushes back the player.
Flame Hand Flame Hand 2D6 + Int Mod Semiautomatic Fires fireballs that pierce enemies and have a chance to set enemies on fire.
Sunlight Javelin Sunlight Javelin Brilliant Aura Charged Shoots fiery javelins that make enemies take damage over time.
Science Cannon Science Cannon Charged Particles Beam Fires a large laser after a short charge-up.
Proton Backpack Proton Backpack Crossing The Streams Beam Fires a homing laser.
Light Gun Light Gun Third-Party Semiautomatic Fires zaps of light at enemies. The last bullet in the magazine is a duck, which will automatically seek out the nearest enemy and attack them.
Dueling Laser Dueling Laser More interesting this way! Semiautomatic Fires a large, high-damage laser. Needs to recharge after each shot.
Wood Beam Wood Beam Speak Softly Beam Melee weapon that extends itself to hit enemies. Increases curse by 1.
Eye of the Beholster Eye of the Beholster What A Beauty! Semiautomatic The last shot of each clip spawns a friendly Beadie.
Shock Rifle Shock Rifle Zap Semiautomatic Fires a zap of electricity.
Betrayer's Shield Betrayer's Shield Actually A Gun Automatic Upon reloading, leaves a protective shield on the ground. Players in that area will be protected until the shield has absorbed a number of bullets.
Excaliber Excaliber Once And Future Burst Fires a burst of three piercing sword projectiles. Reloading swings the sword, destroying nearby bullets. Increases curse while held.
Face Melter Face Melter Squiddley-squiddley-wheeyooo! Automatic Simultaneously fires music notes in four directions. Places an amplifier on the ground at the player's position upon reloading. Whenever the Face Melter is fired, the amplifier will fire music notes in the same pattern. Reloading again will remove the amplifier and place a new one.
Kruller Glaive Kruller Glaive Studied the Blade Charged Throws a boomerang-like projectile that homes in on multiple enemies, damaging and sometimes stunning them.
Tetrominator Tetrominator LINE PIECE! Semiautomatic Fires random tetrominoes that stick to enemies. Line pieces explode, dealing more damage the more tetrominoes are stuck to an enemy.
Alien Engine Alien Engine The Dangerzone Automatic Rapid fire weapon that has a very short range, only damaging enemies that come into contact with the muzzle flash. Enemies damaged have a chance to catch on fire. Extremely high recoil.
Bee Hive Bee Hive Bzzzzzzz! Automatic Fires bees that home in on and damage enemies.
Directional Pad Directional Pad Free Swag Automatic Fires bullets in four directions. Combos can be entered to fire fireballs or a grappling hook. After running out of ammo, it is destroyed but spawns a chest.
Gunzheng Gunzheng Hustle Automatic Rapidly fires inaccurate, piercing arrows that home in on enemies.

Items[ | ]

