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For the Enter the Gungeon enemy, see Phaser Spider.

Phaser Spider
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Ammonomicon Entry

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Set Spiders To Gun
The phaser spider combines two worrying features: the ability to fire bullets, and being a spider.

Having entered the Gungeon's dimension through the tear in the Curtain created by the Mine Flayer, the Phaser Spider spins radiant bullet-webs to ensnare wandering Gungeoneers. Has also been known to leave behind a sticky residue.

Phasers Spiders are strong insectoid enemies in Exit the Gungeon.

Phaser Spiders hang stationary in the air, and release a web of bullets underneath themselves. After releasing their bullet web, they vanish, only to appear elsewhere a few seconds later in a form of delayed teleportation.


  • Phasers Spiders do not directly aim at the player, but they do not need to do deal significant damage, since their webs can occasionally engulf most (or all) usable platform space.