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Prototype Railgun
Prototype Railgun.png
Type: Charged
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: 1
Max Ammo: 40
Reload Time: 0.6s
DPS: 51
Damage: 150
Fire Rate: N/A
Shot Speed: 800
Range: 1000
Force: 0
Spread: 0
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Launches a dense metal slug at incredible speeds.

A secret military prototype, built at great cost by the Hegemony of Man. A single shot can punch a hole in anything up to a Destroyer-class starship.

Prototype Railgun is a gun that shoots a high-velocity projectile in a forward line after charging a laser sight beam on target.


  • Synergy.png Production Model - If the player has the Teleporter Prototype or Nanomachines, this gun's shots can ricochet up to five times.
  • Enemies killed by the Prototype Railgun are visibly disintegrated, though this will not stop Shotgun Kin from firing bullet bursts upon their deaths.
  • When this gun is charged, the beam of light coming from the end is usually stopped by walls. However, passages to secret rooms will let the light through, revealing their location. If the weapon is switched before it is discharged, no ammo will be used.


  • This weapon is close in appearance and function to the Asymmetric Recoilless Carbine-920 railgun of the Halo Franchise.
  • The weapon's description is a reference to the MAC cannon from the Halo franchise.
  • The weapon's description ("DANGER : HIGH VOLTAGE") is likely a reference to Electric Six's single Danger! High Voltage.
  • Synergy.png Production Model - This Synergy's function is likely a reference to Destiny's Sleeper Simulant weapon (the Destiny 1 iteration, specifically), which functions with near-exact similarity along with its "Activate IKELOS" perk, which allows its projectile to bounce 5 times off of surfaces as well.


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