  • There are 73 B Quality Item quality items.
Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Orange Orange Active You're Not Alexander Single use. Fully heals the player, grants a heart container, and increases coolness by 2.
Air Strike Air Strike Active Superior! Calls down a bombardment on a large rectangular area.
Big Boy Big Boy Active Set The World On Fire Calls down a missile at the crosshair, causing a large explosion that leaves behind a large pool of poison creep. Increases curse while held.
Master of Unlocking Master of Unlocking Passive Play Well, Get Keys Increases the chance to find keys upon completing rooms.
Clown Mask Clown Mask Passive Anonymity Aid Summons a random familiar with a clown mask who either stuns enemies, protects the player with mini blanks, or attacks enemies with a shotgun. An additional familiar is spawned for each additional Payday item the player has.
Fortune's Favor Fortune's Favor Active Use For Luck While active, bullets will curve around the player.
Portable Turret Portable Turret Active Some Assembly Required Places a stationary turret that shoots at enemies. The turret will be destroyed if it takes enough damage.
Stuffed Star Stuffed Star Active Protective Plush While active, the player is invincible.
Boomerang Boomerang Active Usually Comes Back Throws a boomerang that travels around the room and stuns enemies.
Daruma Daruma Active Good Fortune Can be used immediately after dodging a bullet to activate a blank effect.
Rocket-Powered Bullets Rocket-Powered Bullets Passive Faster Bullets Increases the player's bullet speed and increases damage by 10%.
Devolver Rounds Devolver Rounds Passive Two Steps Back Bullets have a chance to devolve enemies into simpler enemies.
Scattershot Scattershot Passive Quantity Over Quality Guns fire a spread of tripled bullets which deal less damage.
Irradiated Lead Irradiated Lead Passive Poison Shot Adds a chance to fire bullets that poison enemies.
Hot Lead Hot Lead Passive Chance To Ignite Adds a chance to fire bullets that ignite enemies.
Charming Rounds Charming Rounds Passive Made With Love Adds a chance to fire bullets that charm enemies.
Magic Bullets Magic Bullets Passive Sufficiently Advanced Grants all of the player's bullets a small chance to transmogrify enemies into chickens.
Homing Bullets Homing Bullets Passive Fire And Forget Bullets home in on enemies.
Shadow Bullets Shadow Bullets Passive Double Tap Firing a weapon has a chance to fire an additional projectile.
Stout Bullets Stout Bullets Passive Up Close And Personal Increases damage up close.
Gilded Bullets Gilded Bullets Passive The Gun Percent Increases damage proportional to how much money the player has.
Chance Bullets Chance Bullets Passive Good RNG Upon firing, adds a chance to fire projectiles from the player's other guns.
Helix Bullets Helix Bullets Passive Praise Be Doubles the player's bullets and causes them to travel in waves.
Bumbullets Bumbullets Passive Bumblecore Upon firing, adds a chance to fire a bee, which homes in on and damages enemies.
Bloody 9mm Bloody 9mm Passive Be Realistic Adds a chance to fire a fast, homing, piercing bullet.
Ballistic Boots Ballistic Boots Passive Speedier Than A Bullet Increases movement speed.
Ring of the Resourceful Rat Ring of the Resourceful Rat Passive Fufufufufufu Once per floor, if the Resourceful Rat takes an item or gun, he will give another item or gun of equal quality in return. Unused trades carry over to subsequent floors.
Unity Unity Passive Our Powers Combined Increases damage for each Gun held.
Ring of Chest Friendship Ring of Chest Friendship Passive Chest Friends Forever Increases the chance of finding chests.
Ring of Ethereal Form Ring of Ethereal Form Active Get Ethereal! While active, the player is invincible and has flight. Allows user to steal items from shops.
Crutch Crutch Passive You Need It Causes bullets to slightly curve towards enemies.
Bloody Eye Bloody Eye Passive Slower Enemy Bullets Decreases enemy bullet speed by 15%.
Gunknight Armor Gunknight Armor Passive Armor Every Floor Grants a piece of armor upon pickup and another piece of armor every floor.
Full Metal Jacket Full Metal Jacket Passive Automated Defenses Automatically activates one of the player's blanks when they are about to take damage.
Bug Boots Bug Boots Passive Yikes! Dodge rolling leaves a trail of poison creep. Makes the player immune to poison.
Ice Cube Ice Cube Passive Items Recharge While Active Reduces the cooldown timer of active items. Increases coolness by 3.
Charm Horn Charm Horn Active The Call Of Duty Charms enemies around the player upon use. Can be used to steal from shops.
Metronome Metronome Passive Better And Better Grants a damage bonus for each enemy killed. The bonus is reset if the player takes damage or changes guns.
Antibody Antibody Passive Heals Up Adds a chance to heal the player for an extra half a heart whenever they receive healing.
White Guon Stone White Guon Stone Passive Kindles Blanks Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Grants an extra blank per floor.
Pink Guon Stone Pink Guon Stone Passive Increased Health Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Grants one extra heart container.
Red Guon Stone Red Guon Stone Passive Dodge Up Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Improves dodging.
Blue Guon Stone Blue Guon Stone Passive On My Side Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Upon taking damage, briefly slows time.
Drum Clip Drum Clip Passive One Size Fits All Increases the magazine size of all weapons by 50%.
Backup Gun Backup Gun Passive Watch Your Back With each shot fired, a second bullet will be fired in the opposite direction that the player is aiming.
Wax Wings Wax Wings Passive Too Close To The Gun Grants flight.
Cat Bullet King Throne Cat Bullet King Throne Passive A Cat Throne Shoots miniature bullets upon rolling and grants flight.
Lament Configurum Lament Configurum Active Shellraiser Upon use, spawns 3 to 5 enemies and has a chance to spawn a gun or item.
Nanomachines Nanomachines Passive Son Grants two pieces of armor upon pickup. Grants a piece of armor every 4 times damage is taken.
Gold Ammolet Gold Ammolet Passive Blank Damage Up Increases blank damage.
Uranium Ammolet Uranium Ammolet Passive Blanks Poison Blanks have a chance to poison enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
Copper Ammolet Copper Ammolet Passive Blanks Ignite Blanks have a chance to ignite enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
Frost Ammolet Frost Ammolet Passive Chance To Freeze Blanks have a chance to freeze enemies. Grants an extra blank per floor.
Heart Holster Heart Holster Passive On Your Sleeve Grants a heart container.
Heart Lunchbox Heart Lunchbox Passive Healthy Meal Grants a heart container.
Heart Locket Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori Grants a heart container.
Heart Bottle Heart Bottle Passive Liquid Life Grants a heart container.
Heart Purse Heart Purse Passive Form Begets Function Grants a heart container.
Heart of Ice Heart of Ice Passive That's Cold Grants a heart container. Taking damage releases bouncing ice bullets. Increases coolness by 1.
Bloodied Scarf Bloodied Scarf Passive Blink Away Replaces the dodge roll with a teleport.
Muscle Relaxant Muscle Relaxant Passive Loosen Up Increases accuracy.
Hip Holster Hip Holster Passive Quickdraw Reloading a weapon fires it for free.
Hazmat Suit Hazmat Suit Passive Safety Protocol Grants immunity to fire, poison, and electricity.
Brick of Cash Brick of Cash Passive Secrets Of The Masons Reveals secret rooms.
Wolf Wolf Passive Junior Chases and bites enemies.
Super Space Turtle Super Space Turtle Passive Hero From Space Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies.
Chicken Flute Chicken Flute Passive Fowl Play Spawns a chicken that follows the player, blocks bullets, and deals contact damage to enemies it touches. After taking a certain amount of damage, it summons an army of chickens to attack enemies.
Space Friend Space Friend Passive A Friend From The Space Follows the player, firing lasers at enemies and blocking enemy bullets.
Baby Good Mimic Baby Good Mimic Passive Imitation Love If no other familiars are present, follows the player and attacks enemies. If familiars are present, transforms into another one of the player's familiars.
Galactic Medal of Valor Galactic Medal of Valor Passive Courage Increased Deal more damage to Bosses.

