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Patches and Mendy are NPCs that can be encountered in a unique room in the Gungeon. They will completely heal the player unless you are playing as The Robot, in which case they will give you either one Junk, the Bottle, or one piece of Armor.


  • In order to be healed, the player must speak to the nurse on the right and answer 'Great' to her offer.
  • Patches and Mendy heal the player character by simply smashing a glass bottle containing a fairy over their head.
  • They will only perform their function once per encounter; a player cannot be healed once and later return to the same room and be healed again.
  • The room containing Patches and Mendy is indicated on the map by two red bullets forming a cross within a green square. If the room is not yet discovered, this symbol will be visible at the end of the hallway leading to the room.
  • If the Lord of the Jammed is reaching the player while being healed, he can still deal damage during the animation and the player will get stuck in the tent and continuously take damage. The only way out is to use a teleporter.
  • In Co-op the Player who talks to them gets healed.


When at full health[]

  • [Patches] "Yes, yes, you seem to be fine. Hm, unfortunate."
  • [Mendy] "You're perfectly healthy? Are you sure?"

When not at full health[]

  • [Patches] "Hm. Yes. This is bad. We'll have to operate."
  • [Mendy] "Oh, my. Looks like you'll need treatment, definitely."

After accepting an offer of healing[]

  • [Mendy] "Now, if you'll stand over here..."

Immediately after being healed[]

  • [Mendy] "Bwa ha! It DID work! Take that, HM Academy!"

After having been healed[]

  • [Patches] "I'd say that the operation was a smashing success."
  • [Mendy] "That was our last bottle of... health... serum."
  • [Mendy] "We don't have any more medicine in stock."

When speaking to the Robot[]

  • [Patches] "We're heart specialists... We can only operate on things that have hearts!"
  • [Mendy] "Hm... a rare case... I've got it! This will definitely help you."
  • [Mendy] "Um. Have a nice day. Robot... unit."


  • The method of healing employed by the nurses is a reference to Legend of Zelda series, in which the player can heal themselves using bottled fairies.
  • Patches appears to be wearing a clown nose, which may be a reference to the real life doctor, Patch Adams. This also could be a Robin Williams reference about his movie of the same name and his TV Shows Mork and Mindy.