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Pink Guon Stone
Pink Guon Stone
Type: Passive
Quality: B Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money
Ammonomicon Entry
Increased Health
Health increased.

The Pink Guon stone is actually a White Guon stone that has been used as a component in blood rituals, infusing it with the hearts of fallen Gungeoneers.

Pink Guon Stone is a passive item and a Guon Stone.

Effects[ | ]

  • Grants one extra heart container.
  • Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact.

Notes[ | ]

  • Synergy Pinker Guon Stone - If the player has +1 Bullets, Amulet of the Pit Lord, or Charmed Bow, Pink Guon Stone becomes larger, rotates at a fixed distance from the player while they are moving instead of on a slight delay, and enemies that damage the player become temporarily charmed.
  • Synergy Tile Match - If the player also has Tetrominator, whenever the player shoots, Pink Guon Stone will occasionally shoot a T Tetromino.
  • Synergy Unbelievably Charming - If the player is holding Charmed Bow or Shotgun Full of Love, while either gun is held, all shots fired by the player (even shots fired via items other than either gun) and any companions are guaranteed to charm enemies. In addition, the player is followed by a fairy that blocks bullets and displays the contents of chests.
  • Has no effect on the health of The Robot.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Guon Stones are a reference to Ioun Stones in Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The item seems to resemble that of a heart crystal from Terraria[1].

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