Increases reload speed and accuracy.

Bullet Idol Bullet Idol Passive Vengeful Spirit Deals damage to enemies upon taking damage.
Elder Blank Elder Blank Active Excommunicate Bullets Activates a blank. Increases curse by 2 while held.
Teleporter Prototype Teleporter Prototype Active Teleport?! Teleports the player to a random room.

C[ | ]

C Quality Item ­class items and guns can be found in blue chests.

Guns[ | ]

  • There are 68 C Quality Item quality guns.
Icon Name Quote Type Notes
Trank Gun Trank Gun Non Non Lethal Semiautomatic
Bullet (Gun) Bullet Fires Guns Semiautomatic Fires rotating guns which fire streams of bullets.
Boxing Glove Boxing Glove Pistol Hondo Charged Shoots a boxing glove with a chance to stun. Gains a star each time it kills an enemy, up to 3. When at 3 stars, can be charged to consume the stars and fire a high-damage super punch. Increases curse.
M1911 M1911 Classic Semiautomatic
Colt 1851 Colt 1851 You Dig Burst Fires a burst of two bullets.
Dungeon Eagle Dungeon Eagle Caw! Charged
Shades's Revolver Shades's Revolver Someone Loses An Eye Semiautomatic Increases coolness by 3.
Winchester Winchester Better Than A Box Of Roses Semiautomatic
Bubble Blaster Bubble Blaster The Suds Automatic Fires bubbles which move slowly towards enemies. Reloading the gun launches bubbles away from the player at high speed.
Elephant Gun Elephant Gun Shoots Elephants Semiautomatic Fires a cone spread of bullets and has strong knockback.
Tangler Tangler Get Wrecktangled Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of rectangular bullets that bounce off walls. Enemies hit will be folded into a rectangle.
Shotgrub Shotgrub No Worries! Semiautomatic Fires a spread of 5 bullets that leave small pools of poison goop.
Pulse Cannon Pulse Cannon Time Of Death... Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast spread of 5 bullets.
Siren Siren Mershotgun Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of bullets that leave pools of water. Negates fall damage and goop effects while equipped.
The Membrane The Membrane Green Or Yellow Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of bouncing green bullets that split into more bouncing green bullets.
Huntsman Huntsman Axes Of Evil Semiautomatic Fires a shotgun blast of bullets. Reloading swings the gun, destroying nearby bullets. Increases curse while held.
JK-47 JK-47 Substitute Automatic Reloading inflicts fear on nearby enemies.
Bow Bow Hold Fire To Charge Charged Pierces enemies when fully charged.
Sticky Crossbow Sticky Crossbow Reload, Explode Semiautomatic Fires bolts that stick to the enemy and explode upon reloading.
Triple Crossbow Triple Crossbow 3 > 1 Semiautomatic Reloading alternates between triple bolts and single bolts that slow enemies.
Thompson Sub-Machinegun Thompson Sub-Machinegun Myeah, See! Automatic
Crown of Guns Crown of Guns All Hail Automatic Sits atop the players head and when fired spins the player and sends bullets in all directions.
Balloon Gun Balloon Gun Hot Air Semiautomatic Fires small, high-damage tornadoes. Grants flight while held. Loses all ammo if the player takes damage with the gun active.
MAC10 MAC10 $#!^@ Never End Burst Fires a burst of four bullets.
Sniper Rifle Sniper Rifle Scope Creep Semiautomatic Fires bullets that can pierce through one enemy.
M1 M1 Bolt Action Semiautomatic Bullets penetrate enemies.
Corsair Corsair Plot A Course Charged Fires slow-moving bullets that accelerate and bounce around the room.
Chamber Gun Chamber Gun Product of Environment Semiautomatic Transforms based on the current chamber.
Turbo-Gun Turbo-Gun Repetitive Strain Automatic Damage increases for the next magazine depending on the number of reload attempts during its reload.
Hegemony Carbine Hegemony Carbine All The Same Automatic Shoots rapid fire white bolts of energy.
Screecher Screecher Cover Your Ears! Automatic
Helix Helix Splice 'n' Dice Semiautomatic Fires two bullets in a helix pattern.
