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This page lists content that was in Enter the Gungeon's Pre-Alpha, but is no longer in the full game. For general unused content, see Unused and Cut Content.

Title Screen[]

These are the title screens for the Alpha and Pre-Alpha.





Load Screen[]

Different load screen:


Character Select[]

The Pre-Alpha equivalent of part of The Breach.


Different character loadouts listed:





Pre-Alpha Breach[]

The Breach is different in the pre-alpha, having no character select and the tailor off to the side.



Gun Test Mode[]

This was a mode in which the player was granted every gun in the game at the time for testing purposes. It also gave the player 1000 Money.png and 100 keys.

Removed in the full version, as it was only for testing and debugging.


Icon Name Quote Type Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Time Shot Speed Range Force Spread
Notes Ammonomicon Entry
Flamethrower.png Flamethrower Burn Baby! Automatic ? 800 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Unused since V1.0.0. Exactly like Ice Ogre Head, but with fire. Used in the pre-alpha. The original model was merely a Mega Douser filled with gasoline, and a lighter taped to the nozzle. Since then, the Gungeon's Acquisitions Department ordered an upgrade.
Rogue Special Old.png Rogue Special (Old) N/A Semiautomatic 15 350 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Brown version of the Rogue Special from the pre-alpha, where starting guns had limited ammo. N/A
M1911 Old.png M1911 (Old) Classic Semiautomatic 7 150 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Old version of the M1911 from the pre-alpha. Has a notably smaller sprite. N/A
Marine Sidearm (Old) ? ? 10 350 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Old version of the Marine Sidearm from the pre-alpha. N/A
Space Core Assault Rifle (Old) ? ? 30 250 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Old version of the Void Core Assault Rifle from the pre-alpha. N/A
Thompson Submachine (Old) ? ? 30 250 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Old version of the Thompson Sub-Machinegun from the pre-alpha. N/A
Winchester Shotgun (Old) ? ? 10 350 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Old version of the Winchester from the pre-alpha. N/A
Lt Red's Shotgun.jpeg Lt. Red’s Shotgun Red. So Much Red. ? 6 40 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Obtained by choosing Lt. Red as the new leader of the Colorscant Soldiers. N/A
Lt. Green’s Rifle ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Obtained by choosing Lt. Green as the new leader of the Colorscant Soldiers. N/A


Icon Name Type Quote Effect Ammonomicon Entry
Key Bullet.png Key Bullet Active & Pickup N/A The pre-alpha’s version of the Key. Can be attached to guns and fired as a homing bullet that finds the nearest in-room chest. N/A
Tweezers.png Tweezers ? ? Pre-alpha exclusive item. Unknown effect. N/A



Early version of the current Coin that looked like a round coin instead of a bullet shell. Brown coins gave one coin, silver gave ten, and gold has never been shown.

Colorscant Soldiers[]


A set of 4 NPCs. Each had a colored face and outfit, their outfits matching their names: Lieutenant Red, Lieutenant Green, Yellow, and Blue. They surround the dead body of their leader, Colonel Purple. They task you with deciding who their next leader will be.


Colonel Purple’s Body:

  • “The body is riddled with strangely hole-shaped claw marks.”


  • “Colonel Purple is toast, man! Game over! If we don’t choose a new leader we’re done for! You! Choose either Lt. Red or Lt. Green!”


  • “I can’t believe Col. Purple got attacked by a monster. . .”
  • “We were about to set up camp when all of a sudden, this horrible blue demon appeared!”
  • “If it wasn’t for Col. Purple’s sacrifice, we would all have been eaten up.”
  • “I don’t know which is best, Red or Green. I’m just glad I don’t have to make the call.”

Lt. Green:

  • “Col. Purple brought us into a death trap! And now a monster got him and we’re stuck here!”
  • “We need to shoot our way back up and leave this bullet forsaken planet.”

Lt. Red:

  • “Whoa! Watch out, I thought you were the monster that killed Col. Purple, back for revenge!”
  • “I was with Col. Purple the longest, I know his wishes. You should pick me!”
  • “Col. Purple would know what to do.”
  • “This monster came out of nowhere. I can still see his terrible blue face and hideous purple scales.”
  • “Lt. Green is a good soldier, but not leader material if you know what I’m saying.”
  • “I’m a veteran of a thousand campaigns. I’ve killed like, millions of insect aliens.”
  • “We should follow Col. Purple’s last wishes and get to the end of the Gungeon.”
  • “Col. Purple was looking for something here. If I’m leader, I intend to find out what.”
  • “Whatever the cost, you carry out a mission. That’s the Red family way.”
  • “I miss my husband back on Colorscant. But he’d want me to be brave and sweaty.”
  • “Whatever crusade Col. Purple was on, it must have been important.”
  • “Col. Purple was a real joker. He loved to pretend to be a monster and jump out and scare us.”

Upon speaking to Blue again:

  • “Who’s it gonna be?”
    • I need to think it over.
    • I’m ready to choose a new squad leader.

Upon choosing “I’m ready to choose a new squad leader”:

  • “Who should our new squad leader be?”
    • Lt. Green. You need a change of pace.
    • Lt. Red. His honor swayed me.

If you choose Lt. Red:

  • “Good call. The new leader should use Col. Purple’s gun, so here’s Lt. Red’s Shotgun.”

Blue after choosing Lt. Red:

  • “Lt. Red is a capable soldier. I hope he gets us out of here in one piece.”

Yellow after choosing Lt. Red:

  • “You have chosen Col. Purple’s ghost to lead us. We’ll see how that ends.”


  • Colorscant is likely a reference to Coruscant, a planet in Star Wars.
  • It is unknown what dialogue occurs if Lt. Green is chosen, but the gun awarded is Lt. Green's Rifle.
  • It is likely that the Soldiers accidentally killed Col. Purple, as Red states that “He loved to pretend to be a monster and jump out and scare us.” and the monster had a “terrible blue face and hideous purple scales”, while Col. Purple has blue skin and a purple outfit.


Bulletzebub Shrine[]


Upon interaction:

  • "A shrine to Bulletzebub, demon shelleton of ammo."
    • Kneel at the altar
    • Walk away

Peace Shrine (Old)[]

Upon interaction:

  • "A shrine to the rubber bullet of peace.
    • Kneel at the altar
    • Walk away

Pro Tips (Demo Ammonomicon)[]

This Ammonomicon was the demo Ammonomicon from the pre-alpha that appeared if the player clicked on the "Pro Strats" option in the settings. None of the other tabs can be clicked.

In the pre-alpha, the Ammonomicon option in the settings was grayed out.


It seems to include a help tab with the game controls and "Pro Tips" - this was likely scrapped after control rebinding was introduced. One of the "Pro Tips" mentions the unused feature in the pre-alpha that would give the player a supply drop with a new starting gun when their starting gun ran out of ammo and they had no other guns (starting guns had limited ammo in the pre-alpha). It also lists the teleporter icons as originally being a + symbol on the map screen. It has an early version of the Bosses tab icon along with an unused tab, a statistics tab, and a Death tab (the tab that only appears in the Ammonomicon after dyin