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Partially-Eaten Cheese
Partially-Eaten Cheese
Type: Active
Quality: A Quality Item
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money
Floor Dmg
1 300
Oub 399.99
2 390
Abbey 499.98
3 480
4 555
5/6 630
Duration: 10 seconds
Unlock Method: Pick it up after finding it in one of the Resourceful Rat's chests.
Introduced in: AGD Indicator
Ammonomicon Entry
Aged Almost 40 Years
Temporarily changes what game you're playing.

Aged in an old arcade cabinet for decades, this cheese has become something of a delicacy, but only to those with refined palates.

Partially-Eaten Cheese is an active item that can be found in one of the four chests after defeating the Resourceful Rat.


  • While active, the player turns into Pac-Man, becoming invincible, granting flight, and instantly killing any enemies they come in contact with. The player can still shoot in this mode.
    • This item can eat enemies that are usually invulnerable: this includes the Gunreaper, Lead Cube and Flesh Cube. The only non-boss enemies unaffected are the Gripmaster, Dead Blow and the Lord of the Jammed.
    • Bosses take 30 damage instead of dying instantly, and the player will bounce off them.
    • Teleporting while the item is active will deactivate the transformation.


  • Synergy Resourceful Indeed - If the player also has Rat Boots, Elimentaler, and Resourceful Sack, the player becomes the Resourceful Rat, preventing items from being stolen when they're left behind in rooms.
  • Eating a Mimic used to cause it to not drop an item, but this has since been patched.
  • Eating Keybullet Kin or Chance Kin causes them to drop two keys or pickups.
    • Eating a Jammed Keybullet Kin or Chance Kin will not have them drop four pickups, however.


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