Laser Rifle Laser Rifle Blast Off Burst Fires a burst of three lasers.
Crestfaller Crestfaller Cold Reality Semiautomatic Fires piercing bullets that slow and freeze enemies.
Bundle of Wands Bundle of Wands Dark Arts Semiautomatic Has a chance to transmogrify enemies.
Witch Pistol Witch Pistol Spells Your Doom Semiautomatic Fires bullets that have a chance to transmogrify enemies.
Teapot Teapot Monocular Monster Semiautomatic While reloading, ignites nearby enemies.
Gunslinger's Ashes Gunslinger's Ashes Spirit, Willing Semiautomatic Releases an armed spirit that attacks enemies.
Luxin Cannon Luxin Cannon Omnichrome Automatic Fires laser shots at enemies. When the magazine is emptied the tip of the crystal will be launched for extra damage.
Anvillain Anvillain Practician And Safe Charged Fires piercing anvils that knock back and stun enemies.
Gamma Ray Gamma Ray Mean Green Beam Fires a green laser that has a chance to poison enemies.
Plunger Plunger Take Your Best Shot! Beam Fires a stream of poison. Has a chance to Poison enemies and leaves poisonous puddles on the floor.
Moonscraper Moonscraper Beeeeoooowwww! Beam Fires a continuous laser that reflects when hitting anything solid for the first time.
Barrel Barrel Nothin' Easier Semiautomatic Fires fish that have a chance to stun enemies and leave pools of water.
Trick Gun Trick Gun Reload To Transform Semiautomatic Reloading transforms the gun between a pistol and a shotgun.
Mahoguny Mahoguny 100% Organic Semiautomatic Fires bouncing wood bullets along with several leaves.
The Scrambler The Scrambler The Bullet Or The Gun? Semiautomatic Fires bullets that hatch into many homing bullets upon hitting an enemy or obstacle.
Trashcannon Trashcannon Take It Out! Semiautomatic Fires a trash bag that explodes into poison projectiles that leave trails of poison goop.
Origuni Origuni Thousand Cuts Semiautomatic Fires paper planes that follow the player's crosshair.
The Kiln The Kiln Fires Pots Semiautomatic Fires pots that break into 3 bouncing crystals upon hitting something.
Skull Spitter Skull Spitter Hard Headed Semiautomatic Fires homing skulls.
Buzzkill Buzzkill Sawed On! Semiautomatic Fires piercing, bouncing sawblades.
Tear Jerker Tear Jerker Q_Q Semiautomatic Fires tears that leave behind puddles of water.
Molotov Launcher Molotov Launcher Exactly What You Think Semiautomatic Fires molotovs that set areas on fire.
Glass Cannon Glass Cannon Fragile, Fatal Charged Fires a powerful beam. Loses all ammo upon taking damage.
Bait Launcher Bait Launcher Meat Your Maker Charged Fires a steak that causes a tiger to appear and maul the target.
Brick Breaker Brick Breaker Wrong Kind Of Mortar Semiautomatic Fires turtle shells which pierce through enemies and bounce off of walls.
Really Special Lute Really Special Lute Purple Prose Automatic
Quad Laser Quad Laser No One Can Defeat It Semiautomatic Fires a large, square bullet that moves extremely slowly.
Pitchfork Pitchfork Get Forked! Semiautomatic Fires fireballs that have a chance to Burn enemies.
Evolver Evolver Tamagunchi Semiautomatic Killing enemies evolves the gun through 6 forms.
Gungeon Ant Gungeon Ant What Army? Semiautomatic Reloading alternates between firing spreads of bullets that leave behind oil and flaming bullets.
Poxcannon Poxcannon Lousy T-shirt Semiautomatic Shoots poisonous t-shirts. Poisoned enemies leave behind pools of poison creep upon death.
Banana Banana Plainpan Charged Fires an explosive banana that sends out three more bouncing explosive bananas.
Silencer Silencer 300 Dead Count Semiautomatic Fires zippers. Hitting an enemy with the swing of the weapon will stun the enemy.
Camera Camera Say Cheese Charged Damages all enemies in the room. Has a chance to stun enemies.
Cactus Cactus 1000 Needles Automatic Fires needles.
Devolver Devolver Degenerates Semiautomatic Has a chance to devolve enemies into simpler enemies.

