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Location: Keep of the Lead Lord
Gungeon Proper
Black Powder Mine
Abbey of the True Gun
Resourceful Rat's Lair
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Pinhead

Explosive Personality
Pinheads live for the moment before their own brilliant combustion. Beware their leap!

Unwavering in purpose, Pinheads eagerly sacrifice themselves to protect the Gungeon and its treasures.

Pinheads run towards the player and explode upon death. If they get close enough, they will leap towards the player and explode. While leaping, they are immune to pits but can still be prematurely killed by other forms of damage.

Notes[ | ]

  • Pinheads can be killed prematurely with the IBomb Companion App.
  • Pinheads will not explode if they are frozen before being killed.
  • Pinheads will leap at the player when they are the prescribed distance away, even if there is a thin wall in the way and their explosion cannot reach the player.
  • The explosion made by Pinheads and Nitras can ignite oil.

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