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For the Enter the Gungeon Enemy, see Pinhead.

XtG Pinhead.png
Location: Forge
Ammonomicon Entry

File:Ammonomicon Pinhead (Exit the Gungeon).png

Explosive Personality
Pinheads live for the moment before their own brilliant combustion. Beware their leap!

Unwavering in purpose, Pinheads eagerly sacrifice themselves to protect the Gungeon and its treasures.

Pinheads are self destructive explosive enemies from Exit the Gungeon.

They walk towards the player, attempting to get them within explosion range. Once the player is within explosion range, the Pinhead will pull it's own pin, hesitate for a second, and then explode into a + shaped formation of blasts, going up, down, left, and right.


  • Pinheads will only explode if allowed to attack normally, and will not detonate when killed by a player.
  • Unlike their Enter the Gungeon counterparts, Pinheads in Exit the Gungeon have very visible hands.