Items[ | ]

  • There are 71 C Quality Item quality items.
Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Medkit Medkit Active Heals Single use. Heals the player for 4 hearts.
Ration Ration Active Calories, Mate Single use. Heals the player for two hearts. Automatically used if the player runs out of health.
Chaff Grenade Chaff Grenade Active Dazed And Confused Stuns enemies. Can be used to steal items from shops. Can be used 3 times but with a cooldown between each use.
Cluster Mine Cluster Mine Active Area Hazard Places 5 small mines that explode when an enemy comes into contact with them.
Napalm Strike Napalm Strike Active Smells Great! Sets a large rectangular area on fire.
Roll Bomb Roll Bomb Passive Power Charge Drops a bomb upon dodge rolling.
IBomb Companion App iBomb Companion App Active One For That Detonates all explosives and explosive enemies in the room.
Utility Belt Utility Belt Passive All Capacity Up! Grants an extra active item slot and increases maximum ammo by 20%.
Macho Brace Macho Brace Passive Value For Effort Shots are more powerful when coming out of a dodge roll.
Loot Bag Loot Bag Passive Doesn't Float Enemies drop more money, but the player drops money upon taking damage. Selling other items to the Sell Creep grants twice as much money.
Scouter Scouter Passive Quality Assured Shows enemy health and damage done. Increases damage and accuracy. Increases curse by 1.
Laser Sight Laser Sight Passive King Of The Dot Increases accuracy.
Singularity Singularity Active Sucks Spawns a black hole that attracts enemies and bullets.
Explosive Decoy Explosive Decoy Active KABOOM! Places a decoy that enemies will target. The decoy will explode after taking enough damage. Can be used to steal from shops.
Melted Rock Melted Rock Active Corpses Explode Causes enemy corpses to explode on use.
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb Active Vanish! Temporarily become invisible to enemies. Can be used to steal from the Shop.
Jar of Bees Jar of Bees Active The Pain! Spawns bees that home in on and damage enemies.
Shield of the Maiden Shield of the Maiden Active Block And Load Pulls up a shield to protect players from bullets. Players are immobile while using the shield.
+1 Bullets +1 Bullets Passive +1 To Bullet Increases damage by 25%.
Katana Bullets Katana Bullets Passive Folded Lead Upon killing an enemy, bullets have a chance to unleash a flurry of slashes along the path of the original bullet, damaging enemies. Increases curse by 1.
Heavy Bullets Heavy Bullets Passive Thunk! Increases damage by 25% but decreases bullet speed.
Bouncy Bullets Bouncy Bullets Passive Boiyoiyoing! Grants bullets the ability to bounce off objects.
Ghost Bullets Ghost Bullets Passive Shoot Through Bullets pass through enemies and obstacles.
Angry Bullets Angry Bullets Passive Hungry For More Hitting an enemy refires the projectile at a nearby enemy.
Easy Reload Bullets Easy Reload Bullets Passive Rolling Reload Dodge rolling reloads one bullet.
Remote Bullets Remote Bullets Passive The Unseen Hand Fired bullets curve towards the player's crosshair.
Zombie Bullets Zombie Bullets Passive Unfinished Business Adds a chance to refund ammo when a shot misses.
Flak Bullets Flak Bullets Passive Catch Some! Whenever a bullet hits an enemy or wall, it splits into several smaller, lower-damage bullets.
Silver Bullets Silver Bullets Passive Blessed Metal Increases damage against jammed enemies and bosses.
Cursed Bullets Cursed Bullets Passive Too Spooky Increases damage depending on how much curse the player has. Increases curse by 1.
Bionic Leg Bionic Leg Passive More Machine Than Man Increases movement speed and grants a piece of armor.
Shotgun Coffee Shotgun Coffee Passive Speed Up Increases movement speed.
Shotga Cola Shotga Cola Passive Speed Up Increases movement speed.
Disarming Personality Disarming Personality Passive For You? Decreases shop prices by 15%.
Mustache Mustache Passive A Familiar Face Has a chance to heal the player upon purchasing an item.
Ballot Ballot Passive Vote Of Confidence! Increases the player's coolness by 3, which decreases the cooldown of active items and increases luck.
Military Training Military Training Passive Hold Facing Enemy Increases weapon accuracy and reload speed.
Cartographer's Ring Cartographer's Ring Passive Some Floors Are Familiar New floors have a chance to be mapped out.
Ring of Fire Resistance Ring of Fire Resistance Passive No Burns Grants immunity to fire.
Ring of Miserly Protection Ring of Miserly Protection Passive Aids The Fiscally Responsible Grants two heart containers. Disappears upon spending money.
Ring of Chest Vampirism Ring of Chest Vampirism Passive Blood From Wood Breaking chests heals the player.
Cloranthy Ring Cloranthy Ring Passive Dodge Power Up Greatly shortens the time at the end of a dodge roll where you are vulnerable.
Gunknight Greaves Gunknight Greaves Passive Armor Every Floor Grants a piece of armor upon pickup and another piece of armor every floor.
Gunknight Gauntlet Gunknight Gauntlet Passive Armor Every Floor Grants a piece of armor upon pickup and another piece of armor every floor.
Armor of Thorns Armor of Thorns Passive Your Body Is A Weapon Increases damage dealt by dodge rolling into enemies.

