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Powerups are temporary boosts in Exit the Gungeon that spawn at random in the Elevators. They typically bear the appearances and effects of different passive and active items from Enter and Exit the Gungeon. Since active items do not exist in Exit the Gungeon, powerups are the only way to attain certain effects.

Powerups last different lengths, and are of varying usefulness.

Icon Name Effects
Blessing of Kaliber Powerup Blessing of Kaliber Instantly switches the player's gun, and increases their combo a moderate amount.
Amulet of the Pit Lord Powerup Amulet of the Pit Lord Temporarily shields the player from falling damage.
Heavy Boots Powerup Heavy Boots Temporarily causes the player to create an enemy-repulsing shockwave when they hit the ground.
Coin Crown Powerup Coin Crown Temporarily grants the Coin Crown effect.
Flak Bullets Powerup Flak Bullets Temporarily causes the player's bullets to shatter and rebound into flak versions of themselves upon hitting something.
Frost Bullets Powerup Frost Bullets Temporarily causes the player's bullets to freeze enemies.
Potion of Lead Skin Powerup Potion of Lead Skin Renders the player invincible for a short amount of time.
Ser Junkan Powerup Ser Junkan Temporarily summons Ser Junkan to your side to aid you in combat.
Double Vision Powerup Double Vision Temporarily doubles the player's shots.
Hot Lead Powerup Hot Lead Temporarily causes the player's bullets to ignite enemies.
Bouncy Bullets Powerup Bouncy Bullets Temporarily causes the player's bullets to bounce.
Blast Helmet Powerup Blast Helmet Grants temporary contact damage immunity.
Irradiated Lead Powerup Irradiated Lead Temporarily causes the player's bullets to poison enemies.
Homing Bullets Powerup Homing Bullets Temporarily causes the player's bullets to home in on enemies.
Scattershot Powerup Scattershot Temporarily causes the player to fire three bullets rather than one.
Magic Bullets Powerup Magic Bullets Temporarily gives the player's bullets the ability to transmogrify enemies.
Heavy Bullets Powerup Heavy Bullets Temporarily increases the player's damage, but decreases their bullet speed.
Angry Bullets Powerup Angry Bullets Temporarily causes the player's bullets to ricochet off enemies, in the direction of other enemies.
Badge Powerup Badge Temporarily summons the police officer, who will fly around and fire at enemies.
Aged Bell Powerup Aged Bell Slows down time for several seconds.
Magic Sweet Powerup Magic Sweet Temporarily increases fire-rate and damage.
Meatbun Powerup Meatbun Increases damage dealt to enemies until the player takes damage. Does not work on a timer, unlike other powerups.

Heals Heart.

Bracket Key Powerup Bracket Key Has the effect of the Bracket Key, dealing a high amount of damage to all enemies on screen.
Bomb Powerup Bomb Creates an explosion on every enemy on screen, dealing significant damage.
Ice Bomb Powerup Ice Bomb Creates an explosion on every enemy on screen, dealing slight damage, and freezing enemies.
Molotov Powerup Molotov Ignites all enemies on screen.

Items That Interact With Powerups[ | ]

Certain items interact with Powerups, making them more viable.

Icon Name Interaction
Busted Television Blown Fuse Triggers a blank effect upon collecting a powerup.
Dog Dog The dog will automatically collect powerups on the behalf of the player.

Notes[ | ]

  • Powerups that copy a passive item will not appear until said item is unlocked.
  • While uncommon, it is possible for certain powerups (such as Magic Sweet) to appear even when the player already has the passive item equivalent. Whether or not these effects stack is unknown.
  • Powerups that copy passive items are often stronger than the item they copy. For example, Homing Bullets grants much stronger homing (so much so that some weapons will curve their bullets to hit enemies opposite the direction of fire) and Hot Lead will make ALL bullets burn enemies.
  • 'Blessing of Kaliber' is the only powerup that is not based on a passive or active item from Enter or Exit the Gungeon.
  • Certain powerups based on active items from Enter the Gungeon do not match the effects of their predecessors precisely.
    • The Potion of Lead Skin Powerup does not reflect enemy bullets back at their owners upon their contact with the player.
    • The Aged Bell Powerup doesn't stop time, merely slowing it.
      • This effect is more akin to the Bullet Time item in Enter the Gungeon than the Aged Bell.