Grants armor upon pickup.

Gunboots Gunboots Passive They Go Down Well Dodge rolling fires a spread of five bullets backwards. Slightly increases movement speed.
Rat Boots Rat Boots Passive Hover Craft Grants temporary invulnerability and flight when the player steps over a pit.
Coin Crown Coin Crown Passive Play Well, Get Money Increases the chance to find Money coins upon completing rooms.
Oiled Cylinder Oiled Cylinder Passive Reload Faster Halves reload time.
Rolling Eye Rolling Eye Passive Back At You Rolling through bullets reflects them at enemies.
Magazine Rack Magazine Rack Active Instant Mail Order Place to create a zone of infinite ammo.
Cog of Battle Cog of Battle Passive Active Reload When reloading, pressing reload again when the indicator passes a certain mark on the reload bar will instantly reload the weapon, decreasing the reload time and increasing the damage of the next magazine.
Honeycomb Honeycomb Passive Bee Prepared Taking damage spawns bees that seek out and damage enemies.
Gungeon Pepper Gungeon Pepper Passive The Heat Is On! Deals damage to nearby enemies.
Iron Coin Iron Coin Active Valar Morgunis 3 uses. Kills all enemies in a random room on the floor.
Sunglasses Sunglasses Passive Bright Future Slows down time and increases dodge power during explosions. Increases coolness by 2.
Jetpack Jetpack Active To Fly Can be toggled. While active, the player has increased movement speed and flight, but cannot dodge roll. Passing over puddles of oil will set them on fire.
Monster Blood Monster Blood Passive Twist To Open Grants 1 heart container as well as immunity to poison. Spawns a large puddle of poison creep upon taking damage.
Table Tech Rocket Table Tech Rocket Passive End Table Flipping a table causes it to launch forward and explode.
Table Tech Blanks Table Tech Blanks Passive Flip Clarity Flipping a table activates a free blank.
Table Tech Stun Table Tech Stun Passive Flip Showmanship Flipping a table briefly stuns nearby enemies.
Heart Holster Heart Holster Passive On Your Sleeve Grants a heart container.
Heart Lunchbox Heart Lunchbox Passive Healthy Meal Grants a heart container.
Heart Locket Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori Grants a heart container.
Heart Bottle Heart Bottle Passive Liquid Life Grants a heart container.
Heart Purse Heart Purse Passive Form Begets Function Grants a heart container.
Heart of Ice Heart of Ice Passive That's Cold Grants a heart container. Taking damage releases bouncing ice bullets. Increases coolness by 1.
Sponge Sponge Passive Godliness Removes all liquids near the player.
Book of Chest Anatomy Book of Chest Anatomy Passive Controlled Demolition Improves the contents of broken chests.
Ser Junkan 1 Junk Passive Next time... who is he? Summons Ser Junkan, who follows the player, attacks enemies, and becomes stronger for each Junk picked up.
Turkey Turkey Passive Triple Tap Recovers 1 ammo after landing three sequential hits.
Turtle Problem Turtle Problem Passive Is This Normal? Clearing a room spawns a turtle companion. Turtles block enemy bullets and die after taking enough damage.

D[ | ]

D Quality Item ­class items and guns can be found in brown chests.

Guns[ | ]

  • There are 30 D Quality Item quality guns.
Icon Name Quote Type Notes
Casey Casey Batting 0.50 Charged Damages enemies and reflects bullets when swung.
Pea Shooter Pea Shooter Baby's First Gun Semiautomatic Fires peas.
38 Special 38 Special For The Inquisitive Semiautomatic
Derringer Derringer One Last Trick Semiautomatic
Unfinished Gun Unfinished Gun Still Warm Semiautomatic Shots pierce through enemies.
Makarov Makarov The People's Gun Semiautomatic
Dueling Pistol Dueling Pistol Ricochet Semiautomatic Fires large bullets that bounce twice.
Flare Gun Flare Gun Over Here Semiautomatic Fires bullets that have a chance to set enemies on fire.
Regular Shotgun Regular Shotgun Cocked And Loaded Semiautomatic
Sawed-Off Sawed-Off No Butts About It Semiautomatic
Blunderbuss Blunderbuss Shoots Anything Charged
Crossbow Crossbow The Original Semiautomatic Fires bolts.
Klobbe Klobbe Everyone's Favorite Automatic Rapidly fires low-damage bullets.
Machine Pistol Machine Pistol Rapid Fire Automatic
Plague Pistol Plague Pistol Chemical Warfare Semiautomatic Fires bullets that leave poison goop on the ground and have a chance to poison enemies.
Winchester Rifle Winchester Rifle Guns And Deviltry Semiautomatic
Alien Sidearm Alien Sidearm Shield Breaker Charged Charged shots are larger and deal more damage.
Flash Ray Flash Ray Ah Ahhh! Semiautomatic Shoots lasers that pierce enemies. Has a chance to stun enemies.
Wind Up Gun Wind Up Gun Charge It Automatic The second half of each clip is slower and deals less damage.
Lil' Bomber Lil' Bomber ReFuse To Lose! Charged Fires a bomb that bounces off of solid objects and explodes on enemy contact.
Phoenix Phoenix Reborn In Flame Semiautomatic Firing a bullet creates a small cone of fire in front of the player that sets enemies on fire.
Snowballer Snowballer May Contain Rocks Automatic Fires snowballs that have a chance to freeze enemies.
Fossilized Gun Fossilized Gun Proof That Guns Once Existed Beam Fires a stream of oil. Reloading causes the skull to spit fire, which can ignite the oil.
Mega Douser Mega Douser Contents Under Pressure Beam Fires a stream of water.
Mailbox Mailbox Special Delivery Semiautomatic Fires mail at enemies, with the final bullet in the magazine being a package. The package can explode, leave glitter, Burn, or Poison enemies.
Nail Gun Nail Gun Pest Control Semiautomatic Fires a rapid stream of low damage nails. Fires faster if fire button is rapidly tapped rather than held.
Lower Case r Lower Case r Alphabetical! Burst Fires a burst of 6 bullets that spell out the word bullet.
T-Shirt Cannon T-Shirt Cannon Machine Gun Wash Only! Semiautomatic Fires t-shirts that have significant knockback.
Sling Sling Outrageous! Charged Fires rocks that bounce once. Deals additional damage to bosses.
Finished Gun Finished Gun Thanks For Playing Semiautomatic Shoots bouncing bullets, the last shot deals more damage and reflects bullets back at the enemies.

Items[ | ]

  • There are 49 D Quality Item quality items.
Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Meatbun Meatbun Active On A Roll Single use. Heals the player for one heart and grants double damage until the player is hit.
Bottle Bottle Active Heart Container Stores pickups.
Bomb Bomb Active Use For Boom Throws a bomb that explodes after a short delay.
Ice Bomb Ice Bomb Active Cool It! Throws a bomb that freezes enemies.
Proximity Mine Proximity Mine Active Use To Place Places a mine that explodes when an enemy comes near it.
C4 (Item) C4 Active Stick Boom Places explosives on the ground which then can be detonated by using the item again.
Weird Egg Weird Egg Active Miracle of Gun Using the egg while missing health fully heals the player. Dropping the egg and shooting it spawns a gun, item, or yolk creature. Dropping the egg into fire spawns a serpent.
Molotov Molotov Active Feel The Burn Throws a Molotov that sets an area on fire.
Supply Drop Supply Drop Active I Need Mags! Single use. Spawns ammo.
Ammo Synthesizer Ammo Synthesizer Passive Ammo Chance On Kills Chance to regain ammo upon killing an enemy.
Backpack Backpack Passive Item Capacity Up! Allows the player to hold an extra active item.
Drill Drill Active Sawgeant If used on a locked chest, forces the player to fight two waves of enemies and unlocks the chest if they survive. If used on a locked door, opens it for free.
Scope Scope Passive Steady Aim Increases accuracy.
Ammo Belt Ammo Belt Passive Ammo Capacity Up! Increases maximum ammo by 20%.
Bullet Time Bullet Time Active Dodge This Slows down time while active.
Decoy Decoy Active Get Him! Places a decoy that enemies will target. The decoy will be destroyed after taking enough damage. Can be used to steal from shops.
Shadow Clone Shadow Clone Active No Jutsu Creates a copy of the player that mimics their movements in reverse and fires alongside them.
Trusty Lockpicks Trusty Lockpicks Active Who Needs Keys? Has a chance to unlock a lock or locked chest. If it fails, the lock will no longer function.
Potion of Lead Skin Potion of Lead Skin Active I'm Invincible! While active, the player reflects enemy bullets.
Double Vision Double Vision Active One For Each Of You While active, doubles the player's bullets.
Poison Vial Poison Vial Active For External Use Only Creates a pool of poison creep.
Potion of Gun Friendship Potion of Gun Friendship Active Temporary +1 To Gun While active, increases all gun stats.
Knife Shield Knife Shield Active Use Again To Launch! Creates a ring of knives around the player that damage enemies and block enemy bullets. Knives vanish after taking enough damage. If used again while the shield is active, the knives are launched forward. Increases curse while being carried.
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook Active Rapid Transit Allows players to hook onto and then pull themselves towards walls at a fast speed. Hitting enemies with the hook will deal minor damage and stun them for a short duration. Allows players to steal items from the shop. The hook has an unlimited range.
Portable Table Device Portable Table Device Active Know When To Fold 'Em Spawns a small table that can be flipped.
Battery Bullets Battery Bullets Passive Zap! Causes water that bullets pass over to become electrified, damaging enemies.
Lichy Trigger Finger Lichy Trigger Finger Passive Rate of Fire Up Increases rate of fire.
Enraging Photo Enraging Photo Passive Don't Believe His Lies Taking damage makes the player briefly deal double damage and instantly reloads their weapon.
Amulet of the Pit Lord Amulet of the Pit Lord Passive No Fall Damage Falling into pits no longer deals damage.
Ring of Mimic Friendship Ring of Mimic Friendship Passive Unlikely Allies Chests will not turn into Mimics.
Heavy Boots Heavy Boots Passive Low Center Of Mass Prevents the player from being affected by enemy knockback, gun recoil, and conveyor belts.
Springheel Boots Springheel Boots Passive Double Jump Allows the player to roll again mid-roll.
Cigarettes Cigarettes Active Hazardous To Health Damages the player for half a heart and increases their coolness. Coolness decreases the cooldown of active items and increases luck.
Map Map Passive Floor Revealed Reveals the entire map for the current floor.
Sense of Direction Sense of Direction Active Surprisingly Rare. Points in the direction of the floor's exit.
Clear Guon Stone Clear Guon Stone Passive Pure Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Negates poison damage.
Holey Grail Holey Grail Passive Withered Vessel Upon taking damage, triggers a blank effect and refills 50% of the ammo of all the player's guns. Increases curse.
Escape Rope Escape Rope Active Works Anywhere! Teleport out of the current room into the shop of the current floor.
Blast Helmet Blast Helmet Passive Duck And Cover Decreases the radius that explosions will hurt the player in.
Lodestone Ammolet Lodestone Ammolet Passive Blank Knockback Up Increases the knockback of blanks.
Table Tech Sight Table Tech Sight Passive Flip Multiplier Flipping a table briefly slows down time and triple the player's shots.
Table Tech Money Table Tech Money Passive Flip Prosperity Flipping a table flips all other tables in the room, and flipping a table has a chance to spawn money.
Table Tech Shotgun Table Tech Shotgun Passive Flip Out Tables release a homing shotgun blast of bullets when flipped.
Table Tech Heat Table Tech Heat Passive Hot Flips Flipping a table creates a large area in which all enemies will be set on fire.
Table Tech Rage Table Tech Rage Passive Flips Of Fury Flipping a table briefly increases the player's damage.
Ruby Bracelet Ruby Bracelet Passive Thrown Guns Explode Thrown guns will explode.
Gas Mask Gas Mask Passive Breathe Deep Grants immunity to poison.
Battle Standard Battle Standard Passive Set Your Own! Increases the effectiveness of companions and charmed enemies.
Dog Dog Passive Junior II Follows the player around, occasionally digs up a pickup upon completing a room, and barks at mimic chests.